MOST COMPLETE Harry Potter Bertie Bott's Every Flavor Beans 1.2 Oz Box Review (Part 1/2)

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MOST COMPLETE Harry Potter Bertie Bott's Every Flavor Beans 1.2 Oz Box Review (Part 1/2)
MOST COMPLETE Harry Potter Bertie Bott's Every Flavor Beans 1.2 Oz Box Review (Part 1/2)
Twins Do Bertie Botts Every Flavoured Beans Challenge
Twins Do Bertie Botts Every Flavoured Beans Challenge
I had a very potter christmas!
I had a very potter christmas!
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ShinyHunterElliot: 30 minutes

piin head: Less talk, more taste. You had 2 parts

tina pham: u need to make your camera more focus

tina pham: I have the jelly beans and I am going to do a challenge too wish me luck and your video rules

Kat Scot: I'm lucky enough to go to harry potter world orlando florida this summer and I like the packaging on the WB jelly beans MUCH better!

Lucy Trần: Why does sausage taste bad?

happygal2001: This kid is very smart, and he spent his own money to get those beans, to make a video he thought you would like. So please, stop with all the hate! I enjoyed the review quite a lot, personally.

The Nia Show: Really


Elizabeth Valenzuela: Chew with ur mouth close

Simone Potts: my fav is tuii furitt

MrBeybladefan: Talked way to much

Asli Sagnak: I have them at home but i refuse to eat them

shadin alamri: How is that fun


Ezra Yonts: Wow that just shoved bean bozzeled in the dirt cause 1. I love harry potter 2. Jelly belly :)

andi mcwilliams: 16:53 you would know that how? °____°

Alexandra Smith: For the first 9 minutes he was SSSOOOO boring

Eric Montesinos: Stop hating hater!!!!!!!!!!!!!:(

shadin alamri: Bean boozled is WAY BETTER

shadin alamri: Stop talking just eat the beans

BlaizingCreeper: Where did u get them from??

BlaizingCreeper: Cool! Your awesome 

clockworkedorange: You chew like a cow. Close your mouth. Your eating a damn jelly bean not a mouthful of steak. 

Hanna Casey: oh my god dud eim 10 lemme get this straight first ur boring,u tlk to much, JUST SAY THE FLAVORS SA IF IT WAS GOOD OR BAD AND MOVE ON U TAKE TOOO LONG ITS TLK TLK TLK TLK TLK TLK WITH U JEEZ!!!!!!!!!!!

Ainsley Harriott: Alas.... Yellow dye No.5

Edgar Castro: those candys are very expensive here in Mexico, cuz you only get them on the internet

Hanna Casey: i was busy and had to type fast so shut up and dont tell me what i need you aint god!

~ϟYoung blood killjoyϟ~: in 2006 my cousin gave me flavored beans i love jelly beans so i ate one it was like a whipe soapy flavor and i was liek erm these don't taste normal she told me too look on the back lol i got her back last week with the same ones not the harry potter ones but the jelly belly ones cuz back then they didn' have those

Alice Holmes: 8:00 Me: Hurry the freak up! Mystery:Blah blah boxes,There verry nice!

mysteryman826: It's far from that dirty anymore

Dork Guru: im sorry but this guy is very nerdy

hannah allen: cherry makes me feel sick

WhoDatNatn: Guruy is a compliment. just saying. props for trying this trash though. I wouldn't eat one.

angela bauers: Focus your camra

mysteryman826: Thanks, I appreciate the support!

RuthAnn Copenhaver: And 49 flavors

Jessie warren: Stop complaining and eat them

suzanne hyder: Please...close your mouth when you chew

Kevin Nguyen: I saw those at Tucson mall near Dillard's there's a candy shop they have everything not the bean boozled

mysteryman826: i have, check out my fruit reviews series to see how I've improved

lovewolf2000: sorry. I was just wondering what skimming was!!!!!

Sam Ferrara: I cant even find the boxes, you are LUCKY

ruby rose: OnO I WANT A BOX!! Where did you go to get em'???

mysteryman826: And you're very dorky... and... guruy...

Mady Greer: Hey can u send me the bean boozed I want to try them plz?! :)

chloehardiech: Were did you get them from??

mysteryman826: Look at my channel, there's a video of me at 11 years old.

phoebe head: This is soo boring too much talking chew like cows and I'm bored

Steph Fonseca: If u didn't chew with ur mouth open u wouldn't make those sounds
MOST COMPLETE Harry Potter Bertie Bott's Every Flavor Beans 1.2 Oz Box Review (Part 1/2) 3.5 out of 5

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shas1814: Thank you for this. Elma Coleman is a wise and articulate woman. Most Americans don't even know about this displacement. You are doing good work, bless you. 5 star rating.
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MOST COMPLETE Harry Potter Bertie Bott's Every Flavor Beans 1.2 Oz Box Review (Part 1/2)