Samsung Galaxy Core Preview

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Samsung Galaxy Core Preview
Samsung Galaxy Core Preview
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samuel kuloba: @Unboxing Maniac core

samuel kuloba: @shree krishna Samsung

Arlin Arif: what game u play ?

TheJuggalettesRUs: how is the battery life will it last a day without being charged if ur barely using it

Kyson Vi: Htc desire 510 or galaxy core??

shree krishna: Please help.. samsung or iphone which one is better??

Sandwich Tv: Please answer me core or trend plus

Mattea Matty: Dat accent

Khalilulla Md: Popjam99 you should go to settings and then application manager and All for what application you press always and open and clear defaults

dsouzand: is Borat doing the review?

Lazar Stankovic: Good phone foe that money.I have it for 3 monts and ist good,fast and have good c

Adolfo Gopez: its laagy on other games

xdxd haha: What is the different of I8262 and I8260

Lucas Malkallam: Core or core 2??

Lucas Malkallam: Core or core 2??

Nabhan Luthfi: core or core 2?

Lokesh Rajput: Here is the list of games which I tested on my
galaxy core
1.Asphalt 7(Smooth)
2.Asphalt 8(sometimes shows a little lag)
3.The Amazing Spiderman(Smooth)
4.Modern Combat 4(Smooth)
5.NFS Most Wanted(Smooth)
6.Dungeon Hunter 4(sometimes lags)
7.Dead Trigger(Smooth)
8.Dead Trigger 2(Smooth)
9.Redline Rush(Smooth)
10.Sonic All Star Racing(Smooth)
12 Alien Shooter EX(Smooth)
13 GTA 3(laggy)
14 Gangstar Vegas(Smooth)
15 Gangster Granny(Smooth)
16 Call Of Duty Strike Team(Sometimes Lags)
17 Swordslinger(lags)
18 Plants vs Zombies 2(Smooth)
19 Total Recall(Smooth)
20 Resident Evil 4(Smooth)
21 Neon Shadow(Smooth)
22 GT 2 Racing(lags)
23 Angry Birds Star Wars II (Smooth)
24 AVP Evolution (sometimes shows a little lag)
25 Call of Duty Black Ops
26 Defender (Smooth)
27 Modern Combat 3 (Smooth)
28 PacificRim (sometimes shows a little lag)
29 Iron man 3(little laggy)
30 commando(smooth)
31 Frontline commandos D-Day(smooth)
32 Contract killer(smooth)
33 Real racing 3 (smooth)
34 Fifa 12 (smooth)
35 Super hexagon (smooth)
36 Shoot the zombirds (smooth)
37 beach buggy blitz(smooth)
38 Into the Dead (smooth)
39 PES 2012(Smooth)
40 nfs most wanted (smooth) 41 Prince of Persia Shadow and Flame(smooth)
42 Samurai Vengeance 2 (smooth)
43 badland (smooth)
44 thor the dark world (smooth)
45 Blitz brigade (smooth)
46 hungry shark evolution (smooth)
47 robocop (smooth)
48 sims (smooth)
49 the walking dead (smooth)
50 wildblood(smooth)
51 backstab (smooth
52six gun smooth

Jandro Lilagan: please!what is better samsung galaxy core or samsung galaxy star pro.plz!!Help..

popjam99: Before playing any gallery videos it used to give me an option between two different video players to play the video with and used to ask if it's for just once or always use the particular video player...and I mistakenly clicked the always button for the older video player and this sucks!!! :'(
And however the option of choosing between two doesn't appear again!!!! :'(
What do I do to get the other video player i liked!!! :'(

RedDeadMarshal: Worth upgrade from s2
Samsung Galaxy Core Preview 5 out of 5

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Samsung Galaxy Core Preview