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Refacing Kitchen Cabinets

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Ben Kelly: This is just another religion worshipping the god of money.
Jack Tingle: I own a ak aeg do u have to do this as well as clean the barrel please respond
Allan Palmer: Nice training video for Intraosseous cannulation
TrillBiixch: I don't believe this crap works only reviews are from distributors of the company.. Like come on now? I've been searching for reviews from actual people that have zero strings attached to the company but I can't .. The " testimonies " I've seen are only of pictures but there is no way to connect that person directly to ask them how they feel about it. Or if those are even real customers of this product. I've looked on Instagram to find people that use the stretch mark cream, nothing it's only people working for it works hash tagging ... I'm skeptical until I see everyday people buying the product and actually seeing a difference I'll believe it 
mystic548: So rock hard and big!
Molkomuse: The fanservice is great when there's a game going on.. but this is crap man.
dilsher chohan: I liked ur work! Keep it up:)

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