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Refacing Kitchen Cabinets

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dave wave: thank you guys at 1a auto parts for the videos they helped me out over the years. i have a question my service engine soon light is on due to the iat being to high i have the code p0127 do you guys think if i change the air filter, MAF sensor and the iat sensor the light will clear the code?
uchihawannabe: we could here dat turbo man...lol..aint no type r
ninakodaka: your natural color of your eye is really beautiful ^^ are you japanese? im using that eye drops too ^^
etherraichu: Bah. I hate how they "fixed" the thing where you could have kain stay safe by jumping >_>
migue2255: nice
felo gastón: pasaste el bosque perdido
sgipa: WOW

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