Oil Rinsing For Natural Hair

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Frizz Buster: Oil Rinse for Natural Hair
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Tutorial: Oil Steaming
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Kyss My Hair: Hey everyone! Please follow my new Google + page: www.google.com/+kyssmyhair1 

mwanamke2: well sth that I tried quite recently that I found worked really well with my hair was deep conditioning my hair first then adding a heated up mixture of coconut,almond and argan oil to the hair when dripping wet and then braid it into 4-6 sections.I would then put a plastic bag on my head and tie a scarf on top of that and then go to sleep.When I wake up in the morning and remove the bag the hair is a tinsy bit damp but is super super soft and most of the oil is absorbed and not just sitting on top of the shaft.You can then proceed to do a blow out with a dryer (I use the tension method) or leave it to air dry if you are not in a hurry.

Kinks Of Nature: Bahamas!!! :)

TeaSeaKay: I have 4a/b hair and I do a similar process except I do the oil rinse last and it makes my hair feels great! I do it last because it seals all the moisture in from the water and the little bit of conditioner I don't rinse out as a leave in.

Gold Okoeka: hey why havent u been making videos its been sooo long!

Maggie A: Your lipstick looks perfect! :)

Rose2gard: you talk too damn fast !

Tweety Elsy: hello! i'm just obsecess about the colors of your lipsticks!! can you pleazz!! do a video on them!!??

Kayla Knowles: What type of gel do you use? 

BeaunaturelleFeb11: You said that you're hair takes forever to dry, which suggests to me that you have low porosity hair. When I oil rinsed I applied conditioner on top of the oil, donned a plastic cap, and sat under the dryer for 30mins. When I rinsed it out my hair felt glorious! I have low porosity hair, and find the SM Restorative too thick to penetrate my strands. So I would suggest using a more water based leave-in and applying IMMEDIATELY after you rinse out the oil and conditioner, instead of waiting till its 70-80% dry, because leaving oil in your hair with nothing else = dryness.

Char J: is this supposed to be beneficial for low porosity?

AprilBey: Bahamian eh?

JennifersWorldReviews henry: hunnie no joke try the veggie glycerin in your hair after you wash after you put the leave in conditioner it will softens ok let me know 

bridgette coleman: Love the video. I agree,, don't let your natural hair stress you out. I'm going to try the hair oil. thanks

barnacles: "Is it free before 11?" haha, you're funny ^.^

biobele igonikon: Gonna try it out

krysruck: I tried this with coconut oil and tell in love!

Royalty221: uve got a similar hair texture to me if not identical, i must stay the oil rinse looks really benificial prior to conditioning i must try this. LOVE your hair in the video how did u get it to lay down like that?? pleasse share/do a tutorial 

Tiffany Herndon-Chambers: What color and brand of lipstick are you wearing? We are about the same complexion and I've been looking for a non-Hoeish red lipstick color... And you have the best I've seen..lol

Keara Green: i wish i could kiss your hair its beautiful! (gaaa i hope that doesnt sound creepy) i love your channel! keep it rollin

Marie-Line Edana: I Like your lipstick his color is so wonderful .

rochellegordon09: Did you try oil rinsing after conditioning instead of before?

Tiffany Herndon-Chambers: Thanks!

TheBrownIsland: Use leave-in, Moisturizer and a little oil and light gel. Although it may be Fun trying out different things; do what works for your hair not what you saw someone else doing.

artisticgalacticgyal: After I rinse out my conditioner. I add the oil under the shower head.. My hair has been the softest it's ever been and I can now detangle my bsl hair in minutes and I no longer feel like I just want to shave it all off when it's time to wash. I'm the type of person that doesn't like to put too much time into hair And this has truly saved me much time and aggravation. I use coconut oil and I've found that water then oil then butter works best for my hair so it might work for u too. Good luck

JCee Jermet: Does your conditioner have Sulphates in it. was just wondering if that may be the issue. I know not everything will work for everyone. I have been having issues with my hair for a long time i tried almost everything, until i read a copy of The science of Black hair. That book is one of the best gifts i have ever received.

pynkstarr: I've been seeing oil rinse videos in my recommendation section. This video definitely helped and I really want to try it now. As far as you saying you'll go Eva Marcille in a minute.... lol i feel you. I get those moments all the time. Great video!

Kyss My Hair: I tried using grapeseed oil once and it wasn't enough to seal my hair. I lived in a much colder climate when I tried it so that may be the reason I didn't like it. However, I may go back to it now that I'm in a much warmer climate. Thanks for the suggestion!

Aisha Howard: I have been doing this for a long time. I did not know it was called oil rinsing. The products used in this video do not agree with my hair so that could also be the problem with the results you achieved.

Kyss My Hair: Thanks! I have on the covergirl bronzer in ebony bronze in the crease.

Cortney Wallace: I really liked this...i will be trying this

Kyss My Hair: 100% Thanks for watching!

Kyss My Hair: Thanks for sharing! I tried to prepoo with coconut oil a few times before on my dry hair as a pre-poo before and my hair wasn't that much more softer after washing. That's why I was hesitant to try it in the oil rinsing process. I might work different on my wet hair though!

Kyss My Hair: I've added oils to my conditioners before as well, but I haven't done that in a while. I'll do an update video soon.

Kyss My Hair: LOL thanks for laughing at my joke :)

Kyss My Hair: Thanks! I'm from the Bahamas. A link for the lippie is in the description box.

Kyss My Hair: Thanks for sharing!

morethanyourbasics: I'm still finding out my regimen as well. I've tried oil rinsing maybe twice but i only put the oil on long enough to detangle before i put on the conditioner and rinse. obviously, everyone's hair is going to react differently but something to consider is letting the oil sink in with a shower cap too long AND applying the conditioner may OVER condition your hair and in change the overall texture of your hair. just stumbled upon your videos. they're quite interesting. much love :)

JCee Jermet: I really enjoy your videos.

Kyss My Hair: I was thinking the same thing. In fact, when I recorded the video I said it, but edited it out because the video was too long. I think I'm very protein sensitive.

LT Cartwright: Thanks for the info, I'm interested lol btw, Are you Bahamian?

Kyss My Hair: Thank you! I'll go look at hers.

Dawn Wyatt: You're not feeling that softness bc teseme is wack. The shampoo strips my hair leaving it knotty and rough and the conditioner doesn't do a thing. I love fructis it really works for me

Kyss My Hair: Glad it works for ya!

Jouelzy: You should apply the oil first on dry hair, and let it sit Natural Haven (she writes for BGLH) has a blog where she breaks down pre pooing with coconut oil and explains the science behind it --- and she's a scientist. I'm going do a video on it eventually but it does really help.

Thatallqt: I have use oil rinsing with success! I got the best results using avocado oil! SInce im out of avocado oil and coconut oil at the moment on my last wash day i just used what i have on hand - African Pride oil and cantu shine silk serum mixed. And it worked fine I did try to use olive oil once for my oil rinse and it was an OK experience. I find that if i mix evoo in my conditioner it works better or if i use evoo as a hot oil treatment before i wash.

Kyss My Hair: Thanks for sharing your experience!

JCee Jermet: I had an issue with porosity, so after reading The Science Of Black Hair I started doing an apple cider rinse and my hair feels awesome. I am now retaining more length.

Leeannjua S.: Lastly, you want to make sure you're keeping a good balance between moisturizing & protein conditioners. There's actually no such thing as protein "sensitivity", because hair is protein, but you can be overloading the hair w/ protein it doesn't need, thus causing a hard/dry feeling to the hair because the protein is just sitting on the hair shaft. Just food for thought...

sorry4ya28: Could you share what u have on your eyes?
Oil Rinsing for Natural Hair 4.8 out of 5

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