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Refacing Kitchen Cabinets

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JDcountryboy: idk, 16 shots at 5 feet away was pretty excessive but i wasnt there. The sad thing is when a cop kills the suspect there is no other side to the story to listen to, so whatever the cop says is taken as fact.
Nozanbaramundi0630: EXILEの
Rodrigo Lee: The spartans were not originally white and greeks were not originally white either...because white people only been on this planet for 6,000 years. But let me tell the real accurate facts.. The Greek and Roman civilizations were merely Black civilizations carried forward by the mulattoes of the indigenous Blacks and the Hellenes and Latin's - long since destroyed by the invading Germanics and Slavs. Artifacts tell us that the Trojans were Black people. Herodotus in Book 4 - MELPOMENE [4.145 - 149] tells us that the Spartans were a combination of Phoenicians and Minyae {The Minyans and the Pelasgians were the original Black inhabitants of Greece}. So what's left for Whites to claim credit for? Not much, so they lie and make it up.
SlamminUK: 39:33 and pause.
prettyliarsalice: what's this music please ??? :)
Derek temi: want to make my art sound like this. sounds really nice and clean. what do i need?
ThommeGun: The chainsaw part always cracks me up!

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