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kasidys: Una cosilla, puedes instalar las aplicaciones en otra partición que no sea la principal?? que a poco te quedas sin memoria.
佐藤 修一: ヒカキンさんのやつですね!僕も買います!
billman1037: HHO gas or Klein gas is an oxyhydrogen mixture made by water electrolysis, which has been trademarked Aquygen by the firm Hydrogen Technology Applications. The HHO trademark is associated with an unproven state of matter called magnegases, and an unproven theory about magnecules, which supposedly shows that HHO is a "new gaseous and combustible form of water". Basically, it is being used as the new buzz term to describe a Hydrogen Generator. Which makes sense.
BASSFZz: Etherion wasn't a Nakama power-up. ...Neither was eating Zancrow's Black Fire...Gray has never gained a Nakama power-up nor has Lucy. ...Erza is just a beast...Laxus has always been a beast too. Then there's GIldarts...Nuff said.
Anita Brisbon: Black/Woman/Lady/Sitah, you rock! Thanks for wonderful tuturiols and personality as well. I def have to cop me some Curls Creme Brule, Kukui Not Oil and try my first twist out, but will substitute flexi rod for brown paper bag roller; ( yeap I went old school on ya) can;t sleep with thick rollers. Keep them tuturiols coming; inspiration to naturals especial a 4C girl like me. Peace & blessings!
John Kenneally: Merry Christmas Guy to you & yours up there pal
MatTZI014: +roadflytv I heavily disagree with you. The iphone with a usb in the storage would be a significant problem. Why would you want trouble with a smashed iphone cord or why would you want to be uncomfortable with an open storage space when you can be resting your arm? I like where the usb is upfront where I can easily access my iphone while it's charging and playing music on the usb. This guy is incredibly biased.

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