Oil Rinsing For Natural Hair

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Oil Rinsing for Natural Hair
Oil Rinsing for Natural Hair
Natural Hair Experience With Oil Rinsing (It's Official)
Natural Hair Experience With Oil Rinsing (It's Official)
Oil Rinsing for
Oil Rinsing for "Natural Hair" LONGER. SOFTER. SHINIER HAIR
The Oil Rinse
The Oil Rinse

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Talia Jones: how do you get your edges to stay slicked down ? mines always curl back up .

Tae Pedican: lol know that accent anywhere!242

whitni woodard: Loved your honesty at the end! Hair is hair, do what works for you.

BlondesOConnor: Pleaseeeee show me the comb thing you put in the sides of your hair for that style. It looked so easy and effective. I use hair pins which fall out and are annoying

PanamericanistaM0R3Na: Castor oil is thick. It always leaves my hair oily. Only put oil on your finger tips, and rub it through. That is how you avoid oily hair. Apply it by the finger tips.

OMane: I oil rinse with Almond oil....last though

ash86marie: great video, very informative

Sugar Kiss: Huh?

Milagro Peters: Are u from Trinidad?

shaun banks: You washed most of the oil out you should leave a little more in then you did

Cynthia Melendrez: Thank you for your honesty. I did the oil rinsing too and it left my hair not as soft as I expected. I will however they it again because like u I feel I was anticipating the softness n rinsed the conditioner out too quickly 

Kim .Fuller: Its the conditioner my hair didn't like it either 

Danie Harris: What I did was condition and then use the oil and I loved it

IMSOFLYAHAHA: I did oil rinsing after i did a hot oil treatment, bentonite clay mask and deep condition and boy did my hair feel GLORIOUS best it's ever felt! 

Tashianna Williams: You talk to fast😐

Alfred Sweeting: I don't even need to look you up to know you are bahamian. wassup duddi?

fancyfee929: I've never tried oil rinsing, but may give it a try. I like to mix oil into my deep conditioner though! Thanks for sharing.

Mrs. Nitra Suber (Pap): I love to use the oil rinse method. I wash my hair first then I add the conditioner and oil together. I put a bag or whatever is handy at that time (lol) and let it sit for a hour. Mine comes out very soft and shiny. Use grapeseed oil next time. That may make a difference. Good luck!!!

dominique fitzpatrick: maybe you have low porosity hair. try using products and things with less oil or cocoa nut oil and more butters like Shea butter

Domynique White: You're not alone. Another youtuber did the SAME thing with your exact same conditioner and said she felt her hair feel brittle and dry in the shower. Try switching conditioners and using coconut oil. I use that now thnks to the youtuber naptral85 and it's saved my hair
Oil Rinsing for Natural Hair 5 out of 5

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Oil Rinsing for Natural Hair