Sony Xperia Z Screen Replacement Repair Guide

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Sony Xperia Z Screen Replacement Repair Guide
Sony Xperia Z Screen Replacement Repair Guide
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Sony Xperia Z Screen Replacement - Disassembly
Xperia Z Full frame+LCD replacement review
Xperia Z Full frame+LCD replacement review
HDRepairGuru: Sony Xperia Z repair (original LCD + Touchscreen screen replacement guide)
HDRepairGuru: Sony Xperia Z repair (original LCD + Touchscreen screen replacement guide)
Sony Xperia Z Ultra Teardown
Sony Xperia Z Ultra Teardown

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sunglasses ron: so you just to replace the screen thats cracked only i need to take it all apart ?

Xhevahir Sulaj: hello i have a sony xperia C6603 i want to change my screen and volume , power flexible cable dose it have problem if i do not remove the motherboard ?

Azusa Hasumi: hey mate early this year i bought the z5 anyway my cat have broken the left upper corner of the device, the screen got cracked ofcourse but was still working, after 1 week the display stop working, the funny thing is that just kind of 1 inch from the top (like the notification bar zone) doesnt work the rest of the display does work so i dont know what the damage is and what to do

Jesse Sarvak: can you make a reassembly video? Or are we expected to do it on our own?


Barry Sheene: Good video very well documented and presented one of the best I have seen in a while

Chee Joe Hooi: My sim changer broked..they say after repairing the function water proof will gone case ? pls reply my question....after open it isit water proof function not going on anymore ?

Marcin Gołda: "Here i decided to crack the screen"

... yeah sure :D

Benoit Lapointe: thanks, very useful guide.

Rudolf Menon: Yeah.... Ill just take my phone to the shop or buy a new one.

Tina Cuyog: hello repairs universe, my phone is xperia z broke its charger port. is there a chance to repair it?

Nicholas Browne: Cheers buddy, manged to successfully change my screen thanks to your vid. Very clear and well presented.

Danny Brotechno: It's cool

soul river: And where is the replecement and repair part? All I see you did was to open and dissassemble the device.

Andrew Cload: Thanks for the video it made a complex job easy, Great informative video cheers

Nick ketting: After I changed the screen of the sony xperia z, the phone doesn't charge anymore! How Can I solve this problem? 

AresXtremE Nemesis: Great video dude.

So as I see the glass and LCD screen are connected parts? It's impossible to change scratched front glass only?

Thanks for answer.

Yee Siang Lee: Hi, my younger brother just accidentally dropped my Sony Xperia Z Ultra today thus the screen crack into two hairlines. The touchscreen and pixel are still function as normal as well as after turn on/off. Should I send it to any local Sony shop to repair it or DIY myself since I don't have any tools with me? I live in Malaysia by the way. 

Piotr Malec: Thank You Very Much. It works :D. Thnks to you i changed my totally broken screen by myself. It tooks me 2 hours with your video. It's not so difficult. I saved 200$ on the sony service. It was first time i was doing this kind of stuff.

Maidenize666: My phone works sometimes .. the problem is when i touch anywhere gets touched many times ...[if i press gets pressed many times]
But sometimes it works properly...without any touch probs

i had got the screen changed...but it worked correctly for like three months. now this :(
 is it a loose connection problem or a software glitch ??
Sony Xperia Z Screen Replacement Repair Guide 5 out of 5

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Sony Xperia Z Screen Replacement Repair Guide