Eyeglasses Lenses Ruined By Scratch Resistant Coating

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KoolBreeze420: I had a choice if I wanted the coating or not so that doesn't make sense that you can't get lenses without it............

piewolfe: I made my cheap $800 glasses better than new. To remove the factory coating on my cheap $800 plastic lenses, I used Armour Etch, etching cream. I dabbed a small spot on each lens and coated the complete area. Let it soak for fifteen minutes then rub in tight circles until the solution dries and lifts off the coating. It might take more than one application to completely remove it. Once the coating is gone, any scratches can be polished out with Novus 2, fine polishing cream. This is a product is for Lexan motorcycle wind shields. After finger polishing for an hour on each lens, they were completely clear. No scratches at all. 

James Stewart: Anti reflective coatings back in 2005 are nothing like the anti reflective and scratch coatings of today. Also eye glasses for 5 years! Man anyways don't worry if you get anti reflective now. Just be careful with them and they will take care of you. 

ChameleonMD123: Coffee drinkers beware. Heat destroys coatings and if you sip hot coffee the steam will ruin them.

Melissa Baker: Did you see the u tube clip not far from yours, I shows how to remove this protective coating to fix it for only 3 dollars.

Sandra Babcock: its not free. I had to pay for it. My last glasses did not have it. 

wdwrxco: I don't believe that's a SRC, I think it's a cheap crappy lens (probably polycarb) with a cheap crappy A/R coating. In any event, no lens is gonna last you 5 years, besides that, your Rx is probably outdated. Quit being such a cheapskate and just buy some new lenses. And don't buy them from the cheapest place you can find, either, or you'll probably go through this again

Bernie Carney: My glasses went like this after cpl o yrs . Paid £250 for new pair perscription hadnt changed ..decided to try the suntan lotion trick. just my luck it works. rub the lenses with suncream and soft cloth and it removes all coating crystal clear finish 

Kathy Kirk: Lots of people have told me that scratch Resist lenses were not good

HackingDutchman: This is only a problem on cheap glasses.......

AurumDream: That is not scratch of the lenses, it is the crakes and chips of the plastic material of the coating. It is the coating onto the lenses, expensive or cheap. All optical shop refuses to NOT to coat it, so that the problem of coating will force us to buy new pair, regardless our prescription is changed or not. It is a business trick!!!!

Annie Lenihan: This has happened to me three times. It always happens at six months. It's not just Sears. It's the labs they are using. Someone told me that there are only a couple of labs that actually do lenses. Anyone know if this is true. My glasses are guaranteed for a year so I had them replaced after the first time at six months and then when it happened again, six months later, they wouldn't cover them. Total rip off.

Blackdog4818: Sears is AWFUL...worst glasses ever. Their coating peels off in less than a year.

jay capp: Thanks! Good information.

Pete Watson: 6 months for me and they're a mess. Sears Optical.

Tony King: I bought glasses for the 2nd time in 3 yrs as rx changed. I only used eyeglass clean kit from sears, same place I got the glasses from and was told 90 warranty. I came back with scratches and upset that my no line progressive was not set right and they did not honor the warranty they stated when I was purchasing. I will never go to sears or the other place that had to change their name from too many complaints. Truth is there is a monopoly for eyeglasses in the US by the firm called luxottica based in italy and owns 99% of all eyeglass makers. They just work around monopoly laws to gauge consumers. Write your congressman who most likely has luxottica as one of his contributors for re-election. LMAO AT ALL OF US WHO VOTE AS NORMAL. CHANGE THE VOTE AND VOTE FOR THE GUY WITH NO MONEY SUPPORT.

somelikeitcold1: thats exactly what happened to mine

noshtime: 5 years? thats a long time for glasses man. although that circular mark looks to be from when it was edged and they had it on the wrong setting and crushed it. but still... 5 years out of your glasses is good.

electricxforest: Well did you wipe your eyeglasses corectly it seems you did not sense they look that way. I have had glasses for a long time and yes i have anti scrath and anti glare which make them even more sensetive so ofcourse you did something wrong. It seems you wiped in a circular motion or with a paper towel or something along those lines

jr.: and i'm sure most of opticalbob's eyewear pricetag is in the frames, not the lenses. right bob? that's pretty much been my experience. yeah, i'm sure there's probably higher quality lenses for those who can afford it. but i bet most folks get standard lenses.

jan fisher: My glasses are made of plastic not glass, so I'm unsure whether this would be safe?

Anni Smythe: This is the eyewear industry's answer to the old concept of 'built-in-obsolescence'. That the coating has broken down in only a few year's time is not as indicative of user abuse as it is of cheapening-down the product, the end result of which is premature dissatisfaction on the part of the consumer leading to a new purcha$e. Keep your receipts and know warranty limits! Demand warranty service!

kriegdouch: take brake cleaner to it lol

Timothy Hedrick: Had the same problem. You can salvage those by removing what remains of the AR coating. Search YouTube for "How to remove anti-reflective coating." There is a good video on how to do it and it is remarkably easy. Not sure if it is safe for plastic but works well for glass ones.

blacktippydog: I have the same problem with my glasses, never had problems when i had real glass but it is too heavy. I think the whole eye glass industry is a big money scam

Scott McCallum: 1) either a faulty batch of lenses and the coating has continued to degrade or 2) judging by the discolouration of the nosepads, the dirt gathered on the monofilament cord the lenses don't get cleaned and are battered about and handled improperly, causing scratches in the lenses and foreign bodies to infiltrate the coating. My opinion, probably 1) and 2). Advice ? Don't get rimless and avoid an M.A.R. at all costs !!!

no youtube name: Oh and Steve won't be needing glasses anymore.

Alex Hunley: @mewfables, you missed the point of my comment. When we buy car, we are given a manual that says when to expect parts like filters and pad to need replacing, when we buy processed foods we are told when to expect it to go bad. With glasses we are not told that the coating will breakdown. My point was not to debate the sensibilty of applying to coating, its the failure to disclaim its limitations.

jeremy feeleu: wow your have had your 5 yrs! I am on my 2nd pair and ive had then for half a year

BigBadKal50: Thanks for video. I bought glasses made by Italee and requested no coating for a few reasons. It was applied anyway and went bad. Finally got lenses replaced, optometrist paid for Italee to do this, and they went bad again in a year and a few weeks. My loss . The coating is coming off again. I clean them in the recommended way, and they never leave my face in day- so no finger pointing about hot cars work. I always been able to keep my glasses for 7 yrs. until these coatings came!!

jr.: what cleanser do you use to clean your lenses? it looks like that might be the problem. try not using anything too strong, like Windex, etc. I personally use alcohol, which is what I was told they use at the optical store i got my glasses from. and i think bob hit the nail on the head with his 2nd point. have your glasses ever been exposed to heat/sun/left in a car on a summer day?

Anni Smythe: Numerous complications with Lasik (some serious). Presbyopia significantly worsened by Lasik in myopes.

magiccaloy1972: get essilor crizal

opticalbob1: ...and you will scratch the lenses beyond use in doing so.

Viento Enpopa: Of course! he can afford to get a new par of glasses, but unfortunatly he can't ware them any longer. The story your are telling here is the same one as mine. Just no more anti-reflex coating for my glasses. They realize that with the coating they sell a lot more glasses and that's why they are giving it for free.

Aerophyle: you sound very tired.

Baba Loo: "Supposed" has two syllables- "spouse" has only one. That would have been a clue to most people.

BFKate: I got my lenses replaced with crown glass lenses. No coatings and it is tougher than plastic and scratches can be repaired. The drawback is they are slightly heavier than plastic and can shatter when dropped. They are so much cheaper than plastic lenses.

Siana Gearz: Uncoated plastic doesn't have good optical properties, that's why you can't (and don't want to) get uncoated plastic. My guess is, yours wasn't applied very well, so it started coming off - of course you could expect it to do so eventually, but not in the first 3 months.

no youtube name: You remind me of Milton from Office Space, haha.

laurenandmadison: anyhow...you are supposed to get a new Rx every year. Would you be upset if the pills you take are degraded after a year? Even more would you take pills you have had in your cabinet for five years? Anti-reflective coating is great but not suggested for people who aren't diligent about cleaning their glasses properly and keeping them away from chemicals like hairspray etc.

Paul Mitchell: This is a problem with the anti-reflective coating, not the scratch resistant surface. The optician making the lens also beat up the surface during the edging. I always hated these coating in the past on my glasses but the newest coatings are MUCH better. Full disclosure: I am an ophthalmologist. All my glasses now have anti-reflective. The ones I have on now have four year old lenses. Quality of coating matters!

TracyElise2020: The life time of lenses is about 1-2 years. Do you keep your tires for 10 years and complain when the tread wears off? Come on now!

austinbeauty: A simple application of Armour Etch will remove the coating and return your lenses to their original state.

jr.: your frames don't look damaged, all you probably need is a new pair of lenses (if you'd like to keep those frames and save a few $). frames equal the bulk of the price in a new pair of glasses, esp. designer or name brand frames. i'm sure the bulk of your price tag was for the frames, not the lenses. i can probably get a pair of anti-reflective/Transition/scratch resistant lenses for under $100 (pair). and depending on which frames i choose will determine how much more the total will be.

vampire847: you're spouse to get new glasses every 2 years=/

opticalbob1: 1st. Your Rx is only good for 1-2 years, meaning you need a new exam and possibly new glasses every couple years. 2nd. As others have said, the pressure applied while edging was too high, resulting in the circles you see. 3rd. The leneses have either been exposed to heat (left inside a car on a summer day, etc) or cleaned with a harsh cleanser, like Windex. 4th. If you want quality eyewear, you need to shop at a quality optician, not a discounter. I routinely sell eyewear over $1200/pair.

MrKingdig: Yes you've nailed it.All suppliers want to dip into your pocket on a regular basis once they have you onboard.Consumer action is the way to defeat it.If you dont take it back they've won.And when you return it for a refund or a repair make sure your timing is right and your voice is good and loud ie make sure your infront of several potential customers.Unless businesses profits are hit by supplying shody goods,then they'll carry on supplying them,its as simple as that.

Chris Beard: After a career in spectacle design and selection just a few comments. It IS possible to order spectacle lenses without surface hard coating. It's that simple. Those lenses should have been returned for a complete remake at n/c to the patient. Reputable sources for high quality lenses would NEVER want a patient to wear such lenses. Our lenses have a full 2 year warranty covering scratching or any lens defects. You say those are about 5 years old?? Was that your last eye exam? If so, not good!

SkinHealthBeauty: I have had the very same proble with my glasses. They are ruined due to the "scratch resistant" coating that came automatically with my glasses. I got them at WalMart (my first mistake) and two years later, the coating was pulling away from the edges all around each lens and bubbling up in other places. I can't even get the district manager of the optical center to return my calls over the past several weeks. The local optical center at WalMart has been no help at all.
Eyeglasses Lenses Ruined by Scratch Resistant Coating 2.8 out of 5

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Eyeglasses Lenses  Ruined by Scratch Resistant Coating