Jimmy Verdoora Rhapsody - Una Canzone

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Simona Ferrara: ciao

Simona Ferrara: bravo sio

O-Ren Ishii: Sio sposami

Samuele Cau: anche io

Claudia Laghi: O:48 sono morta

Claudia Laghi: Fighissimo

nicola prencipe: visitate il mio canale

Filippo Pucci: XD

Emily Angelini: la parte migliore è l'assolo di voce elettrica

Emily Angelini: questi video nuocciono alla mia sanità mentale

Kleinen_ Android: Da oggi cammineremo tutti con le mani!!!!!!! EVVIVA LE MANI

Manuela Rizzo: bello

Scary_Girl: Ahahah! Che bella canzone!😂 Poi compro tutti i tuoi brani!

Damiano Faggionato: aca-sio!

Tiziano Montisci: lol

Tiziano Montisci: 1:52 1:53 1:54 non cambiare MAIS

Tiziano Montisci: CORRI corri Jimmi


Simone Chirivì: hei scottex ma è vero che odi i cerchioni delle auto

Piero De Paola: tizio sei tra i migligliori YouTuber (miei) preferiti!
P.S. Adoro le tue cazzate!
Jimmy Verdoora Rhapsody - Una canzone 5 out of 5

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John Grubbs: How about Percy as Cookie Monster
amjad amj: great tools
gwhaT12341: 1:44 Oh hey guys, new level! OH GOD THE PAIN!
Weefree men: @AvidyaZen the other month i found the world "nearly" untouched from my first time i ever played minecraft :) it was such a good feeling :3 i happened to copy my worlds over to my hard drive for college ;) who knew lazying around would benefit me around later on! im going to start on it soon and make it my perma world, plus i quit servers adn stuff so it will indeed be special :)
Jamie M: and then the spider wire catches a piece of metal or the urethane turns out to be too thick or too hard and then SNAP lol..this tool is good for only certain jobs like for instance.. if this is the only windshield you will ever have to do before you die of old age. and or you have absolutely no choice because of the design of the vehicle...There are way to many different styles and designs for this method of removal. The type of string you are using is ONLY good for vehicles with hidden pinch welds. A square or triangle shaped wire will pull through much easier..cool video
Marcos Henrrique: Sou mais o vermelho
mrmagoo: HOLY freakING crap!!!

Jimmy Verdoora Rhapsody - Una canzone