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ElSebax: Me quedo muy grande la barra de navegacion y no se me ve completo en la pantalla se ve como de lado
TUTORIAS ANDROID: qual rom que serve para o ç50
Brandon Clark: The lyrics in ITAOTS isn't really anything substantial. They aren't emotive or representative of anything, they're just there. Yeah, there's a few references to WWII every once in a while, but aside from that there is not a real direction. It's Kaleidoscopic, in a sense. That being said, I don't disagree that this album is great, it's very warm and enjoyable.
hankgs: Right on liberateyourheel...I saw the Bob's BMW team made a showing at Pike's this year too... I don't have the balls to use my MM in the dirt, but it IS fun to ride hard on the backroads!
Leonardo Alvarez: El mejor de todos es el Knight!! tiene buenas espadas su truco especial es el escudo quita vastante buena armadura y anillo yo que ustedes me eligiria el Kinght
1Dudelove: about 10 years ago I saw a giant inflatable Ronald doll on the roof of McDonalds. the tube from the air pump was rather disturbingly connected to his ass. It looked like he had a massive dildo jamed up there, and he had a big grin on his face like he was enjoying it. I think other people noticed this as well and complained, since it was taken down a month later.
ale soto (ale18211): es el s5310l?? que tal corre el most wanted y el pes???

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