Honda XR 250 Review.

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In-Depth XR250R Review
In-Depth XR250R Review
Honda XR 250 review.
Honda XR 250 review.
~~Gear Review~~ Why I bought an Old Dirt bike: 1986 Honda XR250R
~~Gear Review~~ Why I bought an Old Dirt bike: 1986 Honda XR250R
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Honda XR250R 2004 Dirt Bike
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Honda XR 250 1982 Review Video#8 Angry Motorcycle Nerd

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alba corvus: basically you dont like the XR..not commutable ? i think a goldwing would be more you..

Douglas Rivers: bike doesn't start hard, you're doing it wrong. You dont just kick a four stroke over. Kick slowly,find top dead center,stop, let kicker go to top,then one good hard kick will start it every time !

Aussie fmx: Did it come with electric start?

SmallMachinesWA: You talk more about what you've done with the bike then reviewing it

Alistair: That has a very high idle! 

HUEY1MARS: Stop using starter fuild !!! You start that and then it allways takes it to. Valves need adjust ed and have the carb re built by a tec

Alex Chard: I'm 14 5'6 and ride one! You need a 450, or an xr 400

Bloodhound726: Will it be too high for me if I'm 5'10?

Danslife: The starting issue sounds like a valve problem to me. Also dunno if you had the choke on but that idle is way to high!

nzl39: you need to adjust your valves mate, my 1998 xr 250 starts easy, easy start , more like lazy start

Snitchy1989: nice vid bro! i just bought one of these, completely in parts, for 100quid.. strictly for off-roading..
and yes its a 7 litre tank.. ive got the manual

depressedcoon: Nice vid bro!

Senthx: they will hold 50mph no problem, with mud tyres on a wet highway, 60 can be a bit "frisky". They out perform a Yamaha Serrow off road, about the same on the road.

Senthx: I got mine flat out on the dual carriageway, about 70mph and it was scary. I've sold this bike now, and have a CRF250L,I like it but it doesn't have the same grin factor as the XR.

ChrisOnBikes: Makes me miss my old XR250. Managed 90 out of my old one, down hill, tail wind on equally dubious enduro "road legal" tyres. It was as scary as it sounds. DOing 60 on it on wet grass was safer.

Knackerzs38: Well... obviously who ever owned it before you took very crap care of it... Mine starts 3 kick in cold mornings. But when it's warmed up! First kick every time! :) And it's an '01 model! :)

joeman3388: Google Baja Designs they sell kits for various bikes to make them street legal. The major thing you will need is a title for your bike to start. If you dont youre screwed in most states. Make sure to check your state and local laws before you buy anything though cause they vary greatly. Here in Ohio all you need is to bring your bikes title to the county clerks office and ask them to change it to a motorcycle title. Take the title to the DMV, get your plates and youre good to go!

thatmanfromyorkshire: They take you back the old bikes. my old man used easy start on his earth movers when he was in business years back lol

Joe Grove: Ok, well thanks for the help man :)

Senthx: Dunno mate, I'm guessig that you don't live in the UK, as you say street legal, not road legal. So, I don't know what rules you need to follow. Here, I don't need lights, indicators, mirrors, just a brake light, and road legal tyres pretty much,
Honda XR 250 review. 5 out of 5

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alba corvus: basically you dont like the XR..not commutable ? i think a goldwing would be more you..
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Honda XR 250 review.