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Refacing Kitchen Cabinets

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dudli01: The cows around show the true identity of the car. old crap i a new design... why are there people stupid enough to buy such a car???
PolymerClayTutor: Hi +Paulina Munoz the best pasta machines are the Atlas Machines (or the Dream Machine by Art way if you can afford it). On your Amaco, try only going down one setting at a time before going to your thinnest setting. That should help you to roll thin sheets better.
Pongsan Mabai: สามารถใช้กับขวดน้ำมัน MSR ได้ไหมครับ
Jonathan R: that's from the calcification of the bones that occurs from iron palm conditioning. it actually helps make the bones in the hand harder and heavier resulting in a more devastating heavier attack.
ziptrickhead: @whaffles2 Yea I find that squeeze to be a bit difficult. You'll find that if you use a zippo with a grippier finish (like a PVD finish) it'll make it easier. Trying to use something like a satin chrome or matte finish will usually result in the cap not popping open.
Damien Vella: do you think there are going to be interiors like shift?
Kitama23: I use them, they're of wonderful quality.

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