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Kian Herbolario: how to get the name of hulk hogan in the hat?
Josie Vandervest: i don't understand this comparison. an average consumer would never consider the 808, only a camera enthusiast would want to carry around a phone as thick and bulky. and besides that, the hardware in the S3 is far more powerful, of course it's going to make the 808 look crapty. the S3 has a quad core processor where the 808 only has one. a better comparison would be to pit the 808 against an android handset with a similar single-core 1.3ghz processor and see how it fared, or another camera centric device. i used a symbian belle device for a year and it was a breeze. fast and functional. less eye candy than android but not ugly by a long shot. of course it lacked big name android apps, but as a communication device it was perfect. i will mention the stock nokia browser was nothing to write home about - fortunately opera mobile provided a much smoother experience. 
Kristiana Bredhoff: can you tell me where you got that holographic film top coat? so cool but can't seem to find it anywhere:( is there a website?
Paige Upatising: Omg the last bit was SO FUNNY!
Sidsel Andreasen: Har lavet et tag med en veninde, du må meget gerne besvare spørgsmålene i en video! Kald det hvad du vil tag: 1: Bruger du make-up hver dag? 2: Foundation eller bb-cream? 3: læbestift eller lipgloss? 4: Mascara eller eyeliner? 5: Blush eller Bronzer? 6: Det er mandag morgen og du skal i skole: Vil du helst tage afsted med uredt hår og pæn make-up, eller med intet make-up og flot hår? 7: Sidste køb inden for beauty-kategorien? 8: Hvor mange penge bruger du ca. på make-up/beauty-relaterede ting om måneden? 9: Tre produkter du absolut ikke kan leve uden? 10: Hvornår havde du sidst en make-up fri dag? 11: Din yndlings mascara? 12: Har du produkter fra elf? 13: Det første make-up produkt du selv købte? 14: Hvor gammel var du da du startede at gå med Make-up? 15: Har du nogensinde oplevet, at folk synes du havde for meget make-up på? 16: Hvilket make-up mærke har du flest produkter fra? 
Jay McCarthy: Very sad to share that my father, Jim McCarthy passed away July 26, 2014 after a brief battle with an unknown progressive brain disease. Jim, my father, was an incredible man, and truly enjoyed toy trains and all those involved!
Richard Cheesman: You mentioned you are on manual, and the shutter was already set to 1/4000 and did not change during the aperture changing. f1.8 would still be fast, but I'd doubt you'd get 1/4000 indoors unless using a high ISO. I'd reckon around 1/250 to 1/500 might be more feasible. It would be better to have used AP (aperture priority) to demonstrate this. Anyhow, you showed me enough to justify me ordering one of these lenses and I can't wait to try it out - so thanks for the video!

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