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Lynn Curlett: Hi there - I did what I thought was a thorough review and study and decided to buy the Misfit. I am not your normal user - I wanted it to track my sleep first, to go swimming with me second and to link to Lose It! third. All the exercise was in fourth place as that will come later. I am a very overweight non exerciser that is always tired. The Misfit came out the winner because it is the only one that clearly says that you can swim in it. There must be many manuals for the Fitbit, because every single study disagrees on the water issue. And every person I know showers and swims with it. The Withings was great with the heart monitor, but no water, no syncing with other apps. Soooooo I bought the Misfit to work with my Samsung Note 3 Android. Misfit iOS is great, and must be what everyone is reviewing. Android is a void - it has no charts and no data tracking - basically you can type in your weight and that is it - no other questions and preferences to select and no graphs and charts. I felt they should either ship with an iphone or sell at 1/3 the price, and I was mad as could be to be paying full price for their future research and development. I wrote and they answered, that yes - it basically did nothing yet . . . . . with no apology, solution or even a predicted date for full blown android functionality. When doing these reviews, please go a step further and tell what cell system you are syncing with. And if you have any suggestions considering this essay, I'd love them.
Hannah Schermer: Right now it's the first day of spring and it randomly started snowing like crazy 😐🌷
charvelstrat81: I could be wrong but it seems like you were not loving this game brad?
spock_elvis: How could you like Halo and not like Gears of war?
ทิพวรรณ์ สุจริยานุรักษ์: จะหาซื้อเครื่องนี้ได้ที่ไหนคะ
Stefan Novakovic: laze nema sait nego i nema modove znam jel nije otvorio iventory
Robert DIY: Hi Victor, I can NOT reply to your message, check your account settings. At any rate, WD-40 is kind of think and will burn up quickly. Use something thicker. Better yet, lately I have been finding newish blower motors in the salvage yard, very nice and quiet.

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