Straight Talk LG Optimus Extreme Review L40G

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Straight Talk LG Optimus Extreme Review L40G
Straight Talk LG Optimus Extreme Review L40G
Lg Optimus Extreme (straight talk)
Lg Optimus Extreme (straight talk)

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Bobby Jewell: This is a tough phone. Owned it for a couple years and its takin' a beatin in an industrial environment with severe cold and wet climates. Definitely I would recommend as a good alternative to the overpriced I-phones.

Brian Godwin (Dougyy): Mine is messing up now it won't turn on sometimes and it keeps restarting I can't do anything and I have the back on it and it keeps showing me to put the back on I need help !!!

Leah Eubanks: Its a plastic one Lol but its true

MrLeviathoth: Does GPS work on this phone?   Any owners, please reply to my question.  Thank you.  

Mega270410: real specs for people who want more deeper info. 2 GB  internal memory- expandable to 32 GB, 800 mhz  AMD v7 processor which is ok but not like most newer phones.  A lot of useful shortcuts and quick multi tasking 

Madison Hullett: love this

jessica mayola: I have a ZTE Merit that is just as good, it only has the 600mhz snapdragon processor but works fast. Also has the gorilla glass screen, doesn't scratch, also the back is like a build on case. Rubberized. This phone seems nice, but seems to boot up super slow, and I don't see any speed difference. Also no offense but that picture wasn't crystal clear. My camera sucks on mine I admit. But unless you pay a lot of money most shots do. I thought about this but think I'll stick with mine. No problems

hopefaithlove09: Thinking about getting this phone. How do u like it? Still satisfied with this after several months?

Desiree Dunbar: AT&T

Desiree Dunbar: on WalMart's website, it lists as a standard feature of the phone international texting this true with the $45 regular unlimited plan?

Mashu Hicks: hold the main screen and it will show a list of default backgrounds to choose from

Matt Wills: No. Just the one camera on the back. I will admit it takes a decent picture.

April Doss: does it have the front facing camera??

Matt Wills: Piece of crap. Painfully slow opening just the phone, and once it's open, sometimes takes up to a minute to actually complete a call. A long list of settings that do not survive a restart. Just a couple: You can rename Bluetooth devices, but it won't remember them. If you set a new default ringtone, you have to reset any custom ringtones all over again. Keyboard disappears in the middle of writing a text and can't get it back.

Jared Shank: I found your video, could u show how u set the home screen. I have the net10 version.

Samantha Stylee: yes

Blast Mode Processing FX 7: The NSA didn't mute their mic.

Ashley Carter: Can you download instagram?

Sara B: I have a question. I really want this phone to upgrade from my Pantech Ease. I have a family plan with ATT that is costing me way too much money but cannot get out of the contract without penalty. My kids all have data plans and I don't. As soon as possible I am going to switch to Straight Talk but want this phone now. My question is can I use my current ATT sim card in this phone and still use my ATT service or will it only work with the sim card that comes with it? Really appreciate your help.

twizzy247: Sold thanks i wanted a samsung galaxy s2 but i dont use all the features just need is the flash for night shots.
Straight Talk LG Optimus Extreme Review L40G 5 out of 5

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Straight Talk LG Optimus Extreme Review L40G