Windows Mobile 6.1 (Standard) V. IPhone

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Windows Mobile 6.1 (Standard) v. iPhone
Windows Mobile 6.1 (Standard) v. iPhone
REVIEW: Pantech Matrix Pro Windows Mobile 6.1 Smartphone
REVIEW: Pantech Matrix Pro Windows Mobile 6.1 Smartphone
Windows Mobile 6.1 Standard (Smartphone)
Windows Mobile 6.1 Standard (Smartphone)
My Kick ass Windows Mobile 6.1 Samsung i910
My Kick ass Windows Mobile 6.1 Samsung i910
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HTC X7510 Advantage with Windows Mobile 6.1

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TableTopTech: Don't use a case on your iPhone.

killamojojojo: wow the last comment was 2 years ago!!! score on the old forgotten video!!!!

Eugenio Garza: Ok, so you emphazised on saying its a STANDARD phone and not a touchscreen phone, which means you OBVIOUSLY know its not a good comparison... you still did the comparison??? Please tell us someone MADE you do it...

ilk klv: wtf the guy don't even know which phone should be compared to which phone. i don't know how the hack they get job in this field.

Max Wolf: Ok that's a really unfair comparison. First off you have the pantech matrix pro, (I have it lol, great phone) and then you have the freaking IPHONE. Tell mr that's a fair comparison. Seriously? Your comparing a NON touchscreen device to a TOP OF THE LINE touchscreen device. NOT a very fair comparison.

aliawesome12fab: why compare a non touch with a touch ??? O.o i that even fair comparing a cool mobile with a crap?

RealAppleFan: This isn't even a fair comparison.

pokermon919: This is like comparing a car to a bike. Two different animals altogether.

kujabara: look on my iphone ipod and ipad videos

Inuboy1000: Windows is the best when it comes to computers. When it comes to phones the iPhone is the best you can get, although the call quality sucks tbh. I want a Windows Phone 7 device.

jeffly1500: whatthe hell are you doing in this video?, you cant compare an at&t with an iphone. compare an HTC HD2 or something like that vs an iphone. Then you compare 2 'even' phones

waldemar sean zac quillian: watch my newly purchased Ciphone C6 Ver. 2 16Gig :)

ramzacloud10: Id rather have the Driod then iphone o.o playing Ps1 games in full speed are more entertaining then iphone apps

McAND: look what n iphone Jailbreak can do: watch?v=kt8_BgaJ--0

sitheruchiha: Windows Mobile!!

93menS93: yourr samsung omnia has windows mobile already installed^^

emad2222: Windows wins in the PC world in the phones world, nothing can beat the iPhone (yet)

seasonspkz: it has windows mobile it is just more of a custom version of it

Jerry Bortstein: lol

Verner Läll: shut up :D
Windows Mobile 6.1 (Standard) v. iPhone 5 out of 5

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Windows Mobile 6.1 (Standard) v. iPhone