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khanbibi: Asalamualaykum faiza making a cake in a pressure cooker is interesting crazy as it seems I was in Pakistan years ago visiting my family they are in Peshawar a lot of people does not even have a fancy stove with an oven they all have gas burners to cook on I cook a lot too and have for many years but making a cake in pressure cooker is very new to me I am used to baking lol

Imran Nazir: What is the capacity of the pressure cooker? Is it 6litres? Does the size matter?

alina khan: sooooo good. 

Aliya khan: Yummy delicous looks amazing :)

Mohammad Abbas: I have made this cake at home it was so delicious i love it thankyou for sharing it 

Nuzhat Batool: Waoo and MashAllah it's really very helpful video because when i'm in Pakistan i haven't baking oven. I searched alot for pressure cooker recipe but i didn't get any perfect recipe. After watching your video i'm so happy for those friends who have baking interest but haven't baking oven. Your cake is looking soft and very sponchy (same as professional bakeries). Always Stay blessed. 

Hannu Siddiqui: Just making this cake expecting it to be WONDURFUL... Fingers Crossed <3 <3 

Ashish Parmar: Faizaji. the cake wa amazing. i made it for my wife and she cannot praise me enough. you deserve all the praises god bless and keep up the good work

Shah Himayoun: asalamualikum, faizagi i am from kashmir (india) and i love ur all recipes,and ur way of understanding. may allah bless u with all happiness where ever u r..

Lubna Khan: faiza appi kya is recipe ko microwave main bhi bana sakte hain?

Abida Zahoori: Very tasty

Umara Butt: Greece kia h?????

Ish reen: Mam can you tell me sumthing jiss cup se hum flour measured kiya ho ga ussi size key cup se we have to measure the sugar etc...

Antara Raisa: Just made this cake, followed the exact recipe. The mixture is still in the pressure cooker, lets see how it turns out to be! :) *fingers crossed* 

Saqib Naseem: mein ny cake banaya tha tu boht sahat ho gya tha

Pankhuri Agarwal: faiza i made this cake nd it was amazing the taste nd everythin but there was just one problem in every bite there was sumthin lyk sand nd i am not able to figure out y was it mtlb jaise kankar crush kr ke daal dia ho maida to maine chaan ke daala tha

sampada dongare: Lovely thank uuuuuu♡

Naziya Sultana: Assalaamualaikum. ...faiza ji cooker sode ke saath paani dalna hai kya .....plz bataye...

Saba Anjum: Ghar me marzipan. Kaise. Banaty hai plz bataey

ayapilla pratyusha: mam, can we prepare same cake without eggs?

Ta Sa: thank you sooo much! very helpful, i will try this soon! 

Suzeita Tamang: Baking soda and baking powder is same na faiza jee????

M Farah: wow!jazakAllah.If I don't put baking soda in pressure cooker,then is it ok?and what is greece?pls reply sis.

Madiha Anwar: Salaam,Can u please give detailed ingredients list in the description box.. Love all your videos..really inspires me... Jaza Kallah khair

priyanka dawar: I actually made it thank you sooooo much its yummm and this is the 4rth time lots of loveeee

nowshaba khan: asak, Mashallah very yummy cake...Jazakallah for sharing

Lubna Khan: thanx alot...

Sherin G: Really Interestinggggg :-)


Abdul Abbasi: Asalamualaikum Fiza, I hope Inshallah you are in good health. I heard you had an operation. Could you please one of these days show us how to cook degi mutton. (The type our people make in weddings). My wife makes me lovely dishes using your videos. You should be on tv. 

Asif Khan: That was wonderful ma'am. I just have one question. Aapne cooker me baking powder ki layer daali hai so that the base doesn't get burn. Can I use something else for that instead of baking powder?

Aliya Khan: It looks so mouthwatering :o)

Shahid Mohammad: Hi I live in France n i m so happy y y y y y to tell u that i made choclate cake for my daughters birthday n its magnifique. . . . Its 1st time in my life that i make cake. . . . . . N all credit goes to u. . Thank u . . N love u 

saleem zafar: Nice

Reem Bamarouf: salam .if i bake in oven.. for how much time i should bake?

Rubin Shrestha: HI FAIZA G, ur tutorial was grt, looks delicious and ummy, definetly gona try, One question can we make in microwave oven, if yes plz give me the time of cooking it, thanks

nimmy aravind: Hi Faizaji..I recently subscribed to your channel and really love the way you present ur planning to make this cake ..I would be using an aluminium pressure cooker as well .Can I use salt under the cooker instead of baking soda? Pls reply..

Dewanshu Sharma: thanks Faiza ji. I made it today and it was delicious. Thanx for the recipe. brillaint job. keep up the good work. This cake made my day.. 

eat n drink: Am Loving it... Yummy

Chocolate Recipes: Other chocolate recipes at

mila michael: Aslam wallekum Faiza your recipes very much...but please give the recipe in english also.....

chhavi teotia: wow.. will try this soon 

Abdul Kayum: ooo its oswm i m try this cake ..thnks faiza

Garry Saini: its realy very easy

mike maik: oh ! you ladies kahein DHAMAKA na ho jaye, make you life easy and use oven ! :)

Siddhi Hegde: This really helped me So thank you......


Nazim Ali: Beautiful cake

PANKAJ KUMAR: its a good recipe

Shiba Minai: Can I use plastic ka microwave friendly bowl to bake this cake in the cooker?

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