How To Install The Sims 3: Island Paradise

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Lia Alexourdi: it says "insert the disk" :( help meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Tricky Ricky: You need a disk. Don't you?

Miss Fire: I need help please :/ at the minute 1:50 the bottom right letters are all like "??????????????????Install Wisard???? ?????" and when it finishes the letters on the blue thing are like that as well and it gives me an error after that... Please if you know or have experienced the same thing and you know how to fix this let me know :/ i would really appreciate it, thank you for reading :)

TheInfinityAwesome: even for me too

Crackyou: update link is 1.57 and in video is 1.55

Petter Ask: sorry man but this wasnt a good tutorial

pamperush: I have downloaded the Sims 3 and it works. Now I downloaded the Sims 3 Island Paradise and the 1.55 patch. I opened the patch folder and inside I found the same file as you have "TS3_1.55.4.0220xx_update". Now when I press on it nothing happens. The computer just thinks but doesn't open the installation setup as it did to you. Why?

TheAmazing Q: I bought it so thanks for he help

Kamil Szczech: cus hes showing you what to do ....

Hug E. Rection: please respond it says the game disc not found

Rocky: Well go to a news paper and adopt apet from shelter

celeste cutecurl: Can someone plz help me? I want to adopt a pet, but I don't have a smartphone, I have a cell phone which i think is different but when i call for services on the cell phone, Pet adoption doesn't come up. Is there anyway to have a smartphone instead of a cell phone?

Natasha Kolm: does it go with Origin?

Haftalık Jahrein: There is a skip button at the right top press it then download it from the page :)

megan jones: wen i press the download link for the patch it comes up with livid is it wat i need to dowload ??

Alex Aitken: do i have to mount this over the sims 3? or onto another one

Mostafa Ashraf: what file should i mount using power iso ,, instead of having a disk :D

Jovan Vukadinovic: Zar ne treba krek od nastavka da se ubaci de je instalirana osnova simsa?

Emmie Gurl: then insert the disk ._.

How to install The Sims 3: Island Paradise 5 out of 5

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Static Johnny: Lost is so freaked up thanks to his lack of hp n also to the fact he ignores every hp upgrade.
Christina D.: Team Rafe! I just finished this book. I am sympathetic to Kaden but he claimed his loyalty to the Komizar and Venda over Lia again and again. If Kaden was fully in love with Lia, how could he refrain from hurting Malich in retaliation for his treatment of Lia during the long journey to Venda(attempted rape)? I thought the Komizar was a great villain. But his creepy treatment of Lia (more and more near the end, before their wedding) made me very glad she stabbed him and I hope he's dead, LOL. I love this series and can't wait for the last book!!! soon!!
Josué dlTLl.: Hi, what version is this?, thanks.
Eric Terrin: yea shes got it allright,,hurry up lady
jlozeppeli: great video, thank you much
Sheila Walker: Thank you for this..i am about to buy it.
LORD_CHARLES: Spam tatsumaki senpukyaku much ?

How to install The Sims 3: Island Paradise