Macadamia Oil Vs Moroccan Oil

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Moroccanoil Vs. Macadamia Oil
Moroccanoil Vs. Macadamia Oil
Macadamia Oil vs Moroccan Oil
Macadamia Oil vs Moroccan Oil
Moroccan and Macadamia Oil for Hair
Moroccan and Macadamia Oil for Hair
Macadamia Natural Oil vs. Moroccan Oil
Macadamia Natural Oil vs. Moroccan Oil
Moroccanoil Treatment vs. 100% Argan Oil
Moroccanoil Treatment vs. 100% Argan Oil

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Holey Moley: i love macadamia and their heal oil too really penetrates

CrazyisShe: I havent tried the macadamia but i had thw morrocan oil and OMG it was the ultimate heavenly prayers answered for my hair. My hair was like on crack x 1,000!

lynetteangel: Have you tried the dupe versions i tried it and it was great and less expensive

Elaf Taleb: I loooooove the smell of macadamia

MzVikkee Anders: I prefer the MoroccanOil Mask.  The Macadamian Nut weighs my hair down so bad but the MorocccanOil Mask makes my hair so shiny, soft and so manageable. There's 3 different MoroccanOil Masks and the one I prefer is the one with orange trimmed lid.  I also prefer the scent of MoroccanOil.  I'm wondering if you have the light MoroccanOil mask.  

BeautyKeeper16: does the macadmaia repair mask make ur hair straight after using it multiple times ?

Kyvach: Lucy Liu, is that you!?

Missiemania: Yay you're so welcome! Which one did you decide on?

Henriette Hallum: Thank you so much! This video helped me:)

Clauu Valenz: Thanks it was sooo helpful!!!

MissAngelic1993: why is the smell of a product a major decision-maker for you? shouldn´t be the actual effect?

Maryam Malek: Do you know if all the Macadamia products have the same coconut smell?

Maryam Malek: Thank you so much for specifically saying the Macadamia smells like coconut. I was just about to order it online but I can't stand the smell of coconut.

Missiemania: Hi hun, Macadamia Natural Oil does have a product called StraightWear which is their hair straightener infused with macadamia oil. I'll put the link at the end of my description box above. I haven't used it myself so def read up on StraightWear to see if its right for you :)

Rin Martan: Hi. Will the macadamia oil make your hair straighter? My hair is really wavy and i wanna try the product. But im having doubts, because it's so expensive.

AssiieJj: beautybay com :)

Missiemania: Hi Alma, you can buy the Macadamia oil treatment from Amazon or Ulta. Just search for - Macadamia natural oil deep repair masque. I also have a link to Ulta in the description box above. If you want to buy from Ulta make sure to search for coupon codes for 20% off for example. I hope this helps, thanks for watching :)

Alma Rodríguez: Where can i buy the Macadamia olí treatment...... Plis help me

AxelaTV: thanks

Missiemania: The moroccan oil has a somewhat strong perfume smell. The fragrance is not for everyone, some girls love it and some hate it. If you're undecided about which to try, I'd go for the macadamia oil. Hope this helps.
Macadamia Oil vs Moroccan Oil 5 out of 5

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Macadamia Oil vs Moroccan Oil