Eyeglasses Lenses Ruined By Scratch Resistant Coating

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Remove anti reflective coating from glasses!
Remove anti reflective coating from glasses!
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Scratched Lense Repair for Glasses - DIY
How to remove cloud.scratch from your eyeglasses  100% work!!!!
How to remove cloud.scratch from your eyeglasses 100% work!!!!
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Cleaning Tips : How to Remove Scratches From Eyeglasses
Demonstration of Armour Etch to remove anti-reflective coating on plastic eyeglass lenses
Demonstration of Armour Etch to remove anti-reflective coating on plastic eyeglass lenses

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Cecil Fergie: BS you have to pay extra for the coating its like 35.00 do not get it. It does not come with the glasses.

elizabeth west: I've been getting the thinner poloycarbonate lenses since they first started making them. Every time I replace my glasses by 6 months in the coating is peeling just like yours. They are guaranteed for a year and I get the lenses replaced each year for free. Unfortunately I need to keep my glasses for two years so I spend a year with the lenses all peeled. I'm going next month to get a new pair and I'm requesting it without the scratch proofing. It can't possibly be any worse without it.

KoolBreeze420: I had a choice if I wanted the coating or not so that doesn't make sense that you can't get lenses without it............

James Stewart: Anti reflective coatings back in 2005 are nothing like the anti reflective and scratch coatings of today. Also eye glasses for 5 years! Man anyways don't worry if you get anti reflective now. Just be careful with them and they will take care of you. 

Blackdog4818: Sears is AWFUL...worst glasses ever. Their coating peels off in less than a year.

ChameleonMD123: Coffee drinkers beware. Heat destroys coatings and if you sip hot coffee the steam will ruin them.

Melissa Baker: Did you see the u tube clip not far from yours,  I shows how to remove this protective coating to fix it for only 3 dollars.

Sandra Babcock: its not free. I had to pay for it.  My last glasses did not have it. 

piewolfe: I made my cheap $800 glasses better than new.  To remove the factory coating on my cheap $800 plastic lenses, I used Armour Etch, etching cream.  I dabbed a small spot on each lens and coated the complete area.  Let it soak for fifteen minutes then rub in tight circles until the solution dries and lifts off the coating. It might take more than one application to completely remove it. Once the coating is gone, any scratches can be polished out with Novus 2, fine polishing cream.  This is a product is for Lexan motorcycle wind shields. After finger polishing for an hour on each lens, they were completely clear.  No scratches at all.   

Pete Watson: 6 months for me and they're a mess. Sears Optical.

Timothy Hedrick: Had the same problem. You can salvage those by removing what remains of the AR coating. Search YouTube for "How to remove anti-reflective coating." There is a good video on how to do it and it is remarkably easy. Not sure if it is safe for plastic but works well for glass ones.

jan fisher: My glasses are made of plastic not glass, so I'm unsure whether this would be safe?

Chris Beard: After a career in spectacle design and selection just a few comments. It IS possible to order spectacle lenses without surface hard coating. It's that simple. Those lenses should have been returned for a complete remake at n/c to the patient. Reputable sources for high quality lenses would NEVER want a patient to wear such lenses. Our lenses have a full 2 year warranty covering scratching or any lens defects. You say those are about 5 years old?? Was that your last eye exam? If so, not good!

MrKingdig: Yes you've nailed it.All suppliers want to dip into your pocket on a regular basis once they have you onboard.Consumer action is the way to defeat it.If you dont take it back they've won.And when you return it for a refund or a repair make sure your timing is right and your voice is good and loud ie make sure your infront of several potential customers.Unless businesses profits are hit by supplying shody goods,then they'll carry on supplying them,its as simple as that.

Ernest Adolf: The Vision Without Glasses e-Book does definitely improve eyesight. for more info: VISIONWITHOUTGLASSES.ALLALLA.COM

Sue: Thanks for video. I bought glasses made by Italee and requested no coating for a few reasons. It was applied anyway and went bad. Finally got lenses replaced, optometrist paid for Italee to do this, and they went bad again in a year and a few weeks. My loss . The coating is coming off again. I clean them in the recommended way, and they never leave my face in day- so no finger pointing about hot cars work. I always been able to keep my glasses for 7 yrs. until these coatings came!!

austinbeauty: A simple application of Armour Etch will remove the coating and return your lenses to their original state.

SkinHealthBeauty: I have had the very same proble with my glasses. They are ruined due to the "scratch resistant" coating that came automatically with my glasses. I got them at WalMart (my first mistake) and two years later, the coating was pulling away from the edges all around each lens and bubbling up in other places. I can't even get the district manager of the optical center to return my calls over the past several weeks. The local optical center at WalMart has been no help at all.

Baba Loo: "Supposed" has two syllables- "spouse" has only one. That would have been a clue to most people.

vampire847: I have trouble spelling one word and spell check isn't a help with that word and you jump to conclusions of me being illiterate? I happen to love to read and use to write so you sir can shove it where the sun wont shine.
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Eyeglasses Lenses  Ruined by Scratch Resistant Coating