The Leica M240 HD Video Test Samples -

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The Leica M240 HD Video Test Samples -
The Leica M240 HD Video Test Samples -
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Leica M 240 - Hands-on Review
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pkilla617: @steve huff you should have jumped in there with the leica m lol

Christopher Gunnybunny: low light performance looks great. but it seem the leica m-series are a bit overpriced for anything other then street photography and i supose portraits. i love the form factor and design. i also have used film rangefinders. but its really hard to justify this when i can get a 5dmkIII and some L-glass for so much less. but if i could have any camera-lens combination in the world for free. this would be on my top 3 list for sure. with a 50mm noctilux-m 0.95 :D

Produitscoreens KIM: This looks pretty usable to me in low light ! I think it does well what it's aimed for: simple video recording for taking family or friends memories just like you did. Great video dude !

SomeLittleShoe: Youve missed my point, and you seem to be in a bad mood. I should just move on. Have a nice night.

Misho5z: I never said anything about lenses.. you did. I only talked about the sensor, video resolution and dynamic range, 4k at 15 FPS is not usable.

SomeLittleShoe: I never said the equipment on both cameras is comparable.

Misho5z: The NOVO camera's 1/2.5 BSI sensor won't compare with the S35 size of RED's camera, plus 2.7k vs 4-6K is no competition, plus usability is limited with that tiny camera. there's no controls.. just focus and some basic stuff.

SomeLittleShoe: see, now you're talking about expensive lenses. You are digressing from the point I was making. The 4k and 2.7k image is comparable to the Red. I am not talking about all the expensive lenses and buzzers and bells the Red has that GoPro doesn't. I don't know if youy are missing my point because you just can't believe that the little GoPro is really as good as it is or if you starting a round of oneupsmanship. The GoPro is an awesome camera. Isn't it?

SomeLittleShoe: You are missing my point. I find that often on the internet.

SomeLittleShoe: I never said Leica was primarily for video. You missed my point.

Misho5z: How about you try low light on that little sensor vs the scarlet? Or the new dragon sensor coming out with 16-18 stops of dynamic range, this NOVO camera I heard will have 8-10 stops...

Misho5z: and how much is it worth? why isn't everyone buying it then? leica doesn't do video.. this was just a camera made for photos, a test with a poor video mode implementation

SomeLittleShoe: Have you heard of the NOVO camera made by Radiant Images? It uses the guts of a GoPro HERO3 Black. The movie "127 Hours" was made with it. The movie "The Call" with Halle Berry was made with it. The GoPro HERO3 Black has a picture comparable to the Red Epic and has better video resolution than Leica video.

Misho5z: plus the wide angle makes details so small, if the comparison had the scarlet at it's maximum settings+a good prime (not distorted wide angle) there's nothing in the go pro that will compare, plus they set the same shutter speeds I think which wasn't needed, but made it even since the gopro have one, if they had a lower shutter speed on the scarlet, since it was still shots, it would've done better in low light too.

Misho5z: If you watch it on youtube's 10 mpbs max bitrate and compressed in windowed mode on a 720p or 1080p monitor it's not going to be accurate

Misho5z: No!@ The gopro's video codec won't hold up anywhere close to the red scarlet plus it has distortion, a fixed lens that isn't a good one and a small sensor!

SomeLittleShoe: That's actually not true. I've seen GoPro 2.7 k compared to the Red Scarlet and it is comparable. The video quality of the Leica is not as good as the photo quality of the Leica. Look up this title at see GoPro compared to Red Scarlet: . GoPro Hero3 Black @ 2.7k vs. The RED Scarlet Comparison/Low Light Test

Misho5z: gopro isn't even close to the video quality of the leica m

SomeLittleShoe: Only thing now that means anything is comparison to the $400.00 GoPro HERO3 Black.A side by side would convince most people to not buy the Leice for video. GoPro has but to make a line of cams with changeable lenses to begin to dominate the video market. Not even the Red would be safe from GoPro then. It would be true other very expensive cameras, like Red, would have slightly better quality with certain kinds of lenses. But that quality difference wouldn't be worth $1000.00's of dollars. :-)

director289: Crap, this is great!!!!
The Leica M240 HD Video Test Samples - 5 out of 5

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The Leica M240 HD Video Test Samples -