PowerArc 140ST - Stick / Lift Arc TIG 140 Amp - Compact Welder Part 1 - Everlast Welding

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Everlast PowerArc 140ST Review TIG Time
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Checking Out a Very Affordable Stick / TIG Welder: Everlast's PowerARC 140ST - Kevin Caron
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Everlast 140ST Review + More
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Everlast Powerarc 140ST Welder Review

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Jeffrey Beyer: Does Everlast equipment use solid-state electronics or the "electro-mechanical", like the piints ignition in an old car, contact points to get the arc going?

Dennis Herrera: por eso es que los chinos están llegando al mundo entero con sus productos, por servicio, efectividad y buen precio. Si les cuesta hacer un vídeo en español, porqué la venden en latinoamérica???????

Dennis Herrera: Cuando tengan el vídeo en español me lo envían por favor, porque la máquina también se está vendiendo en latinoamérica.

Dennis Herrera: Quiero el mismo video pero en español, por favor

Roei Gidone: Do you know if this machine work also on 220v 50hz outlet ? 

jon204: what happen to the twist style electrode holder??? i like that style i wish you guys would let use choose between the two styles :(

Everlast Power Equipment: Yes, that's correct. It took a lot of hard work from all departments at Everlast to make this happen. You'll see some more products as well soon.

Mark Smith: That's a really nice portable kit. I noticed that Home Depot has started selling this particular welder.

Everlast Power Equipment: The units are similar. But the 200 has a stronger response in my opinion. The 200 really isn't all that big, with only being about a foot tall, a foot long, and 7.5 inches wide. It's really pretty small even though the 140 is smaller than the 160 and the 200.

G. Finley: How does the PA 140 and 160 compare against the PA 200 in regards to hot start and arc force? They are all excellent welders but I can decide whether I should go really portable with the smaller units.

hamou king: ok

Mark Stevansen: The 140 is super small and compact. Comes with a case too. The PA200 would be a great welder for frequent welding jobs on thicker material. More power and duty cycle. I like the Everlast 160. Good power, a bit bigger than the 140 and still dual voltage.

Everlast Power Equipment: The question is...why would you want to? The only reason to scratch start here is if you were welding with a stick only welder. The lift start makes smoother, cleaner starts more quickly. IF you want to scratch out a start, just leave it in stick. It'll start that way. Or take a look at our PA 200 and add a TIG rig if you have 240 V and you'll have a stick machine with more power for stick.

7247tank7247: can you scratch-start the tig?

cdguy95: yes it is tig is more expensive than mig plus tig welding does not handle dirt rust paint or mill schale very well u have to take a wire wheel and get what ur welding down to bare metal Before u even think about welding on the metal if u want something cheap try stick welding

Everlast Power Equipment: It's a slower process, and you must use shielding gas as well. But as far as expense...I've never seen a study to compare, but from my experience, it comes out fairly close in relation to each other. TIG is much cleaner, so clean up expense is reduced, which is also a consideration.

Everlast Power Equipment: You might want to ask them that. Our powerArc line has been around a while. We are using the same factory to build our line as we have since 2008.

Everlast Power Equipment: The camera doesn't have a separate mike....That's what you get in a room with concrete floors 12 ft ceilings and hard walls...we'll work on it though. Its not a primary concern. Getting the product out there for people to see is though. @Calmiel ...Second part is up.

Carlmiel: where's the second part?

Everlast Power Equipment: There are some videos from weldingtipsandtricks on the 250 EX both on their site, and on youtube. We will be doing more in the future. But since it covers many of the details, we will be getting around to it a little later.
PowerArc 140ST - Stick / Lift Arc TIG 140 amp - Compact Welder Part 1 - Everlast Welding 5 out of 5

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PowerArc 140ST - Stick / Lift Arc TIG 140 amp - Compact Welder Part 1 - Everlast Welding