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Hiruriru: CLICK CLICK. Lol oooh ken
JoHn DoE: How to make a single-player Battlefield: Give us the ability to set up multiplayer games with bots like 1942
Christian Alencar: /watch?v=o13JV7bYj0w palio vermelho alpine atractive
Daniel Bargas: Keep in mind it does not give you more power it gives you the ability to run more power
RedHeadedTwins: Great project 32 Hot Rod! I assume you guys are now selling Reprosteel in the USA then? I read that..... "....'32 roadster bodies, Reprosteel quarter panels are the nicest reproduction '32 quarter panels that have ever been made." So has Dave Mann quit the business or just no longer dealing with Reprosteel? FORD ROCKS
Chris King: Another delos fan been here! Amel might need to sponsor delos crew in some way!
murphy243: Thanks bro now I can make better videos u saved my day

Fiat Palio 2012 Attractive 1.0 EVO Flex