Bose Soundlink Mini Vs. JBL Charge

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Bose Soundlink Mini vs. JBL Charge
Bose Soundlink Mini vs. JBL Charge
JBL Charge 3 vs Bose Soundlink (III & Mini II)
JBL Charge 3 vs Bose Soundlink (III & Mini II)
Bose mini VS  JBL Charge
Bose mini VS JBL Charge
Bluetooth Speakers Comparison - JBL Pulse vs Bose Soundlink Mini vs JBL Charge
Bluetooth Speakers Comparison - JBL Pulse vs Bose Soundlink Mini vs JBL Charge
Amazing 720/60 Frames - JBL Charge vs Bose SoundLink Speaker
Amazing 720/60 Frames - JBL Charge vs Bose SoundLink Speaker

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Sarny Funesto: jbl extreme is the best and has beaten bose soundlink.

Spoder mon: And now the JBL Charge 3 is better than the Bose Soundlink Mini 2. XD

statikreg: When you say "JBL Charge matched volumewise", I'm not sure what that means. Matched by ear or what? I would think for the most objective result, you would use an accurate (or the most accurate you have available - even a smartphone) db meter and common input source, and sample at at least a few different levels in the middle range, then also compare at extreme loud and extreme quiet, noting both objective db measurements, loudness (via again, the most accurate meter you have available) and finally a subjective experience opinion.

Abryx: the bose bass is good but I can hear a distortion

Abryx: wow bose is amazing sound

ROCK MAN: Why don't you review some of your headphone it might interesting.

ROCK MAN: i think i like how you comparison like this it explained to me faster

Mal Crow: Just bought a used JBL Charge and I agree with clavinetjunkie about the lack of bass. Nice amplifier circuity and speakers but unlike the Bose with 2 passive radiators the JBL Charge uses an open side port.


werewr rwer: Bose

MyNameIsWayne: Bose>JBL

sergio chavez: I have a bose soundlink mini as well & i absolutely LOVE it , great base. amazing sound quality, overall awesome performance,
My friend has the JBL charge & for its price i think its pretty decent but the sound quality just cant compare to the bose ! As at higher volumes it does get a bit distored

Harman/Official Cambodia: Bose cant even pronounce the Vocal like baby who learn to talk compare to JBL. Mid + Bass Over the Vocal cant even listen, everything things on mid.

Sebastian Grady: Based on all the positive Bose responses here I just tried listening to the Bose Soundlink Mini vs the JBL Charge (the JBL Charge 2 is out now too).  I must say the Bose is a complete piece of junk in comparison IMHO.

The Bose is muffled bass with absolutely no treble at all.  The sound is awful even if it was half the price of the Charge.  But it's not - it's double the price!

Bose earbuds are the same - they have no idea how to get any treble in their speakers.  Maybe it is personal preference but you should really listen to them both and see what you like.

Nathan Lopez: they both sound great what is the name of that song by the way

iko hiratk: 自分は、BOSE派。

Matthew Doyle: Bose sounds a lot better

Allen Kg: i think its cheating!! sorry for that word!! plz test it in real and believe ur ears!!!

maggs mum: Bose and you will not regret it
Bose Soundlink Mini vs. JBL Charge 5 out of 5

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Bose Soundlink Mini vs. JBL Charge