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TheKnowU: Tbh i haven't bothered to check all the hyperskills for all classes. One thing i can tell you is that almost all char's right now got them, if i remember correctly resistance char's haven't gotten them yet. (but probably will as well) Yes hyper skills exist as if they were a support (5th job) you get in lvl 140+ together with your 4th job. They are as i recall, all very equal, so the animation is different from class to class, but the stuff they can do is about the same, in the end.
Matt Newcombe: i love mm, i oderd a custom from cac 3 months ago and it still hasent come :(
monk play: buen video hermano te lo agradesco un mundo me sirbio y esta muy bueno.. (Y)
Vijay Rathi: first fix your recording camera :P
God: @hahahah4789 Horny2012!
Zomben: Yeh the accuracy is insane I was shooting them at my air cadets
The Schnensch: seeing how the ram is installed hurts my brain..

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