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Refacing Kitchen Cabinets

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mattdeanmusic: freaking Coopers Red this and Coopers Green that... It's all good! Why don't you wankers just be proud there's still a brewery like Coopers left in Australia. God forbit they weren't and we'd all have to drink Tooheys or CUB crap! Quit squabbling amongst yourselves and celebrate Coopers - regardless of the freaking colour of the label!
Jerrell Rivers: Dude u rock i knew you was going to be the 1st on the new super sentai
Killerkarpfen1990: Bourdais with his glassed :D
jack testerman: That is not a dalek I have 2 better than that one
chriscougar86: @blabblab1212 I am blessed to find a great doctor that wont over medicate. there is good doctors, they are just hard to find
xhellsingguy: what ware the boobs i bet got some big ones i wood sub to clev or what ever u call if i seen ur boobs and if i can get a lick lol look yummy

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