Lego Sniper Rifle (+instructions)

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lego sniper rifle (+instructions)
lego sniper rifle (+instructions)
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lego Custom Assault Rifle(Working)+Instructions
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lego Barrett M98B instruction

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Roxaskh19: Is that an actual scope? from where?

Javdat Mukhitdinov: Bear please make a part list. I really want to build this.

Matthias Blaschke: omg i've got the same tablet like you :O

BrickArmoryOnline: Very nice build! I actually dig the color scheme.

Fanabi: can't you upload it on the lego site so peapole can buy a kit with all the parts?

Антон Ерохов: Круто очень круто 《《《《《《 ♥

dennis wenn: plz tell me how to get the instructions plz

nickuk32: i want one gimmi gimmi

S4Y7: Music please

thump back: AWESOME with a lot of AWESOMENESS That's AMAZING

Markus Kukkala: Nice! 

Headi HD: awesome, very good work!

diamodsamus MC: Where did u get the parts

C Tunsakul: Sweet

1mpson: Plz make in depth tutorial on gun and mag!

TEO DAnoob: this is WTF awesome

John Nathaniel Bautista: make a hunting rile PLS. :)

Alexandre Rambla: AWESOME !! 

Sander Gjertsen Østvold: time to clean the aquarium?

Zekrom Jones: Can you show us how to make this sniper rifle without technic pieces and aweosome video

Benedek Nagy: Good I want a same scope as yours

Thomas Cernosia: wow thats amazing

Rida Bendaoud: Amazing

Matthew scribner: thats sick dude! you should make a lego glock 19. idk why, but i think those guns are so cool! if you could make a sniper rifle... then you could make a glock 19... keep up the good work!

Josh Burns: That is epic

Tobias Frey: where i can get so much bricks ?

MikeyBuilds: 17 dislikes,they are stupid

Josue Garcia: Bro You make the bests lego guns

Josh Childe: Is there an Ldd file for the model?

Dominik Baranyai: how much would be sold

Xavier Nguyen: What is the range?

Darin Gobey: Geez I wish people would post instructions for things like this, not a request, but it would be nice if we could view a tutorial.

이세찬: That a big good!!

Jake Cho: Holy cow that's almost like the life sized one!!!

Andy Valenzuela: Cant they just have a box full of the equipment and the information on how to build it 

MrStuff991: Yeah man can you make a part list please, looks like lots of people want to make it and would really appreciate it thanks

Stefan Unterberger: fett geil :)

shadeshadow007: possible to buy?? please?

CORGIDOG: I'd spend €100 euros on it

Daniel S: Wher are the ' instructions

Jordan LH: How much do you want for it?

Lego Guns: рибйата исили ви ни в карсе та он рузгий!!!

Hayato Imazu: The Instructions On LDD Takes Sooooo Long Generate (That`s The Step To Open The File To See Instructions) So I Just Stopped Generating Any Reasons Why (Just Curious)

Ŕʊśʈƴ: 158 people think so.

Albgamingx: I will literally buy one of your snipers..

GameWorkHD: Eigentlich bin ih ja Deutscher, aber lassen wir das :D

Noah Kagan: Your nice

TheEpicman9: Can I buy it somewhere?

xProDrifter: If it were 1000 I would buy a airsoft -. -

Trond Salthammer: lego is so cool all stuff in lego
lego sniper rifle (+instructions) 4.8 out of 5

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Roxaskh19: Is that an actual scope? from where?
TheFourthHero: wow nice color
Lina mziwna: But wait , she doesnt have ''sexy arms'' how come ?
Eidlones: I find it really sad so many people dont know the name of this song..
ZOMBlEHUNTER: is it infrared?!
Edward Khamidullin: dude come up to Seattle sometime! best spots around here
elle en: hi i really need help! the app store for the android 10.2 2.2 is in chinese do you know how to make the searches in english??

lego sniper rifle (+instructions)