Lego Sniper Rifle (+instructions)

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lego sniper rifle (+instructions)
lego sniper rifle (+instructions)
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lego Custom Assault Rifle(Working)+Instructions
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lego Barrett M98B instruction

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Roxaskh19: Is that an actual scope? from where?

Javdat Mukhitdinov: Bear please make a part list. I really want to build this.

BrickArmoryOnline: Very nice build! I actually dig the color scheme.

Fanabi: can't you upload it on the lego site so peapole can buy a kit with all the parts?

Антон Ерохов: Круто очень круто 《《《《《《 ♥

dennis wenn: plz tell me how to get the instructions plz

nickuk32: i want one gimmi gimmi

thump back: AWESOME with a lot of AWESOMENESS That's AMAZING

Markus Kukkala: Nice! 

C Tunsakul: Sweet

Headi HD: awesome, very good work!

diamodsamus MC: Where did u get the parts

Matthew scribner: thats sick dude! you should make a lego glock 19. idk why, but i think those guns are so cool! if you could make a sniper rifle... then you could make a glock 19... keep up the good work!

1mpson: Plz make in depth tutorial on gun and mag!

TEO DAnoob: this is WTF awesome

John Nathaniel Bautista: make a hunting rile PLS. :)

Xavier Nguyen: What is the range?

Alexandre Rambla: AWESOME !! 

Sander Gjertsen Østvold: time to clean the aquarium?

Zekrom Jones: Can you show us how to make this sniper rifle without technic pieces and aweosome video

Benedek Nagy: Good I want a same scope as yours

Thomas Cernosia: wow thats amazing

Rida Bendaoud: Amazing

Josh Burns: That is epic

MikeyBuilds: 17 dislikes,they are stupid

Tobias Frey: where i can get so much bricks ?

Josue Garcia: Bro You make the bests lego guns

Josh Childe: Is there an Ldd file for the model?

Dominik Baranyai: how much would be sold

Darin Gobey: Geez I wish people would post instructions for things like this, not a request, but it would be nice if we could view a tutorial.

이세찬: That a big good!!

Andy Valenzuela: Cant they just have a box full of the equipment and the information on how to build it 

Jake Cho: Holy cow that's almost like the life sized one!!!

MrStuff991: Yeah man can you make a part list please, looks like lots of people want to make it and would really appreciate it thanks

shadeshadow007: possible to buy?? please?

CORGIDOG: I'd spend €100 euros on it

Daniel S: Wher are the ' instructions

Jordan LH: How much do you want for it?

Lego Guns: рибйата исили ви ни в карсе та он рузгий!!!

Hayato Imazu: The Instructions On LDD Takes Sooooo Long Generate (That`s The Step To Open The File To See Instructions) So I Just Stopped Generating Any Reasons Why (Just Curious)

Rusty: 158 people think so.

Albgamingx: I will literally buy one of your snipers..

GameWorkHD: Eigentlich bin ih ja Deutscher, aber lassen wir das :D

Noah Kagan: Your nice

TheEpicman9: Can I buy it somewhere?

xProDrifter: If it were 1000 I would buy a airsoft -. -

Trond Salthammer: lego is so cool all stuff in lego

aleksixx10: Cool

Diogo Pereira: its a kind of mix between sniper rifle and assault rifle

TheFofinek: AWESOME GUN!!!!!! Please, can you make part list? I really want to build it, but i don't know if i have enough bricks.
lego sniper rifle (+instructions) 4.9 out of 5

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ipfw46805: Thanks for a great video.
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legospacepolice3: @flyguydotnet yea l hope this figure come in greece to get it cheaper from a store
cruzinhappy: As simple as it is I was installing the little hook tabs wrong making it much harder than it needed to be... thank you for making this as easy as it should be!
Kathy Glassford: Hi..thanks for the great video. That little piece of metal came out...the one that grind small partices. Is it really important to put it back in...I can't see down the drain. 
ZeoWorks: Fable Oakvale music! :D
Sameer Mir: Nargis Fakhri with Salman Wow <3 if Salman Wants so it is a great honour for her she iz Lucky n she will be successfull in future hope bcz her film Rockstar was very intresting :)

lego sniper rifle (+instructions)