Olympus Has Fallen Vs. White House Down - Trailer Comparison

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SaucySoviet: White house down was freaking garbage compared to Olympus has fallen.

Delon Luu: Olympus Has Fallen is really serious and exciting whereas White House Down is just pure simple fun...for me I pick OHF because it felt thrilling

btw I love both movies

TheSupersoldier1234: White house down is better because it doesn't take itself seriously it had over the top villains and heroes. Olympus on the other hand took it self way too seriously like "this could really happen".

ACminer197: Olympus has fallen pretty much and when both movies the scene that the news says America under attack that reminded me of 9/11

Snag Prophet: So apparently this will exist soon


Just look at that poster. There's a helicopter on fire, London eye capsules on fire and Elizabeth Tower falling over. This is probably the most cliqued poster I've ever seen.

eboyhans: Olympus Has Fallen.

Saeed Ali: Olumpus is actually the best one,,, and the other one wasnt bad toooooooooo

cyberdaemon: "Whiskey Hotel" mission is way cooler, than those movies. I love the way that idea is worked out in MW2. I would love to see a movie based on a that mission!

Oliver Olivervoldt: OLYMPUS HAS FALLEN AR BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nibrio claso: but boring as hell...

iDeviceProGamer: White House down looks like a copy of Olympus had fallen . Olympus has fallen looks way way way way better

David McCann: 1:53 its the vaccum cleaner guy

Jose Gonzalez: Olympus has fallen is better

Dante Albright: olympus has fallen looks better

ZukoHalliwell: I don't see this as a duel. I loved both these films too. I feel like each film had its own strengths and weaknesses, and that they sort of balanced each other out in that regard. I just wanted to upload both trailers in one video. And, I figured, since people were going to mention it in their comments anyway, I might as well ask which one they liked better.

svwtsvfcb: Both movies are AWESOME!

svwtsvfcb: *sure for the last 5 years

svwtsvfcb: Guys, why do you see this as a duel? Both of those films were the best films by far that I watched this year (and I'm pretty for the last 5 years too). I went to cinema with some friends, and we watched both of them, and each time the film was over, we had the same satisfaction: what an awesome film it was. I say: Olympus has fallen and White house down FTW!!!

Cpt Dylster: So which one is which.. they kinda had both

Pablo Sanchez: OHF! Hands down... although, Jamie Foxx really gave us some fun ride with his jordans on. Was fun to watch, but OHF, way better.
Olympus Has Fallen vs. White House Down - Trailer Comparison 5 out of 5

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Olympus Has Fallen vs. White House Down - Trailer Comparison