Driving In Russia January 2013 Compilation New! (Part 5)

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thug Alex life: les 3 pietons la chance qui son eux

boubou flash: et ons aussi un gros probleme de permis de conduire

C G: my dog drives better :P

Rick Shaw: Have you noticed that the farther away from God a nation is the less blessed they are?

r h: 3 things russia.
2 Watch WTF you are doing! FFS so many of these people were cluless
3 SLOW the freak down! most of your cars are crapty, and nearly all your drivers are....

Harry Potter: People there honestly drive with their eyes closed.

Dr. Smith: Come crashing in 

Exac7: I'm going in Russia, because I'm getting easy the driver license from paying :/

Zastava & Yugo Cars: freak!!!!!!!!!!

liar liarliar: Russians seem unable to judge an appropriate speed.

Erik Schiegg: And they are allowed to drive on our streets in europe and the USA? This would be the first sanction for crimea-stealing russians: Your boots are made for walking, and that's what your're gonna do, cus' there's no room for hazardising, "degesh"-drivers on our roads!

Mick Carson: And you call these idiots - good drivers? Nooo. They're worse than school boys driving dodge-em cars. They keep their feet flat on the accelerator pedal regardless of the road driving conditions. I say, keep doing it, kids. Maybe it's the best way to learn how to drive, or where you end up if you're injured. Russia must have millions of paraplegics on welfare.

homelessandstarving: Then they died.

bri here: yuuup, still lookin for the answer of why it is so many vehicles have cameras recording their driving. ps, please send a few brain cells over to momma Russia...the peoples, they need some!

Bret B: Chances are everyday everyrussian car driver will die

Virak Thong: They drive too fast on icy roads will always lead to the destruction or even death...cheap license from a corruption system that's what you get. 

Amélie Renoncule: By kid brother, Maurice, has stopped viewing ze porn sites because of these clips.  Mother, who the lazy bum still lives off of, says that laundry-day is now less "unpleasant."

Brian B: Someone definitely died at 1:51..

Dave R: What can you say about the way the drive

darcstar18: 1:36 они нашли друг друга
Driving in Russia January 2013 Compilation New! (Part 5) 5 out of 5

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Driving in Russia January 2013 Compilation New! (Part 5)