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Refacing Kitchen Cabinets

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Elizabeth Ramirez: Just had a baby what video should i do 
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Scavolini: Un progetto in cui il design incontra l'informale. Il risultato? Diesel Social Kitchen! #Design by #Diesel per #Scavolini A project where design meets with informality. The result: Diesel Social Kitchen! #Design by #Diesel for #Scavolini 
alejandra iniguez: i have a friend named Priscilla!!!!!!! cool
Rashid Ali: الله يوفقك ويسعدك يا شيخ
tickledtlady: I think Narcisse is going after Mary because once Francis finds out that he is trying to or is courting Lola, he will try to forbid it, which will cause Mary to wonder why and/or think he wants to keep Lola around to have more kids. She will get jealous and start an affair w/the other cutie Lord. I think Narcisse isn't as evil as we all think. I believe we will find out that he truly loves France and/or his particular lands and because he is so ruthless and/or doesn't care about going hard, even w/his rulers, that people label him as evil, but he, like everyone, has some redeeming qualities, which we will discover along w/Lola. It is just Bonus that he was labeled as the best lover in the Court. I can't wait to see Catherine's reaction once she sees Lola w/him and realizes that he is the butterfly, LOL. I'm sure her facial expression or comments will be too funny. I think Narcisse needs a new heir. It seems like he went through 4 wives and only got 1 child, who is now dead. He will need a new heir. Having a kid w/Lola who will be a sibling to the next possible King, or just the acknowledged child of the King. He would be connected to the throne forever.
HippieStomper: Did you know beats cost $18 to make? Look it up.

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