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김동호: 애플님이나 고멤분들의 레벨이 다시 낮아진 이유는 모드펙에 들어있는 팅컨스컨스트럭트의 오류 때문인데요 그오류가 나갇다들어오면 나갈때의 레벨이 죽어도 그데로 보존되는 오류인데요 엔더드래곤을 잡고 엔더포탈로 귀한을 하게되면 아이템은 그대로 이지만 마인크레래프트가 플레이어가 죽은 거로 인식하기때문에 레벨이 그대로 인겁니다 에휴 설명한번하기 힘드네;; 근데 이오류는 인밴세이브 하고 쓰면 개사기임 레벨을 한50 가량 모아놓고 나갇다왔을때 인첸트를하고 죽으면 레벨이 되돌아옴 잘만쓰면 개사기 쓰는것도 힘들구만하하
doritos003: Funny thing is people continue to forget about the player I have in my profile pic who came back and is still a force on the court. Russell Westbrook's explosion is still there at 100%, so why can't Rose come back? Hell even Shawn Livingston has came back from his injuries. The man was almost at the point of losing his leg, he's not the best talent but his athleticism is still there to full potential. Than you got Michael Jordan also. So why can't Rose come back? OK, so it's both knees now, what's the matter that's suppose to stop him. Only thing holding Rose back is the fact that he has to carry that entire Bulls team. IF, and I mean IF Chicago can bring in Carmelo Anthony, 1 Rose won't have to play as hard, 2 Rose won't have to play as many minutes, and 3 Rose will finally have a player who can help him out reliably offensively so the floor can be spaced out perfectly for him. All Rose needs is another teammate who is reliable and that's it. And let's get this straight, no Grant Hill was not better than D. Rose. I wanna see that Grant Hill come up against the defenses of this era. They didn't implement the zone defenses until what 99 or something. Hill's ankles were way done before that. With the easy defense they were playing back then I'm sure Roses style of play would've helped him slash through the lanes with no kind of problem. 
govnair11: You NEVER! stand a plane with the edge down on any surface if you dont intend to plane it. Dont put a chisel down on any surface, especially if you are sharpening it!
Raju Jituri: please answer if the icecream here is filled by weight instead of volume raju.jituri@gmail.com
Paul_Jam DJ: Thanks for share. I have in my Golf V Sport the same module1K0953549AF. What was the module reference that you put next? All the module that you put in reference (1K0953549AL/AQ/AK/AJ/AG/BD/BK/CC can give? Best regards
kalumnist: White armies as neo-Nazis? But it is okay to murder a few million Russians and a few million Ukranians, no problem. For starters. Especially since everybody knows the Russian people are just a bunch of worthless drunks anyway. And the Ukrainians were very thick back then. So not a crime to murder them. At least not for Jews. No crime to burn down all their churches either. With them in them. Especially after all those pogroms. By 1918 over a thousand Jews had been murdered just in the 20th century alone. So the Jews got their revenge a few thousand times over. Just in the first few years too. With more to come. Looks like Hitchens is making a sideways dig at the Freikorps for sticking Rosa Luxemburg in a canal to forstall the Communists from doing to Germany what they were about to do to Russia and Ukraine. She was so peaceful! How could she turn into a monster too? Of course no surprise with Trotsky though. Can be sure he blasted his fair share of heads in his day.
Little Holmes: To sell the Mauser had to be a great store ! 

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