Windows Mobile 6.1 (Standard) V. IPhone

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Windows Mobile 6.1 (Standard) v. iPhone
Windows Mobile 6.1 (Standard) v. iPhone
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REVIEW: Pantech Matrix Pro Windows Mobile 6.1 Smartphone
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Windows Mobile 6.1 Standard (Smartphone)
Windows Mobile 6.1 Standard (Smartphone)

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killamojojojo: wow the last comment was 2 years ago!!! score on the old forgotten video!!!!

Eugenio Garza: Ok, so you emphazised on saying its a STANDARD phone and not a touchscreen phone, which means you OBVIOUSLY know its not a good comparison... you still did the comparison??? Please tell us someone MADE you do it...

Max Wolf: Ok that's a really unfair comparison. First off you have the pantech matrix pro, (I have it lol, great phone) and then you have the freaking IPHONE. Tell mr that's a fair comparison. Seriously? Your comparing a NON touchscreen device to a TOP OF THE LINE touchscreen device. NOT a very fair comparison.

aliawesome12fab: why compare a non touch with a touch ??? O.o i that even fair comparing a cool mobile with a crap?

pokermon919: This is like comparing a car to a bike. Two different animals altogether.

Brandon IK: Windows is the best when it comes to computers. When it comes to phones the iPhone is the best you can get, although the call quality sucks tbh. I want a Windows Phone 7 device.

jeffly1500: whatthe hell are you doing in this video?, you cant compare an at&t with an iphone. compare an HTC HD2 or something like that vs an iphone. Then you compare 2 'even' phones

McAND: look what n iphone Jailbreak can do: watch?v=kt8_BgaJ--0

EmadJo: Windows wins in the PC world in the phones world, nothing can beat the iPhone (yet)

Jerry Bortstein: lol

Verner Läll: shut up :D

dubb webb: why is that funny, maggot? dont like picking up bitches in the bar? go freak your palm

dubb webb: so freaking what? you find that funny? your a freaking dumb kid

Mike M: iphone wins hands down if you just know how to use it, most people don't know all the features and its full potential. apps vs. no apps (:

Champ Ion: Personaly ive got a LG KS20, a touch screen phone with windows mobile. I hate it. It's slow, it freeze alot. i've got an Ipod Touch to, i know it's not an Iphone, but still, i like it much more.


RE AMEMIYA: i love the pantech matrix i would get one if it had wi fi

Sammy Goris: totally true. you're comparing the standard version, which dosent have all the good features which professional has.

volcrazy89: I agree. Why compare a non-touch screen to a touch screen? That's just ridiculous. The best comparison to the iPhone is the Palm Pre, which blows iPhone out of the water, IMO.

mukatuna: Agreed smart phones should be functional and worth every penny. They should also be easy to use and a reliable business tool. This is why I use a Nokia E71 here, and our firm uses the Blackberry Bold for it's standard smart phone.
Windows Mobile 6.1 (Standard) v. iPhone 5 out of 5

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Windows Mobile 6.1 (Standard) v. iPhone