Harbor Freight 10x12 Greenhouse

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Harbor Freight 10 x 12 Greenhouse Modifications
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Harbor Freight 10 X 12 Greenhouse Modifications

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Paul Kawaguchi: How much does it cost?

Patrick Potter: what about the bird in the planter about 2min25sec in video

trethehunter: Thank you for your quick response sir.

trethehunter: Nice.. will it stand up to high wind?

Joe Weaver: i love me some damatoes

Peaceable Kingdom: thanks for that little bit of greenhouse porn XXX 

Gigglebyte Aquaponics and Backyard Farming: I Love your video!! Check out my organic aquaponics channel please you'll love it


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CharlysGardenSchool G: I've heard a couple people say the Harbor Freight greenhouse works for them... Mine was a disaster!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They do NOT work in windy areas (avg 60 mph gusts, North and South winds); even my prevailing wind has the panels rattling all four seasons. It is securely fastened to half-buried railroad ties. After the doors blew off, more panels blew off with each wind, the horizontal aluminum bar on the end broke, and the roof peak bent 45-degrees, and the center is now sagging. Although it's fairly stable once the panels are on, it's more frail than I thought it would be. Now it's a fairly useless shell with the bent roof peak propped up to vertical with a piece of bamboo against the house.  Unfortunately, I - a dreamer - bought two, because they were on sale. It was an entire waste of money and I should have invested in good greenhouse fabric/plastic and scavenged the rest of the materials for a good tunnel or light-weight greenhouse... oh, well :)
Critical analyses: The roof is weak and tends to cave in the center without support (there is a weak spot where two pieces are joined to reinforce), and once a gust of wind gets inside (when a roof vent bends to the wind, or a door is lifted), it bows the panels vertically and they blow out. Reinforcement is definitely required. For those with building restrictions, and in my case, a full support for all four corners and roof means I'd practically have to build a greenhouse inside the greenhouse.

alphasxsignal: What type of floor did you put down in it?Did you fasten it down to wood boards around
the bottom frame 2x8 or something?

alphasxsignal: Yea if you use good clear cauling on the panels that thing will hold up real nice in the winds.
Its nice.

alice coppers: Mine was 500 on CL

alice coppers: Put one together in 2011 and it's still going strong....cement used for keeping foundation down in corners and center...really helps secure it in winds....

David Greener: VERY NICE

Ahmed Saber: give me the address.to make an order.

Bonnie Cavanaugh: how much was the green house? not sure you stated that....

myownruin187: Great set up, thank you for sharing..

Mallorie Rogers: is this twin wall polycarbonite

Danger Close: That greenhouse is NOT 20 ft from peak to bottom. Do you know how to read a tape measure?

Drummergirl: sweet

HortonKansas: Very nice set-up!
Harbor Freight 10x12 Greenhouse 5 out of 5

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Harbor Freight 10x12 Greenhouse