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Refacing Kitchen Cabinets

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tim wilson: Whoa whoa whoa.... Great tips here but i can see in the end result the holes are indented. That is to say the material is sanded or pressed in so that its not flat around the holes. How did you achieve this? Thx 
prettynpunk117: George Lopez. The first guy I wanna meet.
Vegard Settli: Hi! My son want a sp2 here in Norway. I understand that it sucks with 45-50 km/t So, after some googeling im not smarter. What would you suggest as a smart way to tune he's fb2? Without changing sylinder, carorator.. Thanks again
Nitescu Ion Laurentiu: romania lool
Boker JKM: Better than original one, original one = not argument, fake violence, and no sense. This one = Nice argument, nice scenes, Robocop remember who is he(better than original), and awesome ending. And yes, i was fan of robocop, i have the original trilogy, but this reboot is better.
hondaus90: What is the name of that song at 3:15?
intheshitter: Would this be the same process for an rb25 rail?

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