Kanger Pro Tank 2 VS. DBox Puritank VS Kanger Pro Tank 1-Glassomizer Showdown!

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Kanger Pro Tank  2 VS. DBox Puritank VS Kanger Pro Tank 1-Glassomizer Showdown!
Kanger Pro Tank 2 VS. DBox Puritank VS Kanger Pro Tank 1-Glassomizer Showdown!
Anyvape Davide vs Kanger ProTank 2
Anyvape Davide vs Kanger ProTank 2
Vapor Lady Lounge Rebuild a Protank Atomizer. eVod Atomizer A New Way
Vapor Lady Lounge Rebuild a Protank Atomizer. eVod Atomizer A New Way
Kangertech Protank 2 Review
Kangertech Protank 2 Review

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TheSnake94115: Alright first off yes I know this is an old video but I'm hoping you will still answer.Where on earth did you get that sweet looking mod-stand?

MB5490: Glasssss lol

Aaron Davenport: Holy crap Twisted I had no idea you did mods too! I first heard about you from your car audio videos, but then I heard the beginning of this when looking up vape vids of the PT2 that I'm getting soon, and there you are! Ain't that some crap lmao

Marc Overton: Right on

nick olson: i dropped my protank1 like from 12ft and not even a scratch! and the airy drawl is quite nice wish many juices!

davidjedi115: *evod heads*

danny nichols: ok... what the hell is juice and whats it do for you or to you

smurfynj2448: Great review I hope to see more vs video.

cdubBbasshead: Dude i c u got a few tanks but theres 1 missin u gotta try, the tumbler by smoktech! Better den da protank!!

Suzanne Rush: Thanks for this! I want to get a glasso but couldn't really tell the difference between the protank 1& 2. Definitely going for the 2 now (I like changing juice a lot so the larger capacity isn't a sell for me).

mmanda515: lol @ the lettering on the instructions.... "Ohhhh.... U see...... All parts... IS repRaceable.." =P Jeez, "are"..."are". lol Annnnd now, enter the Anyvape Davide regular/mini... the protank miniV1 and miniV2... the smoktech vivi.... the 5ML HyperTank... etc etc etc. There's somethin' new every day.. guess it's just more for you to show us & compare for us. ;)

BUZDRIFT: Love this channel twitsed, Great for a first time starter like me trying to quit cigarettes. Always good to hear from a dude that doesn't fk around.

barrett cowart: the kanger headz work really good for me with wicking and flavor without gurgle or leaking since iv started to use ekowool strands in place of the normal silica flavor wicks i kept the wick and coil stock :) flavor wick is the only thing iv had to replace so far and iv had it for a min...

oandasternclips: fasttech has the puritank for $12.79

Juan Alvarez: Good vid Twisted I Got Protank 2 Nd A Anyvape Davide Mini Nd There Both Great The Protank 2 Is A Lil AirY For me

VapingwithTwisted420: Nice! I had no idea! lol

barrett cowart: AnyVape Davide is my #1 choice pick but thats just me... 15$ oh yea... and they plan on releasing bigger glass tubes and center post extension xD Epic Winning... Duhhhhhh

BlaqSatin33: I like the anyvape Davide a lot


BUZDRIFT: Yeah i cant wait i spent like 300 bux on a kit and like 20 E-Liquids with 4 kanger pro tanks 2's. It's gonna change my health for the better 4 sure. Every one i speak to says it does.

Zach Taylor: Hey you forgot to talk about that new ejuice site!!! You showed the card in one of these videos... NOW I CAN'T FIND IT!! BAHHHH

FvD714: in your opinion what is the best kit for fat clouds under 200$???

Marl Pogi: Subscribe!

berto371rr: Good video, you answerd everything i was wanting to ask...whats your favorite flavor.. i cant find one i like better than a other....do a vid on flavors. Thanks.

VaporCheef: Protank2 ftw!!!!draw is better and no need for evod heads!!! Good stuff.. And I get to have a driptip for every day of the week.

osirisorion: Awesome bro! Lol I've been refreshing my feed on my iphone every 10 mins lol can't wait (^_^)v

davidjedi115: I have the protank one and 2 and I defently like the 2 better. Its very nice to clean and take apart and I don't have to use evid heads on my protank one for a tighter draw.

danny nichols: thanks for the answer i think ill order some and try it for the first time

VapingwithTwisted420: Thanks man.....Got a AWESOME video coming up of a certain juice company also ;)

bigdubsss: I quit two years ago by vaping. There are a lot of different reports on health effects, but I can tell you that I feel 100x better than I did while smoking cigarettes.

mmanda515: "officially.... legally" it's a smoking "alternative". That being said.... yes.... and yes!! Definitely much better than the 4000+ chemicals found in cigarettes- that are known to possibly cause cancer to yourself &/or those around ya. =) Happy vaping!!

Jordan Morey: You should put links in the description of music you use, please and thank you. Nice video man

frajada2006: I believe Kanger updated the original protanks construction. I may be wrong but I think it now has a ss bracket that hold the two pieces together. Good vid

mmanda515: Dig that J-wrap for the Evic.. looks nice!

amazingteknique: ya. fast tech is the way to go for 90% of vape gear.

westleypipes20: Where did you get that stand? It looks awesome

VaporCheef: And why is dedhed talking about putting a cartomizer in a protAnk2?

chaz74332: Stellar review man, I was really curious to know how all 3 tanks stacked up side-by-side in one video. I got a Protank 1 and couldn't be happier but definitely gotta keep it topped off or vape your mod horizontally when it gets low (ugh!) Definitely getting a Protank v2 soon. Thanks again!

VaporCheef: Dedhedjosh ... I've had no problems with any driptips.

Scott Golding: My Fi 18 broke my Protank

Reuben W: most perfect video and your personality in it makes me want to watch it again just because i love the protank 2

Thomas Team Skar Audio Vacanti: Wow dawg I haven't seen you make this many mistakes in any of your vids. Gotta hold of some good stuff did we lmao

BUZDRIFT: Does this help you quit smoking cigarettes? Is it ok for you're health?

ZumbaSwagg266: WTF you say there can only be 1 winner,,,,,,,,,, then its a tie? nice review tho thx. id go for the pro tank 2

SimpleOlCal29: Nice vid man. Love my Protank 2s. I Keep ordering them. Lol.

castello west: Good review and I'm happy you don't promote removing any wicks. I'm on to mini protanks mostly now cause they look so right on my egos. Big protank looks awesome on the big mods though. Thanks

rcam1977: Cool comparison, but where did you get that cool ass stand at

iREPda609: Look up mcVapes channel and make a sub-ohm build freak a kit.

Michael Bautista: Protank 2 babycakes ALL THE WAY

JaxAerialImaging: These are basically ecigs.The juice is what carries the nicotine.The stuff he is showing is way more advanced than your typical corner store ecig kit.That's why we call them personal vaporizers.The juices are available in TONS of different flavors from normal tobacco like flavors to stuff like Bananas Foster or Double Apple.It's a great way to stop smoking and vaping has done me a world of good health wise after 20+ years of smoking 3 packs a day.
Kanger Pro Tank 2 VS. DBox Puritank VS Kanger Pro Tank 1-Glassomizer Showdown! 4.9 out of 5

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Kanger Pro Tank  2 VS. DBox Puritank VS Kanger Pro Tank 1-Glassomizer Showdown!