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GuitarGuys7299: Cool videos and nice board! BUT! It's hard to understand what the hell she is saying sometimes! She needs to speak up and speak clearer! Also for a "Lighting Console" tutorial, the background lighting in the videos SUCK!!!!
Rori High: Ich habe barbie auch und raquelle nicht
Christian Alencar: /watch?v=o13JV7bYj0w palio vermelho alpine atractive
adikxx83: that is a freakin knock out!!! this bike kills!!! awsome
fernfayCH: เพื่อนซื้อมาฝากจากเยอรมันค่ะ มีคนบอกว่าที่สนามบินมีขายเหมือนกันค่ะ
Pine Tree: Schrade is an awesome "American owned" company who has employees in the U.S.A., they make great fixed blade and folding knives and other gear at a way lower price point then other companies... such as the Axe that you are reviewing. What surprises me, is you always were aligned with places like BladeHQ which always uses "bait and switch" type of an approach to get people to believe that higher priced items are better (just to increase sales). Schrade proves time and time again that price has no bearing on quality. So what changed your opinion and ethics on gear? The realization that price has no bearing on quality? Or did a "free product" change your view of Schrade as a company.. or maybe a combination of both?
Maggie Devine: I feel so bad for dahlton because he has to sleep in a pink room with girlly stuff.

Fiat Palio 2012 Attractive 1.0 EVO Flex