Lowther Hegeman Reproducer - Rarest Set Of Home Audio Speakers In The World?

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Lowther Hegeman Reproducer - Rarest Set of Home Audio Speakers in the World?
Lowther Hegeman Reproducer - Rarest Set of Home Audio Speakers in the World?
Lowther Speaker Surrounds Repair Part 1
Lowther Speaker Surrounds Repair Part 1
Mcintosh MC275推Lowther Hedund Horn試聽一
Mcintosh MC275推Lowther Hedund Horn試聽一
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Lowther Moth Medallions, loaded with Dx3 type 20cm FR

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Matin Lim: Felt like to own ones. Thks.

Slimboy TwentySeven: why the hell would you want speakers that big in the average middle class house unless you got... a hell of a big x council house with a large front room or even back room

phantasm1004: Wow. Simply stunning monitors. Equally stunning is the gorgeous young man demo-ing.

Joe Shmoe: I'm sure they sound wonderful but I'll keep my Sonus Faber.

EpicEverythingDude75: Just putting this out there.....Bose

Michael Bauers: Post should credit the audio. I was impressed with the track.

the moi channel: sure would love to hear what they actually sound like. I wonder if high-efficiency designs of that type are more efficient but also more colored? I only ask because a 60s pair of universities I used to own [in a cabinet the size of a medium-sized refrigerator] were fairly colored. but boy would they get loud on just a watt or so.

cary marlowe: Bose are crap speakers period.

Valerifon1: Some of the most beautiful speakers I've ever seen!

greyantelope: E. Stuart Hegeman was a creative electronic and audio genius with many notches in his belt including speaker cabinets, amplifiers and even a television tape recorder.

Алексей Новиков: Серьезные акустические системы!

Dr0id Figglehorn: The song in the beginning was trippy. Going back and forth like that gives a very strange hypnotic sound I love it!

sweetsweatyfeet: Beautiful paint job with the pinkish and yellow accents; the colour blending is a pure work of art.

gp0st1: what was the song being played?

theaterboyeBay: I respectfully disagree with your comment on cable - while some things cable makers try and claim is smoke & mirrors - cables do sound different. I might not be able to measure the difference in current peaks between the same gauge solid copper and solid silver wire they do present music differently - while you should not make cables the first priority in the playback chain, to total dismiss them is missing out on possible real improvement

richard abney: nice speakers

Gurdeep Singh Virdi: amazing pair of speakers , really sophisticated construction

cootaloot: @49kasey What the freak difference does it make? Any audio reproduced on YouTube via a camera won't even come close to the actual event. It's not even worth considering. What, were you gonna drop the $20k and change it would take to buy these based on an audio clip recorded by a hand-held camera? Read a book, son!

pmgodfrey: Listen to these great speakers.......on your crappy ones through YouTube.

JohnnyGrass: These are the sexiest loudspeakers I have ever seen.

weary feladunder: Wow, brilliant, shame you did not play music with monster dynamics to show what these speakers I suspect are capable of. Why did you sell, groan.

horizon: just looking at these make the music im listening to sound better.

Sinitsin Vladimir: this is Bill Frisell music

EdWatts: I don't listen to cables; I listen to music. As long as the "cable" is sufficient to handle the current peaks, it will "sound" no better nor worse than any other cable which can handle the power. There are, however, huge differences between and among speakers, and Lowthers are among the very best "full-range" drivers ever made. In good cabinets they are very special, indeed.

Steve Kasiaras: Wish I could believe that was what we're hearing instead of a direct feed.

beatleme2: more of a vintage jbl altec guy but these are great !

Bretto ft Ghetto: Voigt Speakers..amazing old stuff

MightySaturn5: beautiful....the musical selection helps as well

Dinh HK: it's amazing sound ...

WV591: Pefect size for a one room studio apt.

theaterboyeBay: Not sure what you are driving at. As this speaker was over 60 yrs old the wire needed replacing. AudioQuest Flat series was used internally as it had to be small enough to fit the factory holes to avoid altering these amazing pieces of audio history. Luminous Audio Synchestra speaker cable from the amp to speaker. If you think using better cables with superior copper or silver materials is foolish - I suggest you stop reading ham radio books & start listing to some better cables

theaterboyeBay: @beatleme2 I am a big fan of JBL & Altec - Currently have JBL Summit L300 and Altec A5 - using 1505 horns, 288G, 515B - Still something very special about the single full range driver approach that always pulls me back. Have a set of Ferguson Hill FH001 on the way along with their FH002 bass spheres and FH003 bass - This speaker has the best of both worlds in that the FH001 Horn handles all the music from about 150Hz on up and the bass spheres add the fullness on the bottom end of the L300's

flagshipaudio: Where on earth did you find these!!!?

paulj0557: I'm playing this video through my organ's 310 Wurlitzer mechanical rotary vibrato tone cabinet that came with my 1946 Wurlitzer Orgatron electrostatic reed organ. It is 100% original and was discovered in an abandon house in Cincinnati last year. The last anyone lived in the home was 1971. So the set-up would have been 25 then. At 65 year the electrolytic's have finally bit it, but the tone cab did play at 65 years old. I love old audio gear and am very surprised more people don't play organ!

theaterboyeBay: I have to agree - as vintage speakers go these were something special - but for the sexiest speakers I will have to go with the current speaker I am listening to - The Ferguson Hill FH001 Horn which uses the same Lowther full range driver approach. It puts the Lowther driver in a stunning 5.5 Ft tall clear acrylic horn. I will put a link to these in the video description if you want to check it out

theaterboyeBay: The music was not from the speaker as it is impossible to translate how marvelous this set sounds over the internet. I sold them after finding a modern equivalent - The Ferguson Hill FH001 Horn Speaker - I will do a video on them soon

BixLives32: "Interconnect cable" Um, I sure hope the speaker wire was inexpensive lamp wire from your local hardware store? If you'd like to learn the SCIENCE of electronics The ARRL Handbook for any year since 1930 is an excellent start. Learning this hobby will require some concerted reading and basic college freshman math. By knowing these things will save you from being ripped off by the many unscrupulous snake oil sellers that have gotton much worse over the last few decades.

Page Gabriel: absolutely wonderful sound and skin!

Mikexception: Yes , you are right - cables sound different. Problem in my opinion is that there are no 'better" and "worse"They are just like fixed tone correctors and this correction should be accompanied by existance of adequate fault in speaker. Without fault or with wrongly matched fault they may worsen effect. Too many people put hell of maney without reasonable result.

Internet Marketing Maps: Don't delude yourself about one cables sounding any different from another... What you are hearing is the effect of the various resistance of cables, which subtly changes the back IMF signal of the Amplifier. Load speakers have the same effect on amps. This phenomena has confused non technical audiophiles for years, and the Hi-Fi industry encourages the confusion to sell more stuff. If the impudence is matched on all components they'd all sound the same, but the industry doesn't want that

theaterboyeBay: @brettofromthghetto I agree - very cool old set of speakers

Mikexception: It's not like many think. Above technics there is finally human brain. If You make (with even crappy stuff) few comparisons between sound Your psychics shall compensate a permanent distortions and You shall get information which is better and which worse and why. .

theaterboyeBay: Yes they went to a vintage speaker enthusiast in Italy - The price was $23,100.00 - I should have kept them as I realized after their departure I missed the truly stunning coherence the presented while playing music - All the modern attempts I had heard to optimize the lowther's failed in comparison until I recently discovered the Ferguson Hill FH001 Horns - which I am now listening to - I will be positing a video on these soon

MrTpengineer: You should watch Hexibase some time. Or other channels with audio like it....

Danny Skidmore: how much they sell for

CanadianSETIpioneer: A manually rotated version of a Leslie speaker? Why? That must get old really fast.

lizichell2: Either everyone on youtube is watching this video at once or my RAM has Parkinsons

BluesCreation09: What a beautiful loudspeakers! And what a music to accompany them. I love it.

Mikexception: This video does not match what I hear. You turn speaker round but sound is still the same. It seems to be not real recording by microphone, anyway impression by view is great. I also prize old speaker gear for big membranes with their gentle movements thus allowing with only tweeter to sound enough.
Lowther Hegeman Reproducer - Rarest Set of Home Audio Speakers in the World? 4.8 out of 5

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Matin Lim: Felt like to own ones. Thks.
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Lowther Hegeman Reproducer - Rarest Set of Home Audio Speakers in the World?