Savage 10 FLCP-K Remove Muzzle Break Install Linear Comp.

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Chris Smith: First off..this video should be in no way any sort of instructions on how to remove the OEM break and install a new one...I hope you messed up some kind of indexing or accuracy by not doing it proper..serves you should consider paying a true gunsmith

Noonelson: what scope are you using? I just bought a Savage 10 TR and need to get myself a scope……..

SuperFrasman: Muzzle BRAKE (unless it's broken)

Palmetto Arms: Does a 308 even need a muzzle break?

Yukon12gauge: I get that all the time.  Nice loud rifle you got their sir :)  Did you have to refine your loads or did the accuracy stay the same?

Judd Tamar: Can you tell me: - does your rifle have a better accuracy (grouping) with a muzzle break on or without a muzzle break? Thanks!

bgallaher77: That sounds like a cool rifle. It also sounds like a pretty easy custom order. I put in a custom order for a left handed hog rifle but never got around to ordering it. You can specify features and caliber and they will tell you if they can get the parts normally or if they have to special order them. For example, a green left handed stock for the hog rifle would be a special order, but a black stock they had on hand. Check out sharp shooters supply, and savageshooters forum.

Cowboy Rusty: Cool, thanks. I'm trying to decide what I want. I like the Model 10 FP-SR but wish it came with a box mag instead of internal. Would be nice to have something more than 4 shots too. I wish the FCP-SR wasn't camo because that is the one that I like the most minus the stock.

bgallaher77: As an aftermarket part, I don't know if Savage sells thread protectors. If you are talking about a factory rifle then the answer is yes, they have stock police rifles with that configuration. The cool think about savage is that you can call their special orders department they will build you anything you want. So, you can configure your own rifle and then order it through your local FFL. (413) 568-7001 ext 4299 for Special Orders.

Cowboy Rusty: Does Savage offer a thread protector if you don't want the muzzle break on it?

Josh Mango: go to amazon and search 308 muzzle break

bgallaher77: I am either going back to the factory break (decided I don't mind shooting a break at matches given that lots of other folks do it too) or trying a Spike's Tactical Dynacomp Extreme .308 , which is $90 at aimsurplus. I'll post a video update when I get around to switching back.

bgallaher77: The linear comp did NOT work in terms of recoil reduction. The factory break was better in that regard. I wanted something that wasn't as loud as the muzzle break, and it did do that. For recoil, this is not the answer.

anthony murphy: Did the comp work? I have the same rifle and was thinking about changing muzzle brake on it. I don't mind spending money to save my shoulder. Have you heard if better muzzles brakes that work better than the factory one?.

Mike Poole: Do you want to sell your factory brake?

bgallaher77: I agree, using ear pro is a must for all shooting & loud activities (eg mowing the lawn, using nail guns, running the air compressor). I shoot 1 deer/year and understand the risk. Next season ear pro will be in the hunting kit (3M E-A-R Earsoft Corded Plugs, 200 pair/box at amazon). Will use when practical. Any thoughts on amplified ear plugs? Ever hunted w/ them? Eye pro is also in constant use. Recall, ear muffs are less effective when worn with glasses. Good (and safe) shooting. -bgallaher77

Red Reef Media: Great point. My dad is one of those macho Army types from the pre-Vietnam era and he definitely had hearing loss. I wear ear and eye protection all the time.

ntdanny: you should worry about the effects of noise while shooting, gunshots can and do cause instant and irreversable damage to your hearing, this is made even worse with a muzzle break, hearing protection is a must, if you are only new to shooting start looking after your ears or you will end up like me with constant ringing in your ears, just ask any older shooter. cheers

recess20026: Silver plating is used on threads as a lubricant.

bgallaher77: Cool shot. Would be fun to see. I worry about the long term effects of noise with a rifle while hunting. Thinking I will take a pair of earplugs and, if there is time like this year, slip them in place before taking a shot. If no time, then business as usual. I use my rifle for informal matchs. Some matches do not allow muzzle breaks. I was thinking the linear comp. fits the bill. And I like to tinker. Might be going to back to original break (or a JP) depending on how it works out.
Savage 10 FLCP-K Remove Muzzle Break Install Linear Comp. 5 out of 5

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Savage 10 FLCP-K Remove Muzzle Break Install Linear Comp.