Installing A Airdog 150 On A Chevy Duramax LB7

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installing a Airdog 150 on a chevy duramax LB7
installing a Airdog 150 on a chevy duramax LB7
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AirDog® II-4G Installation on a 2006 LBZ Duramax
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AirDog Installation - Video 1 of 2
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David Lammers: What do you do with the oem fuel filter? Does it get deleted? That would be great!!

Vidal Martinez: What's the point of the lift pump?

Thomas Whitman: Has anyone realized the hose is supposed to replace the fuel rail. Thats why theres 6 foot of it, it hooks straight to the engine

Billy Bob: nice truck just got me a 07 lbz has a fass lift already guess they do the same thing as the air dog Fuel.Air.Seperation.System

Jibbz707: all those twitst and turns in the hose just creats more air/bubbles my man

AoDMADPenny: What bumper is that? And what size Lift do you have? Getting a 2004 LLY And i want to make it badass like yours! Hahah

Mike Goss: What does this do for your truck,I have 12 Dmax just hit 85000 bought it with 6, been running power service every fill up

stang3forty7: have you had any issues with the pump? Been considering one, but I keep hearing about both FASS and AD pump failures. 

Jesse Hart: General Gades a cat back won't help airflow much a turbo back does more benefits I have a lift pump S&B intake Edge programmer and 4 inch Turbo back on my 2006 lbz I retain the factory Egr and no issues with it I have over 300,000 miles on it use it for heavy towing long trips and I'll rebuild it before I buy this new junk

Kevin Rogers: bad ass looking truck dude! had a set of injectors done yet?

Joey: I know its unrelated but what size lift is that, front and rear

Charlie LeDouche: Ha Ha!... EGR, DPF, DEF... My LB7 doesn't know what that stuff is!

DaJokrz: @Gades117 - If your looking to prolong the life of your truck, the most common recommendations are to delete or block the egr, and reroute the pcv system. If you have no plans of racing and want a lift pump, look into a raptor or airdog 100. You don't need to bother with the stock intake system unless you just want bling under the hood. 4" exhaust is plenty, but 5" is common just for the noise. Best option to increase mpg is to run efi live. It's cleaner then any canned tuner such as edge

General Gades: Thats one badass truck btw Leather power and custom

General Gades: Also not looking to spend a fortune on mine just extend its life and mpg. An Egr delete will cost me 1200 where a cooler upgrade 400. Plus no risk of emmisions. Just wondering what you thought about that system of air dog reccomend or what you think in regard to making a diesel duramax stay for a long time?

General Gades: Looking to enjoy my new 07 duramax lbz however I was wondering what all I should do to the vehicle? I was contemplating three things and thats it. One a catback exhaust cause dyno shows this system works as good as turbo till 3k rpms, two a airdog 150 to extend lift and injector pump life, and three a lifetime sinister Egr cooler upgrade that will not clog. That way I would be able to enjoy my diesel and extend its life. What did you do or recommend? I dont need to race mine just drive it

alexsweldingservice: can you use this to bypass the cooler or is it still running though it?

Cory mcIlveen: What bumper do you have man beautiful truck !

Trevor Candelaria: Did you have to drop your tank to get to the fittings on top of the fuel tank?

AmmoMaster: frank ,, calm down...... you cant regulate the fuel pressure on a AD100 or AD150 , ONLY the Raptor or AD2165 amont other brands allow you to regulate fuel pressure... for the life of me I dont understand why this is important to you?
installing a Airdog 150 on a chevy duramax LB7 5 out of 5

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installing a Airdog 150 on a chevy duramax LB7