How To Build A Small Rocket Stove

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Андрей Розальев: Прикольная буржуйка :)

xerr0n: ooh no gloves...especially in handling cement.

kamilo lucio: gostei muito pratico vou fazer um brevemente,prabens pela ideia.

qwertyscot: Thnx for the inspiration... I,ve since built a rocket stove heater.. check out my 2 videos at "qwertyscot"

ACampfireProduction: very intresting video far more hi tec than our attempt in the woods with a hole in the ground oven which was actually quite sucessfull

Donald Brant: Good presentation , I have a question , Has anyone that you know of tried to use a piece of vitrinised clay Pipe as we use in the plumbing industry , Some of the older pipe is fired at very high temps., that is the reason I ask . I was just wondering about using it for the inner Pipe or fire chamber , What do any of you think ? Thanks for your help . I have not started my project stove yet but I am itching to get started.

1stBumbleBeeMaster: This is the technique I used: Soak the Straw in a bucket for 2 days, use one pint jug of Portland Cement (Dry) and 2 pint jugs of Clay Powder, and mix them up thoroughly.(Do not breathe in powder while mixing) Then drain off the water from your Straw then shred it into small pieces. Then just add your dry Cement,Clay mix add your water very slowly while mixing, when it becomes like dough keep needing it for 20 minutes and your done! Hope this helps?

a2zhandi: NICE 1

Nick Pantazis: Great presentation !!!

1stBumbleBeeMaster: I have successfully used an old grill shelf and placed the bricks right over the top of the fire in the flame and they glow red. This was using straw clay and small amount of portland cement. I made a pitza oven, that was 5 years ago and I still have not had to replace the home made fire bricks. They do become brittle though so you have to handle with care but once they are cemented in they will last years.

suilekelly: you would need a kilm.

Rustaholic777: What I noticed and you never mention is that you knocked or cut the edges off those bricks so the sheet metal would fit.

Harry Hobart: I have a question. How am I suppose to fire the bricks? I'm not thinking I can do that in my conventional oven.

Julie Jonte: It would be so much more useful if you gave dimensions and weights in inches and pounds/ounces, and temperature in degrees degrees F. in addition to the metric measurements.

vidaripollen: it s a nice video.

mu99ins: Always wear gloves when working cement. All you have to do is meet someone who has cracked skin from cement poisoning to be convinced. The best way is to use surgical latex gloves worn inside ordinary work gloves to safe guard your skin. The price of very cheap latex gloves is far less than the misery of a lifetime of severely cracked skin on your hands.

compwiz101: Google is really helpful. Just type in "convert 1 gram to ounce" and it'll calculate that for you.

Nico Lugosi: I guess they started teaching that between the times that we both went to school. I learned it, anyway. If nothing else, there are apps, and websites that will convert metric into ounces and Lbs all over the place.

crankeyyankee1947: What's a gram.I am an American.OZ,lbs

Joonaskokkonen75: It does indeed... Made years ago such from a chimney cylinder and a empty can. It was very good.
How to Build A Small Rocket Stove 5 out of 5

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How to Build A Small Rocket Stove