1982 Cadillac Coupe DeVille DIESEL

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1982 Cadillac Coupe DeVille DIESEL
1982 Cadillac Coupe DeVille DIESEL
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Spencer Martin: what kinda milage does this thing get?

d barboza: They also came with the Craftsman diesel that was pretty good. 

thunderstorms06: dude if you ever want to sell that car id take it..Im a cadillac collector

srdale56: Another problem GM had was people were not used to diesels and didnt know how to drive them. They drove them like a gas engine....ie...jackrabbit starts....no warm-up time......over-reving them in park.

Corvus Casull: Those old Mercedes diesels are amazing machines, both chassis and engine. You may want to stay with Mercedes if you're used to their level of quality and durability. The GM 350 IDI is a good engine if gone through and then well built, but it isn't in a class anywhere near the OM series diesels.

StarryKid06: Are you running that in a closed garage?

Corvus Casull: A lot of them didn't. The Olds 350 IDI would be a case of consumer completed engineering. They can be made reliable, but they don't start out that way.

jake: @CorvusCasull How much did you sell it for?

Cyclone Performance Weather Instruments: Great!! See my 1981 Coupe Deville Rare V6! also here on youtube. I have owned an Olds 350 diesels, really no issues. You have to know how to run and drive them to ensure lasting mileage! In the 80s people did exactly the opposite, get in drive and destroy the things. By the late 80s most of the problems were gone, but people lost interest after all the troubles. My grandpa had a 1978 Olds Delta Royale Brougham that had the engine catch on fire when I was 6, I am sure it was the D block. Great!!

rmcdev: You mean 200-4R.

Forgoten214: @CorvusCasull Why would you sell it? That's retarded. Let me guess, traded it in for some new POS car that everyone else has on the road? Late model Toyota? Honda? Take your pick man.

brycejcox: Ever heard of Caterpillar? Ya know, those weak american diesel machines that saved Europe from a mandatory class on German etiquette....

Corvus Casull: That happened to me about seven years ago too. I was in the parking lot of a grocer and saw a "diesel" placard on a Sedan DeVille. After a chuckle and assuming it was a joke I heard it crank up!

ogpdub: Beautiful cadillac, I'm looking at an '80 CDV diesel, what kinda gas mileage do you get?

aftoyboy: :( I miss my caddy had the 5.7 diesel sold it to some asshole so I could move cross country, never made now I'm stuck with a freaking van I blame my wife.

RetroGuy76: That thing sounds like an old Mack truck brah.....LOL! I have a 1984 Coupe DeVille with the "dreaded, never runs, explodes, don't buy, take you to a mental hospital if you do" HT4100 engine. Mine has 24,000 original miles and I lucked out because I actually got one of the GOOD HT4100's! Now theres a nice, smooth quiet ride. And as for mileage, I've actually gotten 27MPG on the highway crusing at a nice 60 MPH. Needless to say I baby it because I want to keep the engine running well.

Corvus Casull: Ha! Not a chance. The timing chain broke and stranded the car at my job in the dead of winter. I usually have more projects than I can afford, so I chose to let this one go. I would have loved to keep it, but life doesn't always work that way.

01fastrace: Nice Car

Joel Marangella: Great, great video and execution of the all too rare honesty and sincerity - values that make America great. What a virtuoso performance. Well done mate. Joel Marangella, Perth Western Australia -- US Citizen abroad

Corvus Casull: I did, yes. 'Got my phrasing all mixed up!

Quad8track: Interesting video. Thanks for posting. I wonder why GM didn't use their existing 6.2 liter diesel used in their trucks instead. Could those fit under the hood of the Cadillacs and other full-sized models of this generation? Also, I wonder if these can be used as a Greasel.

datasurferable: Cadillacs have diesel motors?

Gonçalo Bicudo: Turbo it

Corvus Casull: Very true. GM really ruined the average opinion of diesel in the US for years and years. Again though, the 350 IDI is an interesting product of consumer completed engineering. They can be made reliable, but you really need to know your stuff to accomplish that task. Mine was very close.

san379 .: more vids in color..walk around

Corvus Casull: Good questions! I'm not sure why GM didn't ditch the 5.7 IDI in favor of the 6.2 IDI after it was introduced. I know they introduced the better versions of the 5.7 in the early 80s while the 6.2 was being engineered/introduced. I would imagine it was for business reasons; they wanted to get a return on their development costs by selling the rehashed versions. The 6.2 does fit where a 5.7 goes, though as far as I know it is not a bolt in gig. Search for "6.2 diesel Cadillac" for examples.

shaun Last: just like comparison to the 6.0 ford diesel.... only reliable when you put in arp head studs ect.... lol love my 6.6 LBZ duramax and 6.2 diesel !!!

jmack78: My Caady had a tan interior. I used to love going to the gas station. The counterperson would say "you know you just put diesel in your car?" I guess it wasn't very common to see a diesel Cadillac. so I just played it out like I had no idea what to do...then I finally explained it to them. Funny.

F.A. Que: @laptoph4x Smash a laptop over your dome douche and STFU..

The Carter Hour: I want one, cool car.

humanparody12: I've read (can't remember where) that they're rated for 30 mpg on the highway. I dunno if there's any truth to that though.

focusonthegreen: Very cool. With those mods it should last quite a bit longer.

ClassicTVMan1981X: @CorvusCasull 1980 and 1981 B-body Bonnevilles. From 1982 to 1985 the Bonneville name graced the G-body intermediate class (a la Oldsmobile Cutlass and Chevy Malibu), but the diesel option was discontinued in September 1984. Realizing Pontiac drivers had no B-body version of the Chevy Caprice/Oldsmobile Delta 88, during 1983 the Canadian arm of GM brought out the Parisienne sedan and Safari wagon to USA Pontiac dealers.

Corvus Casull: Thanks! I feel honored to be its new owner!

Caeraebro: how much horse power?

gentle285: Very nice video.

Corvus Casull: No. The garage door was about a quarter of the way open. You kidding? That car would have knocked me out cold in five minutes in an unventilated area.

Kevin Lawson: My Grandparents had one of these....took me back to so many memories when you had the camera under the hood while it was running really miss that car it was supposed to be my first car but we had to get rid of it but anyways very nice car wish i could find another one

oldsmobileguy81: I've seen a few cadillacs with the 350 diesel, not many though. I have a 1981 Oldsmobile Cutlass 2 Door with the 350 Diesel.

Enfield Police: @CorvusCasull yea i know i just loved how nice you managed to beat its gm flaws . great job

giberish9: Awesome purchase. Very well optioned and upgraded. I'd be proud to own a car like that.

polarisathena: Have a video of it outside during the day.

clcs13: smoke the tires

Jake Browne: 105

Corvus Casull: Here at 6,000ft it was very slow, but I never cared. I ran TCW3 2-Cycle oil as an additive. Mileage was good, but not that impressive. The pump was turned up slightly and advanced about 2°, it averaged about 17-19 mpg. Hills at altitude played a huge factor in lower mileage also. At sea level on flat land I bet this thing would have been able to pull mid twenties.

Douchermann: I used to own one of these! Mine was an 83, but it was by far my favorite car. The diesel never failed, and it was the most comfortable car I have ever sat in - to this day. Worked great till my buddy killed it (didn't see the oil spot left from the blown oil-cooler hose). Still looking for another one!

Jason Petty: I got a 79 Mercedes 300SD myself. I love diesel cars and I would love to see Ford and GM bring over some of their diesel car engines from Europe.

midnitesquirldog: awesome im glad there still is some oldsmobile 350 diesels out there !!

Corvus Casull: Nope! I'm gonna be making a video about that soon. Really stinks, I barely had the thing for two months!

Corvus Casull: With the DX version of the 350 IDI, GM was close to getting it right. But the first couple of releases were absolute junk. (Of course much of the problem was a populace completely clueless about diesel engines) An avid hobbyist can make one of these fairly trustable as mentioned in the video. A lot of guys do look for the DX block to convert them into high horsepower gassers. Its very doable.
1982 Cadillac Coupe DeVille DIESEL 4.9 out of 5

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1982 Cadillac Coupe DeVille DIESEL