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Refacing Kitchen Cabinets

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Chrisfm94: I'm gonna buy a steering wheel on Sunday, but I am between 2. The first one is this and the other one is Logitech Formula Force EX WHEEL. Which of the two is better? Would you reccomend your wheel?
Eary Productions: its 13:37 cuz hes in not in the usa at least that's what I think
Marlon Garay: You're so pretty. Can I call you?
iCreggers: Purple light? I always change mine and make it blue myself but i had to buy this rerelease recently because mine broke, i was pleasantly surprised to find it already had a blue light.
mettta88: Love Cindy!
osborneist: excuse me im a die hard age of empires player and have you ever played spartan total warrior
Farrem Shamist: The 30 rock is the most priceless one on the list. Actually it is always the most priceless clip on any product placement list like this.

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