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Everdrive-N8 Flash Cart (Deluxe Edition) Review
Everdrive-N8 Flash Cart (Deluxe Edition) Review

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clixo40: Can I play with this device on a fc Clone, and how many days will it take to get the device in México? thanks :D

spidercolt: Love the Song choice.

Alex Paulsen: Why not just emulate everything instead? This is cheating!

charvelgtrs: I'm getting an AV Famicom, so I won't have to buy a disk system if I buy the ED N8?

Blinkbreed: Have you any mods on your nes from the video? hdmi or rgb + scart-to-hdmi?

Daniel Ingemi: can we expect full sound support on Gimmick in the future? (no rush)

igano111: I have a PAL NES and my TV is like your model, but it's PAL 60Hz (I got this from its manual). Will I be able to play PAL and NTSC roms? (PAL games are slower so I prefer NTSC) Thanks

Adam Holloway: top loader nes support the expanded audio of jpn dracula 3?

GAM3RSHARK: I tried putting cheats in but it didn't work how do you put in cheats

madrugabros: what is the name of this song friend of metallica

Costa “mrGREEK360” Apostolou: Ordered 2 from Stone Age gamer . Com, one of my uncle which is Black Deluxe Edition and a Dark Classic Deluxe edition. I also have the red mega everdrive on the way. 

GizmoGamin: hey man i bought the everdrive n8 today my first one ever XD

Ali Madhi: Amazing ... thank you krikzz
please what is your Samsung TV model ?

scuba steve: can you do one with the the zapper gun games?

Mike Maz: Awesome Krikzz I just did the audio expansion mod tom y nes and love it

MrFamicoman: When I saw this I knew my Famicom prayers were answered. Thank-you Kriks for an amazing product that blows the Power PAk out of the water! (much better design and engineering went into the OS and PCB board).

czeci7: How to enable Game Genie codes? I can't find the way, i wrote codes than back to menu and just start the game, but codes doesn't work.

0zfer: stick the famicon version on an easily available famicon to nes converter or find one of the game carts that has a converter built it and use that.

Dragonlder: I only see famicon vers

0zfer: you can already get super gameboy micro sd card for like $20
EverDrive-N8 5 out of 5

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