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SwollenCranium: Is there an RV that a "normal" person can own for less than $400 per month is loan payments?
DillionGraphic HeartYoloDay: The line one means they have abandoned there clan 
Brandon Evans: If you go on the Henry Repeating Arms website they have very informative maintenance videos for their rifles. Go over to wear it says "Own a Henry" and click on Rifle Maintenance Videos. Gives you a basic introduction, goes over disassembly, cleaning & lubrication, Reassembly, Safety, Loading, Sights, and a wrap up.
Naoufalitos24: i guess this one and hp mini 110 are the exact same thing
james kitchenside: I have a homehub 2 but its always letting me down. At the moment it comes on for a minute then goes off for a minute then comes back on yet when i check the status it says theres no whats going on??
Gibbontake: seem seem seem seem seem It all seems, everything always seems Doesn't it seem? oh yes it seems so hard, and it makes me angry. It seems to be that way
jlwii2000: A little dark for 8 am on that one part, but awesome videos man!

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