Straight Talk LG Optimus Extreme Review L40G

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Straight Talk LG Optimus Extreme Review L40G
Straight Talk LG Optimus Extreme Review L40G
Lg Optimus Extreme (straight talk)
Lg Optimus Extreme (straight talk)

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Bobby Jewell: This is a tough phone. Owned it for a couple years and its takin' a beatin in an industrial environment with severe cold and wet climates. Definitely I would recommend as a good alternative to the overpriced I-phones.

Dougyy: Mine is messing up now it won't turn on sometimes and it keeps restarting I can't do anything and I have the back on it and it keeps showing me to put the back on I need help !!!

fuzzydude64: Thanks, this was very helpful. I was considering a Galaxy S4 or S5 but I was worried about how expensive they were. This seems like a much better option for what I wanted, which was really just a good size screen, apps and a good, crisp camera. I do think I'll get this one.

Brice Foy: Oh ok I get it

Leah Eubanks: Amd no u don't won't this phone u think u do i wonted it sense 2012-2013 so i got it when i got alounce and i bought it it was cool and then in 6 months boo it kept sayin low space every time i download a app good thing thy getting new games and stuff but. Still I'm getting the iphone 5c even though i don't like apple stuff at all just. Seen how it goes

Leah Eubanks: Its a plastic one Lol but its true

Scruf Scruff: Is the screen that squishy like screen, or is it a solid one?

MrLeviathoth: Does GPS work on this phone?   Any owners, please reply to my question.  Thank you.  

Sandy Woodard: thanks, i did disabled the back up, so i don't have that problem now, but i still have the pics on there that are auto back up,and cant get rid of them

Sandy Woodard: i have this phone and love it, but some of my pic are auto backup, i tried to delete them and made a mistake and deleted all my other pics. is there any way i can retrieve the ones i deleted? also how do i delete the ones that are auto backup. i really hope u can help me.

Mega270410: real specs for people who want more deeper info. 2 GB  internal memory- expandable to 32 GB, 800 mhz  AMD v7 processor which is ok but not like most newer phones.  A lot of useful shortcuts and quick multi tasking 

Hannah Tovar: Plastic

coyotetracker1: I want this phone but its sold out :(

Madison Hullett: love this

scott delp: I got mine for eighty dollars and i can't find a good game i like

I. Anderson: Watching this on my lg optimus extreme

jamel woodard: is it a glass screen or plastic

mithil patel: I have the samsung qwerty

jessica mayola: I have a ZTE Merit that is just as good, it only has the 600mhz snapdragon processor but works fast. Also has the gorilla glass screen, doesn't scratch, also the back is like a build on case. Rubberized. This phone seems nice, but seems to boot up super slow, and I don't see any speed difference. Also no offense but that picture wasn't crystal clear. My camera sucks on mine I admit. But unless you pay a lot of money most shots do. I thought about this but think I'll stick with mine. No problems

hopefaithlove09: Thinking about getting this phone. How do u like it? Still satisfied with this after several months?
Straight Talk LG Optimus Extreme Review L40G 5 out of 5

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Argha Kamal Ganguly: Is it available now?
Meticulous Trances: Thanks so much, QGN, for making ESO information so readily available. There's only a handful of entertaining, relevant podcasts and blogs out there right now for this game but I would definitely rank you guys at the top. Your dedication to the game and keeping its players up-to-date is awesome and inspiring. I really appreciate your efforts every week. 
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Skadi Sim: Thanks for the review! I've seen others and everyone seems to love it. I don't see the hype because all of the browns look the same... I'm happy with my A La Mode Eyes Palette, but some people prefer this one for some reason  
Afsal Sb: Can you please do a full review..waiting for it..

Straight Talk LG Optimus Extreme Review L40G