How To Install A Roof Vent Flashing For A Furnace Chimney

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How To Install A Roof Vent Flashing For a Furnace Chimney
How To Install A Roof Vent Flashing For a Furnace Chimney
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David S: also you should use double wall,B vent,so it doesnt sweat n rust

David S: use a plumb bob, tie a nut to a string to find where to cut the roof hole

eed: needs a rain collar

Heavyboxes DIY Master: Sheathing should be 1" away from the vent even if it's double wall vent.

veryslyfox: Shoulda caulked it

rredman84: Your bottom row of shingles goes under the vent, the rest of your rows go over the vent base and you cut out then round shape as you go leaving the lower vent base exposed using the overlap method. You also should put ice and water shield over the felt before you lay down shingle. Its hard at first but once you do a half a dozen its easy.

FantasyMainframe: A plumb bob would make figure out where to cut the roof a snap...just a friendly tip :)

edwinclass56: Thank you!

edwinclass56: Where are the two nails removed from the top? They were not replaced. Is the "vent cap" missing? Water will get into the house otherwise. Finished job?

Hearthman1159: The entire vent should be B-vent since it is located in an unconditioned space. I would have located the roof jack further down from the ridge and use listed elbows with supports. Sorry but work like this is job security for me. This is NOT DIY work as proven here.

MrCinimod93: its the only way we make them not leak plus it glues down the singles so the wind dont flip them back and snap them off in the cold

MrCinimod93: around here we put tar under the singles that are on top of the flashing if we don't the wind blows the rain up under and into the house

Jason D Jean: Does the whole pipe need to be dual wall, or just the section actually going through the roof?

michael amaya: The hole you cut is to small. You should have 1 inch clearance around your pipe. Also you should use dual wall vent pipe, b-vent. A cap and rain collar should also go on. Then nail down and cover with roof tar.

Richard Recupero: Awesome video I'm about to go climb up on a roof and do that myself right now charging a customer 1500 dollars

Carl Smith: looks good ,a little mastic under the lose taps keep the wind at bay , better then some roofer would do, and save you money.

Dave Smith: Good video...Instead of a chisel, get a wonder much easier...

6sxpressdotcom: all you need is a plumb line

Mrbraveharrt: Not sure but where the pipe goes through the roof should be class A stainless steel pipe? That looked like standard single wall pipe. Nice job on the flashing though.

Awelton85: You actually did do it correctly. You can go ahead and nail the bottom where it is exposed and put a little silicone over the nail heads. Depending on where you live this will stop the bottom of the flashing from blowing up and letting snow get under the flashing. You can also stick the shingles you disturbed back down with some roof cement, as they won't reseal after they have been pried loose.
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How To Install A Roof Vent Flashing For a Furnace Chimney