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Refacing Kitchen Cabinets

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Susan Murray: I'm more of a RIP-IT fan myself. Good information though.
MarianOctavarium: David Bowie of Kung - Fu LOL !!!
Tara Sullivan: FYI, you can usually find timing belt/water pump kits for these cars online for $200-300 depending on manufacturer.
fishlanding: Love your videos, hope you never have a fall climbing onto your projects !
Gabbi Me: Cool
NchantngSoul: I loved your video. I've watched tons of 3-Strand tutorials and never GOT IT until I watched yours! Now I understand what I was doing wrong after watching all those other videos. It was so close to platting that I'd always end up doing THAT rather than twisting. I was twisting 2 & 3 around EACHOTHER and then throwing 1 over both of them. SO FRUSTRATING! lol. But you did it like a running around a Carousel...round and round and the twist creates itself. THANK YOU! I so wanted to do the big chop last night and give up on transitioning hair.
Chuck Spaeth: loose harmonic balancer?

Prueba BMW 118D cabrio