Harbor Freight 10x12 Greenhouse

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Harbor Freight 10x12 Greenhouse
Harbor Freight 10x12 Greenhouse
New Harbor Freight 10 x 12 Greenhouse being Built - Foundation and Framing
New Harbor Freight 10 x 12 Greenhouse being Built - Foundation and Framing
Harbor Freight Tool Visit and 6x8 and 10x12 Greenhouse Updates
Harbor Freight Tool Visit and 6x8 and 10x12 Greenhouse Updates
10x12 Harbor Freight green house.
10x12 Harbor Freight green house.
The Harbor Freight 10 x 12 foot greenhouse completed
The Harbor Freight 10 x 12 foot greenhouse completed
Dutch Bucket Hydroponics inside Harbor Freight 10x12 Greenhouse
Dutch Bucket Hydroponics inside Harbor Freight 10x12 Greenhouse
Harbor Freight Greenhouse Assembly
Harbor Freight Greenhouse Assembly
Harbor Freight 10 by 12 ft Greenhouse Pt 19
Harbor Freight 10 by 12 ft Greenhouse Pt 19
Harbor Freight 6 Ft. X 8 Ft. Greenhouse Review. Item 69714
Harbor Freight 6 Ft. X 8 Ft. Greenhouse Review. Item 69714
Harbor freight greenhouse 6x8
Harbor freight greenhouse 6x8

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CharlysGardenSchool G: I've heard a couple people say the Harbor Freight greenhouse works for them... Mine was a disaster!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They do NOT work in windy areas (avg 60 mph gusts, North and South winds); even my prevailing wind has the panels rattling all four seasons. It is securely fastened to half-buried railroad ties. After the doors blew off, more panels blew off with each wind, the horizontal aluminum bar on the end broke, and the roof peak bent 45-degrees, and the center is now sagging. Although it's fairly stable once the panels are on, it's more frail than I thought it would be. Now it's a fairly useless shell with the bent roof peak propped up to vertical with a piece of bamboo against the house. Unfortunately, I - a dreamer - bought two, because they were on sale. It was an entire waste of money and I should have invested in good greenhouse fabric/plastic and scavenged the rest of the materials for a good tunnel or light-weight greenhouse... oh, well :) Critical analyses: The roof is weak and tends to cave in the center without support (there is a weak spot where two pieces are joined to reinforce), and once a gust of wind gets inside (when a roof vent bends to the wind, or a door is lifted), it bows the panels vertically and they blow out. Reinforcement is definitely required. For those with building restrictions, and in my case, a full support for all four corners and roof means I'd practically have to build a greenhouse inside the greenhouse.

alice coppers: Put one together in 2011 and it's still going strong....cement used for keeping foundation down in corners and center...really helps secure it in winds....

Ahmed Saber: give me the address.to make an order.

alice coppers: Mine was 500 on CL

Bonnie Cavanaugh: how much was the green house? not sure you stated that....

Drew Grow: NICE

David Greener: VERY NICE

alphasxsignal: What type of floor did you put down in it?Did you fasten it down to wood boards around the bottom frame 2x8 or something?

Mallorie Rogers: is this twin wall polycarbonite

Drummergirl: sweet

alphasxsignal: Yea if you use good clear cauling on the panels that thing will hold up real nice in the winds. Its nice.

HortonKansas: Very nice set-up!

aquaponicslifestyle: How has the greenhouse been holding? Thanks for sharing!

Abe Ali: Nice work. Where did you get the mister system? Do you have any issues with misters system clogging up? I highly recommend a filter for it and change it out at least every season. 

1babycody: A very clean professional setup. Unfortunately this build was not documented, so that others could reproduce it. This is great for inspiration though. There appears to be at least 5 really great tutorials lost to the rest of us. I hope that we might see this in your next greenhouse.

myownruin187: Great set up, thank you for sharing..

Seweryn Bielecki: what state is this in?

SilverDollarSaloon: Nice Job on your Harbor Freight Greenhouse.I have the same HFGH and did alot of modifications to the foundation and inside building support.I made mine to last through rain and wind.Short of a Hurricane or Tornado.One main improvement is I calked all the panels and added twice as many clips than came with the package.

Randy Cruz: After the fan & elect installation, what was your cost on this greenhouse..

eTechTom: Nice job. I purchased the same greenhouse but haven't had the time to assemble it yet. You should add the improvements you can find in online blogs. Here are a couple of sites I found. billsbayou.blogspot.com/2010/03/review-harbor-freight-greenhouse-by-one.html and hfgh10x12.blogspot.com/2007/08/this-is-greenhouse-we-bought-link-it.html. Just cut and paste into explorer. The comments section doesn't seem allow links. Thanks for the video.

poppafish428: You have done an awesome job with your setup.It just shows what American Ingenuity is all about.Being self sufficient is so satisfying.I'm looking to set up a green house of sorts but my space is limited.I will borrow an idea or two from you if that's o.k.All the best to you and yours.

ThespiritofEliyahu: @badams48 can i ask where you ordered the extra clips from did you contact harbor freight or the manufacturer? Thanks!

JetSetDiva: I'm thinking of getting one of these to overwinter my bonsai here in NC. How have the polycarbonate panels held up so far?

B Adams: Those are good ideas for securing the greenhouse.

TheGor54: are you an American or an american't?

LuvTheSnapper: shoo that bad boy is sweet with all those additions. the misters are really cool. i gotta get me something like that.

MrCarlosrios1993: Hydroponics

Gary Thompson: continued from below..........Soooo who needs clips?

snapsalot: Wow that is a really nice greenhouse. Great job on running your misters, electricity and stuff.

B Adams: Thanks for the comment. I purchase my misters online from charleys greenhouse. If you search around you may be able to find the parts a little cheaper. I have added more misters to get better coverage of the plants. The greenhouse still looks good after 3 years.

72542: Very nicely done. I don't know where you live, but if you get any wind, you may want to do a search for "harbor freight greenhouse improvements", and look at some strengthening of the frame. The panels can pop out when the winds come up, as can happen in a thunderstorm. Also, caulking at both ends of the panels will help stop moisture from forming inside of them and eventually causing discoloration.

dunkin doobing: how has it held up I have wanted to buy one but want sure how long it would last do you take it down in winter

TheGor54: Manufactured by slave laborers in China. Assembled by proud unemployed Americans. Everybody happy?

B Adams: The hardest part for me was preparing the foundation. I dug out and leveled a hole that was 4 inches deep and slightly larger than 10x12 feet. I made sure everything was square and level. I used 6 solid Cement. 4-in x 8-in x 16-in blocks to secure the aluminum frame of the greenhouse to the blocks. Four block in the corners and two center on the 12 foot side of the greenhouse. I then filled in the hole with gravel before setting my pathers.

Gbridget Williams: I have this 10 x 12 greenhouse. had it for 4 years now. The clear panels on the roof need to be replaced (hail damage) including the vents. Where can I get the panels?

Kntryhart: Nice job!

barneycarparts: Nice Man I did pretty much same thing, only I used full pavers. I used Arizona Misters, a fan, the Harbor Freight easy opener vent actuators dont work for more that 6 months so might consider Electric screw drives. My orbit electric Jar top solenoids leaked after 2 years. They always do, but easy to repair, Just clean then with a toothbrush .

JRod350: Nice work on your greenhouse! Harbor Freight is awesome.

earthbrn: I just built two of them and the height on the box says 10'3" and turns out to be about right. Not sure where they got the 20' from not even close....

B Adams: @ThespiritofEliyahu charleys greenhouse online

Brad Gray: Love your greenhouse.. that's awesome. I'd like to have that in my yard!

psychologymovies: Great work! I have an enclosed garden and would like to set up an overhead irrigation system like you have here. Where did you get the misters?

B Adams: So far my greenhouse is holding up fine. The greenhouse has been through some rough weather since I constructed it in 2009. The shelves inside the greenhouse are anchored to the ground with 4x4 ts. post. This probably adds extra rigidity to the structure. I would have thought the panels would have blown out before the structure twisted and collapsed.

B Adams: Thanks for the feedback.

marcogerra: very nice.

MrEnergyCzar: Awesome, how big is the box it comes in?

B Adams: 72542- Thanks for the suggestions.

B Adams: I watched your video. Nice job on the greenhouse. Attaching your greenhouse to your shelving that is anchored in the ground will give your greenhouse more rigidity and help it withstand strong winds. My greenhouse will be 4 years old this November and is holding up well. We have had summer time temperatures in excess of 100 degrees and winds in excess of 60 mph. I am very pleased with the endurance of the greenhouse. I have grown hundreds of plants in it over the last four years.

MRVITIN101: Were the sprinklers Expensive? and where was it purchased ? thanks

tylertehman: @badams48 good good! i just went ahead didnt even mess with the clips and just screwed them into the aluminum xD!
Harbor Freight 10x12 Greenhouse 4.8 out of 5

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Harbor Freight 10x12 Greenhouse