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Refacing Kitchen Cabinets

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Rubén Fuentes: no es machista solo es sincero, si fuera hombre le mentarían la madre sin motivo alguno .-.
DonBoyso: @zannimo1 -- Ma questi corsi sono antichissimi! La versione per italiano forse circola dal 1935.
Markus Andreas: @jessifspolarbear only racist thinks that all others are racists!
BrandonUkelelekid14: dude i was looking for the extended trailer that said in the super bowl spot not the theactrical trailer
sultan buraidah: جزاك الله ألف خير .. شرح مختصر ووافي
blackdindang: awesome video... even if it is not in english =)
SSSpriter92: 3 People disliked this video because they couldn't get an Eod Bot for them selves. Lol.

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