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Fifth Gear: In Series 3 Episode 9 of Fifth Gear (Air Date 21th May 2003) We see the worst of road rage, test out the BMW 5-Series and Peugeot 206 Gti 180.
Christian Alencar: /watch?v=o13JV7bYj0w palio vermelho alpine atractive
Madame Kitty: Ok at the beginning I was a little confused and i confess.. a mean thoughts came to my mind. BUT REMEMBER she's a human like you. She has her dreams and aspirations and thats what she's doing. Stop hating because at some point i started to feel sorry about most of people who wrote all those hates. Let her do what she wants. She tries to feel like a woman and not to be discriminated by you all.. ;/ Stupid people.
agi anghel: Be careful if you want to buy Fiat !! My Fiat - 3 steering boxes damaged in 75000 km !! and many other parts damaged. The mechanics from Fiat don,t know the cause of malfunctions. Fiat don,t want to change my car. Fiat told me - ,,is not our problem,, !!!!!!! Fiat don,t respect the buyers.
puneet basra: @WCchillin i will trade you a micheal jordan for it but the jordan is not a jersey card and plus you have to give me one more card because thats an unfair deal
Anthony Li: omg! i want this song but i can't download it anywhere can someone tell where they get this song...i just love the voice n i have Angel's Feather
Sharay Gordine: 10

Fiat Palio 2012 Attractive 1.0 EVO Flex