PowerArc 140ST - Stick / Lift Arc TIG 140 Amp - Compact Welder Part 1 - Everlast Welding

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Everlast PowerArc 140ST Review TIG Time
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Checking Out a Very Affordable Stick / TIG Welder: Everlast's PowerARC 140ST - Kevin Caron
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Tig Welder Comparison - Maxstar 150stl and Everlast PowerArc 140st
Everlast Power Arc 140ST Welder
Everlast Power Arc 140ST Welder
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Jeffrey Beyer: Does Everlast equipment use solid-state electronics or the "electro-mechanical", like the piints ignition in an old car, contact points to get the arc going?

Dennis Herrera: por eso es que los chinos están llegando al mundo entero con sus productos, por servicio, efectividad y buen precio. Si les cuesta hacer un vídeo en español, porqué la venden en latinoamérica???????

Dennis Herrera: Cuando tengan el vídeo en español me lo envían por favor, porque la máquina también se está vendiendo en latinoamérica.

Dennis Herrera: Quiero el mismo video pero en español, por favor

Roei Gidone: Do you know if this machine work also on 220v 50hz outlet ? 

jon204: what happen to the twist style electrode holder??? i like that style i wish you guys would let use choose between the two styles :(

Everlast Power Equipment: Yes, that's correct. It took a lot of hard work from all departments at Everlast to make this happen. You'll see some more products as well soon.

Mark Smidley: That's a really nice portable kit. I noticed that Home Depot has started selling this particular welder.

Everlast Power Equipment: The units are similar. But the 200 has a stronger response in my opinion. The 200 really isn't all that big, with only being about a foot tall, a foot long, and 7.5 inches wide. It's really pretty small even though the 140 is smaller than the 160 and the 200.

G. Finley: How does the PA 140 and 160 compare against the PA 200 in regards to hot start and arc force? They are all excellent welders but I can decide whether I should go really portable with the smaller units.

hamou king: ok

Mark Stevansen: The 140 is super small and compact. Comes with a case too. The PA200 would be a great welder for frequent welding jobs on thicker material. More power and duty cycle. I like the Everlast 160. Good power, a bit bigger than the 140 and still dual voltage.

Everlast Power Equipment: The question is...why would you want to? The only reason to scratch start here is if you were welding with a stick only welder. The lift start makes smoother, cleaner starts more quickly. IF you want to scratch out a start, just leave it in stick. It'll start that way. Or take a look at our PA 200 and add a TIG rig if you have 240 V and you'll have a stick machine with more power for stick.

7247tank7247: can you scratch-start the tig?

cdguy95: yes it is tig is more expensive than mig plus tig welding does not handle dirt rust paint or mill schale very well u have to take a wire wheel and get what ur welding down to bare metal Before u even think about welding on the metal if u want something cheap try stick welding

Everlast Power Equipment: It's a slower process, and you must use shielding gas as well. But as far as expense...I've never seen a study to compare, but from my experience, it comes out fairly close in relation to each other. TIG is much cleaner, so clean up expense is reduced, which is also a consideration.

Everlast Power Equipment: You might want to ask them that. Our powerArc line has been around a while. We are using the same factory to build our line as we have since 2008.

Everlast Power Equipment: The camera doesn't have a separate mike....That's what you get in a room with concrete floors 12 ft ceilings and hard walls...we'll work on it though. Its not a primary concern. Getting the product out there for people to see is though. @Calmiel ...Second part is up.

Carlmiel: where's the second part?

MrStevilKneivel: Nice video but you need to have a microphone. Don't use the cameras mike as you have too much echo in the room. A wearable mike will stop the echo. I do love my Powertig 250EX and my Powerplasma 50. Keep the videos coming.
PowerArc 140ST - Stick / Lift Arc TIG 140 amp - Compact Welder Part 1 - Everlast Welding 5 out of 5

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PowerArc 140ST - Stick / Lift Arc TIG 140 amp - Compact Welder Part 1 - Everlast Welding