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* LAHrebirth: @MrHeftysmurf69, good for you you dumb cunt, no one cares about you, some people can't deal with things the way you do, thats just like crapting on people who get bullied in GENERAL telling them suck it up because they can't handle it but you can.
James Bond: drinking and driving (N) getting high and driving+ amazing music (Y)
Duke Rourschach: I'm Straight and I have 2 brother in Laws who are Gay and they Both used this app and met up one week apart with the same "Married" Man they had both been in long term relationships and their lust and this app got the better of them and both only slept with this one guy both are now HIV Positive and the Married Man is Nowhere to be found I wish they both would have used better Judgement and at least protection but Please Be Careful and Use Protection for Your Family and Friends sake cause there are Straight People who really care and think the worlds a brighter place with You in it and Healthy! It's already hard enough to Understand Your choices and lifestyle but it's absolutely Stupid to not Protect yourself from disease cause it doesn't "feel as good" well compared to the Alternative of HIV to AIDS losing a little pleasure is worth the Torture that awaits not just you but those who love you! Do us all a favor Damned if you do Dead if you Don't take second and put it on!
NostalgiaAVGNfan: @stupidstuffx Odd, seeing as he's now one of the most popular reviewers on the site. Still, everyone has an opinion.
Jones m4n117: That sweet good job!!:) 
kprig: Produto incrivel, ótima qualidade, já tenho vários! E o melhor de tudo, além de comprimir e organizar, é o melhor método de protejer as minhas coisas! PERFEITO!!!
Shervin Dibavar: Oi Oi Mr Henderson! :P

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