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Refacing Kitchen Cabinets

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mikuse98: where did you get it? please answer! i'm desparete!
cloned81: Stop eating your nails. Hehe
I do it too.. :(

Lucy Quevedo: I love Rita as amy! :) 
kalibilli79: Why does is this video labeled Sharukh Khan, but is actually Salman Khan (great song I might add) with Priyanka? I do like it anyway.
ball lek: 1:13ทำยังไง
Jennifer Schillig: [small voice] I believed that Go Ask Alice was true when I first read it. (My sister had brought it home from the library and I read it after her. I guess I was about twelve or so.) At that age, it didn't occur to me that it was a bit odd for a runaway who was strung out on drugs and struggling to survive on the streets to be keeping diary entries on "paper bags and scraps of paper." Or that she'd kept them. Or that they'd be found afterward.
Dirson Willig: the "prrrrrrrr"  sound  is from the car  sound system , is a  distortion or is my pc speaker set faulty?

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