Lego Sniper Rifle (+instructions)

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Lego sniper rifle (+instructions)
Lego sniper rifle (+instructions)
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Lego sniper rifle V3(+Mechanism)
Lego Working Replica L96A1 Sniper Rifle Instructions
Lego Working Replica L96A1 Sniper Rifle Instructions
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Lego sniper rifle v 1
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Created-Lego Sniper Rifle-No Instructions

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JACOB ROTTIER: Where can I get the parts??

Mr.Potatoman: I wish I was skilled enough to make this :(

Liam Crowley: is the firing system included in the file

박민규: 그거 어디서 사요?

karlie4187: OMG so cool

남이준: 와우

김태희: goon

마이충지나가던: wow

진겸화: MOW

Clovis Guyon: 👏👏👏👏👏

이동곤 (사이): 명줄률봐

thomas leung: PSG 1?

이정윤: WOW!great!

박내연: TRG-21이내요

Tim Hodge: infectedbear95 having issues trying to download is there any other way to get parts list or purchase guns already built,I'm in the us.thanks

ShyniPika ツ: so cool It`s very nice

Bernhard Blietz: wtf cool!

Miha Mravlja: freak freak freak so good gun can i buy it from you???
not really but is so cool!!! ;D

Георгий Моченов: Напиши это к трем видео хлопни 5 раз и посмотри под подушку

Seamus Walker: HOLY crap
Lego sniper rifle (+instructions) 5 out of 5

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Muhammad adnan siddique: this page is useless, just waste of time

Lego sniper rifle (+instructions)