Kanger Pro Tank 2 VS. DBox Puritank VS Kanger Pro Tank 1-Glassomizer Showdown!

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chris beasant: Twisted, quick question what nic level do you vape on some of your juices look like there a lower level i just wondered what u prefer, thanks and keep vaping, chris

Aldin Hodzic: Tbh, I prefer the nautilus mini :/ the kanger is damn good too though

TheRealMike: Glasssss lol

TheSnake94115: Alright first off yes I know this is an old video but I'm hoping you will still answer.Where on earth did you get that sweet looking mod-stand?

Aaron Davenport: Holy crap Twisted I had no idea you did mods too!  I first heard about you from your car audio videos, but then I heard the beginning of this when looking up vape vids of the PT2 that I'm getting soon, and there you are!  Ain't that some crap lmao

Marc Overton: Right on

Rueben W: most perfect video and your personality in it makes me want to watch it again just because i love the protank 2

nunya bizness: disassemblable :)

Renee andChuck: I hope all you vapers join CASAA 'Consumer Advocates for Smoke-Free Alternatives'. It is this organization fighting to keep all us vapers vaping without strict Government controls, regulations and taxes. Join the fight for your right to vape. CASAA.org

smurfynj2448: Great review I hope to see more vs video.

BUZDRIFT: Love this channel twitsed, Great for a first time starter like me trying to quit cigarettes. Always good to hear from a dude that doesn't fk around.

BUZDRIFT: Yeah i cant wait i spent like 300 bux on a kit and like 20 E-Liquids with 4 kanger pro tanks 2's. It's gonna change my health for the better 4 sure. Every one i speak to says it does.

Kev Rees: Nice video. I've had a hard time with the puritank. Get down to the last 1/4 of a tank and get spitting, gurgling and leaking. It's the same with recoiled wicks as well as premade shop bought. Loved the protank so think I'll invest in a protank 2 now. Thanks for the video.

bigdubsss: I quit two years ago by vaping. There are a lot of different reports on health effects, but I can tell you that I feel 100x better than I did while smoking cigarettes.

2DollarBOB: have you tried the anyvape Davide? I was debating on that over the protank 2. Help me!!!

Scott Golding: My Fi 18 broke my Protank

nick olson: i dropped my protank1 like from 12ft and not even a scratch! and the airy drawl is quite nice wish many juices!

barrett cowart: the kanger headz work really good for me with wicking and flavor without gurgle or leaking since iv started to use ekowool strands in place of the normal silica flavor wicks i kept the wick and coil stock :) flavor wick is the only thing iv had to replace so far and iv had it for a min...

barrett cowart: anyvape beat kanger on the release of these take apart glassomizers ;)

barrett cowart: AnyVape Davide is my #1 choice pick but thats just me... 15$ oh yea... and they plan on releasing bigger glass tubes and center post extension xD Epic Winning... Duhhhhhh
Kanger Pro Tank 2 VS. DBox Puritank VS Kanger Pro Tank 1-Glassomizer Showdown! 5 out of 5

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Julián Maldonado: mas pelijuegos !!!!!!!!!! me los he visto todos como mil veces jajajaja
MusicalRose: Oh my gosh when this came out. Ugh so much childhood!😭❤️
Cheeyev: What's a 'convh shell'?
Da Lizard: Thanks for the CC , so much better for us poor people (because youre actually good at doing those videos mate)
DJAJ101: I know. Made another video about that. Check out my next video if your interested.
nod bod: Probably a very good saw but this "Unbiased" Review is being presented by a Bosch dealer.

Kanger Pro Tank  2 VS. DBox Puritank VS Kanger Pro Tank 1-Glassomizer Showdown!