Driving In Russia January 2013 Compilation New! (Part 5)

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Driving in Russia January 2013 Compilation New! (Part 5)
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Amélie Renoncule: By kid brother, Maurice, has stopped viewing ze porn sites because of these clips. Mother, who the lazy bum still lives off of, says that laundry-day is now less "unpleasant."

Mick Carson: And you call these idiots - good drivers? Nooo. They're worse than school boys driving dodge-em cars. They keep their feet flat on the accelerator pedal regardless of the road driving conditions. I say, keep doing it, kids. Maybe it's the best way to learn how to drive, or where you end up if you're injured. Russia must have millions of paraplegics on welfare.

cky945able: 90% of all accidents caused by speed or some called it idiot driving.

Brian B: Someone definitely died at 1:51..

Erik Schiegg: And they are allowed to drive on our streets in europe and the USA? This would be the first sanction for crimea-stealing russians: Your boots are made for walking, and that's what your're gonna do, cus' there's no room for hazardising, "degesh"-drivers on our roads!

bri here: yuuup, still lookin for the answer of why it is so many vehicles have cameras recording their driving. ps, please send a few brain cells over to momma Russia...the peoples, they need some!

patricia mcdermott: Driving in Russia is hazardous: Last year, 200,000 traffic accidents killed 28,000 people. pretty scary.

yugolover2014: freak!!!!!!!!!!

Laurentiu Florian: I'm going in Russia, because I'm getting easy the driver license from paying :/

Dave R: What can you say about the way the drive

homelessandstarving: Then they died.

Virak Thong: They drive too fast on icy roads will always lead to the destruction or even death...cheap license from a corruption system that's what you get. 

liar liarliar: Russians seem unable to judge an appropriate speed.

Bret B: Chances are everyday everyrussian car driver will die

MyDatrsPrsnlATM: I've watched alot of these Russian car crash compilations, and haven't seen 1 road that was dry........

Mr.xxxxxxxxxx17: 1:50 rip

Lukasz M: 0:20 is in Poland

Олег Дьяченко: Вывод - соблюдайте ПДД и не спешите!

Valery Markov: Общее впечатление: ДЕБИЛЫ на дорогах! СПАСАЙТЕСЬ!

Stan Lobby: Bleyat!

Gary Cole: Those two drivers at2:00 or so had to have been killed! Two big trucks smashing into each other like that!

Sadistic Pink: I live in in a CIS nation it is horrible. Human life is so cheap, you can pay your way out in most former Soviet Union countries. You are only responsible of paying minimum government mandated per day price if you kill someone. And that is 4 or 5 bucks a day at the very most. Which is why most people dont bother with insurance other than government mandated ones. Running over a pet dog in the US will cost you more than killing a human in Russia, Ukraine, etc. Thats why they dont care.

Andi S: very interesting and well, bad car drivers

Rupert Elter: Anyone know the sont at 1:13 ?

mainetrapper: they aren't any worse at driving than any other country, the reason that there are so many of these videos coming from Russia is because they all have dash cams because of issuance reasons. if all the accidents in the u.s. or any other country for that matter were recorded, it should probably look similar to this.

SquixHD: Americans are stupid in a funny way but these russians are just wtf? Do they even need to get a drivers license? doesnt look like it.

ThemTheyHeShe: 1:49 that's intense

Ladie From Hell: WTF ???? wow .. I though ppl from Quebec Canada drove that way !!!

Martun Hunter: No,i am not capable to make that kind of money in Russia.So I make it here,in US.My business has to be ran in person.I have to watch over everything myself.I tried running it from Russia and it turned into a 3 million dollar business in one year.

Alex Alexandru: @ 2:43 i said "oh my god that must be a woman driving, i bet it s a woman"

momobile63021: Do car in that part of the world even come with a brake pedal?

Kilobravo7305: Some strange evolutionary development has happened in post-USSR Russia: people can not get behind the wheel of a car without a camera securely attached to the dash.

beachfrontal: Someone told me that Russians do not have driving tests, and once one reaches a certain age , one just jumps in & drives, is this true?? what has amazed me in this movie is the reckless stupid crazy speeds you guys drive at in adverse weather, How many Russians die every year on the roads ? your hospitals must be packed with people with brain damage, I've many questions here that I will have to Google. it was strangely enjoyable to watch, but my thoughts kept coming back to stupidity & pain.

colin Wright: The biggest problem is alcohol

Juan Palomo: 3:24 hooooooooooooooolly shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit!!!!!!!..... the back door was like "let me kill that chick... naaaaaa let me close again"

Mihail Riss: all logical, but unpredictable. if you are an idiot it's forever. be vigilant freak up is near :).

Martun Hunter: I will not move to Russia because I have a 4 million dollars a year business in Los Angeles.Any smart questions?

Jase Keister: 0:35... so much glare... Oh thank you

zummo61: rain or snow, no matter... these people drive into buildings on clear days, run red lights at 60 mph (sorry 120km/hr). Their biggest failing is driving straight into an accident. The rule is aim for the back of the car, it will be gone when you get there, not lead into it... its just plain stupidity nothing more.

Clifton Bradley: wow

Влад Ремизов: конечно не надо вам сюда ехать..... пизды от нас получите!!!!!!! лайк кто с россии))))

manonmoon12: Top 3 jobs for me. 1:Porn Star 2:Gynecologist 3: Car salesman in russia

Kenn Martin: Whatever the Weather is like in Your Respective Country, You should be trained to drive safely and efficiently. You cant blame weather conditions on Crashes. If you cant drive in Rain or snow or whatever then Leave Your Damn Car at home and freaking Walk. If You are too lazy too walk then you have a Serious Problem because that means you are most likely American....

homelessandstarving: stay off the sidewalks because the russians are coming!!!

cabledawg79: Why does everybody have a video camera in their car?

Andrew Repas: It all comes down to lack of car control, situational awareness, speed, and erratic maneuvers, and half the population driving without licences, or with licences gained with bribes. Most of these stupid accidents should not have occurred. Is it any wonder why there are over 35,000 road deaths in Russia.

Rhenda Dube: Don omar sacaduro

zummo61: You hit the nail on the head; thats because LA drivers are idiots too... if you can't handle a little rain, or snow, and don't know the rules of the road and how to drive a car, stay off the roads, Russia or LA. I drive in the east, 80 mph bumper to bumper, snow, rain.... we don't have this problem here.

Asmera Starshow: in Russia with out having car accident you will never get Driving-license

Eli68239: Nice!
Driving in Russia January 2013 Compilation New! (Part 5) 4.6 out of 5

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Driving in Russia January 2013 Compilation New! (Part 5)