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Julie t: He Screams Christian
张朔: In real life when you hit the apex you start to get back in throttle smoothly and straighten up the bike... I guess that's something all the motorcycle games these days still need to work on in terms of simulating real world
killajoe13: Good stuff, thanks. Looking forward to more.
Angel Martinez: What about Tony Iommi? Doesn't he play an SG?
Lusin: Ha! The best part is when Jesse retreats to his glass of water when the awkwardness get too tense!
exwhyz33: Another spectacular LG offering. On the back, is the button below camera for taking selfies + heart rate monitor?
Konstantin noname: Ваше не надежный, 2 поломки за год, затвор не стал стопориться при пустом магазине и вечная проблема прокладка ((( пистолет на 3. Слабоват(

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