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Refacing Kitchen Cabinets

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James Vaile: whats that face staring back at his screen???
Tuba Güner: Omg! He's so hot
Dario2622: pretty man!
ryann ryder: Wow I didn't know it was so dangerous I'm bored right now!
ALABAMA RTR: Not usually into muscle cars all done up like that.. but.. I gotta say it looks pretty cool.. Personally the hood and color killed it for me.. Lose the hood and give it a more aggressive color scheme and I'd give it a 10. But to each their own. 
Zack Russell: I've noticed there aren't any named call-out zones. I mean, a lot of these maps have very obvious ones like "they're at the beam" or "they're at the center", but having named call outs like they had in Reach just makes it easier.
Cydney Bruce: You look very similar to kylie Jenner xx

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