Olympus Has Fallen Vs. White House Down - Trailer Comparison

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Olympus Has Fallen Vs White House Down Side-by-Side
Olympus Has Fallen Vs White House Down Side-by-Side
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olympus has fallen airplane attack scene hd
olympus has fallen airplane attack scene hd
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Olympus Has Fallen Official Trailer #1 (2013) - Morgan Freeman Movie HD
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Olympus Has Fallen reviewed by Mark Kermode

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Saeed Ali: Olumpus is actually the best one,,, and the other one wasnt bad toooooooooo

JoeyTheNuttyCreeper: Get...yo...hands...off...mah...Jordans LOLOLOLOLOLOL

Maryam Khan: White House Down by a million points mainly because it's funny and action is outstanding and because Channing Tatum is in it <3<3<3<3

Alejandro Rostran: both are great but olympus has fallen is more realistic, which is not nessesary a good thing, because white house down have many unforgettable scenes like the jordans or the rocket launcher but i think that olympus has fallen has a deeper story with more realistic events.

Malcolm Mackinnon: White House down was more funny but Olympus has fallen is more intense I like them both

Andrew: If you say anything close to White House down is better... Something's wrong with you unless you a girl who jerks off to Channing Tatum. Jk. Kinda. My opinion Olympus has fallen is way better, some parts are cheesy but not as much as the other one. Butler plays a better secret service agent because he fits it way better and the fight scenes are better and realistic. Now White House down... I hate that girl from the start... And the end even more... (Spoiler alert) when she waves of the attack on the White House I was embarrassed when I was watching it... Olympus has fallen > white house down by a lot 

Marius Ellingsen: I don't know. I like both Movies, but I kind of like White House Down better, one of the reasons is it involvs Air Force One. But, Yeah I like both, let us put it that way.

studentOnly78: Olympus Has Fallen released on March 22, 2013 White House Down released on June 28, 2013

gg no re: OHS looked way more violent and awesome, However the movie wasn't as good as WHD because it just didn't make enough sense, AC-130 Wouldn't have made it there and they wouldn't have ran out with just freaking sidearms to protect the whitehouse. I haven't seen WHD yet but I plan to and it looks a lot better. Basically in my opinion.. it depends on what you're into, If you're looking for a logical movie with actual possible encounters. White House Down is yours. But if you just want non-stop action, Olympus has fallen takes the cake by a long shot.

shoaib Ansari: Olympus had way better action, especially the way they make there way inside, the way they use the heavy machine guns etc. But White House Down was realistic, it had no cliched dialogues like 'america does not negotiate with terrorists'. It was more of a domestic threat, like an inside job to make more money. WHD had a Die Hard type feeling in the movie. So Olympus Has Fallen for the action and WHD overall. Now waiting for London Has Fallen. Bring it on 

Fatian Berisha: White House Down is Down,because what happened to America,they didn't take it so seriously!!! It's like Action Comedy Movie

Mrbloby 101: whitw house down had a brill sensr of humor havent seen olypas mite watch it now

JACCO20082012: Die Hard is one of my personal Top 10 movies so I really enjoyed White House Down since it was basically Die Hard in the White House. It was just a fun movie that didn't take itself too seriously. Olympus Has Fallen was good, but it did take itself too seriously. I really like Air Force One as well, and Olympus Has Fallen was basically Air Force One but in the White House. So while both were good, White House Down was, in my opinion, a better film.

Derek Leach: Olympus Has Fallen was a better movie. However, I wish it had the Capitol Building and Air Force One destruction in it too.

eddielong86: No comparison. Olympus Has Fallen freaking sucked. White House Down was at least self-aware of the fact that it was the latest in a long line of Die Hard rip-offs.

Cesar Hdz: Olympus has fallen definitely 

Kevon Alexander: White House Down is better.

David Ortiz: Copy that link and tell me it isnt better

Jasmines Hayes: White house down is better in my opinion

TheSyFyUprising: White House Down for me.

832existentialiste: I like White House Down (not just because of Channing Tatum) more. The visuals in Olympus Has Fallen was way too dark for me (I know it was set at night time).

chimchar192: Olympus has fallen

stonedinsect: white house down cost $150,000,000 to make i find that absolutely incredible in a time of poverty and recession this kind of money is wasted on utter and complete crape i have a movie ideal here is the plot the script writers and the money men who produce this kind of inane drivel get lined up against a wall and shot in the genitals the budget is low and the entertainment value is immense

MAT T: Olympus Has Fallen was sooo much better

ImDeluxeSP33some: I felt like White House Down was a little to cheesy. Not just the Jordans.

Ayiz A: Olympus has fallen was the better film..watched both and white house down was a waste of time..such lame movie whit no plot and it basically a rip off die hard whiteout the serious action and plot.

FlushingStarTV: Olympus has fallen cause of gerard bulter hes hotter then channing tatum

Abhishek Dharmawardene: I 

Gaelle Hilane: Lol i like the both lol 

jezzer101: Olympus has fallen by a million miles.

Emīls Pless: White house down has beter storie and atcors... Olympus has fallen has beter actien stuf... Both are realy good...

duck luck: Olympus for sure, better acting, better plot, better cast, better effects and it was just a better movie hands down.

the universal: Both are cool.i like them

Claude Jester: Olympus was more real to me

Chris Noctskie: White house down for me... I don't know why but I enjoy it more than olympus has fallen... maybe because I like jamie foxx as the president rather than aaron eckhart.

Meshan Fernando: white house down is better

Richard Nunn: Fost one has Gerard Butler. Second one Channing freaking Tatum. No contest. The second one virtually sent me to sleep

Rafeh Usmani: White House down

Raman Sanjayan: actually, they sort of are, cos one is the acting president.

the universal: Both are cool.i like them

Sky Lin: I know Olympus Has Fallen has better action, but White House Down in the full movie way, it's way better!!!! I watched it yesterday!!!! It's scary!

Ginés Arteta Millán: They were both good but I'd give a slight edge to Olympus Has Fallen

Ben Krause: Whitehouse down was crap

arm314: Actually none were copied, jus becuz olympus came first it doesnt mean white house down were copying, white house down jus came a bit later olympus came out

stringypond53: Both suck, sorry.

Thaddeus Cornell: I like the Olympus has fallen trailer better, but when I saw both movies, I liked White House Down much better. 

Grady Muhammad: White House down much better than Olympus has fallen besides you got 2 have a black president over the White House not as speaker of the house

DonutKingDx: Olympus has fallen really makes you think Murica

Raman Sanjayan: oops my bad they are not

deannagifford: You. Sorry none of you have realistic senses. I has fallen.. That could never happen. Wh down , now that is cool and COULD HAPPEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Olympus Has Fallen vs. White House Down - Trailer Comparison 4.5 out of 5

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Olympus Has Fallen vs. White House Down - Trailer Comparison