Samsung Galaxy Core Preview

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Samsung Galaxy Core Preview
Samsung Galaxy Core Preview
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George K.: Don't buy this phone! Its laggy and crap. One of the worst smartphones by Samsung.

Rick T: f you post little trick subscribe tricks if we like we sub dirty.

SnipeNubs: budget style

turdsandwicher: I have a samsung galaxy core lte. The camera wont work and says "media server failed. Camera needs restart" I tried your video here didn't work. I also went to it in the app manager and reset that stuff no work. Any ideas? The front facing camera still works.

Ricky Spanish: my sony phone from 2010 had a better camera

1979discodiva: All my calls to straight to voice mail-how do I fix that? I need for it to ring please help

samuel kuloba: @Unboxing Maniac core

samuel kuloba: @shree krishna Samsung

Arlin Arif: what game u play ?

TheJuggalettesRUs: how is the battery life will it last a day without being charged if ur barely using it

Kyson Vi: Htc desire 510 or galaxy core??

SHREE KRISHNA: Please help.. samsung or iphone which one is better??

Nemesis: Please answer me core or trend plus

Mattea Matty: Dat accent

Khalilulla Mohammad: Popjam99 you should go to settings and then application manager and All for what application you press always and open and clear defaults

dsouzand: is Borat doing the review?

Lazar Stankovic: Good phone foe that money.I have it for 3 monts and ist good,fast and have good c

Adolfo Gopez: its laagy on other games

xdxd haha: What is the different of I8262 and I8260

Lucas Malkallam: Core or core 2??
Samsung Galaxy Core Preview 5 out of 5

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eaganoe: ha
comic book reviewer: I pick up a shipload of best wars my self and it felt like going back to childhood
Jeri Ellsworth: Six years! Congrats.
Shadow X Stepper: This reeled me in
Mervin Lee: hey guys! Does this work for the samsung galaxy ace? 
Mr Gallop: Een keerzijde van het pluspunt meer grip is constant meer weerstand.
xAssala: Pokemon

Samsung Galaxy Core Preview