Underberg Advert, Fischerkoesen

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Underberg Advert, Fischerkoesen
Underberg Advert, Fischerkoesen
Underberg Review
Underberg Review
Philips Advert, Fischerkoesen (1937)
Philips Advert, Fischerkoesen (1937)
Underberg Oude Reclamespot jaren '80 Vintage 80s Commercial Alcohol Liquor
Underberg Oude Reclamespot jaren '80 Vintage 80s Commercial Alcohol Liquor
Werbung 2014   Underberg
Werbung 2014 Underberg

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GreeenBaron: Wow, I guess I seriously need some motherfreakin' Underberg.

Abomin Ator: this stuff taste like crap

falkoz: @lovenow Yeah, old Question, but it says "Underberg - bans indisposition and settles you down. Daily Underberg and you feel fine".

Quadrophenia: My Daddy works for Underberg

Felicia D'Ambrosio: @fuseji Yes.

JeriCurl: holy crap

Jeff Patrician: this stuff is a miracle. i swear by it

zubby: That's really beautiful, in a surreal way. I could watch it all day!

partykriz: Underberg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

asentenceearly: That's what happens when you wash down peyote-topped pizza with absinthe while watching the Night On Bald Mountain segment of Fantasia. Best part is the army of fiddle-playing skeletons Y/N?

robcat2075: And after the check from his clients cleared, he said "there's one born every minute".

lovenow: Yeah,Europe has a tradition of herbal formulas in thier liquers and as digestive aids(it seems sometimes both are one and the same). I think you can get swedish bitters (non-alchoholic)in US health stores; in Hungary, where I am now, they have something like Jaegemeister, except much stronger tasting, "Unicum". Been produced since the mid 19th century I think. Kind of funny to see the applyication of modern marketing to re-popularize it with younger people as a party drink.

RatPfink66: Wikipedia says the paper wrapped bottle came in in 1946 when they began making Underberg again after WW2. I'd put the date of this at late '40s-early '50s. Anybody ever have Underberg? It's stomach bitters (Jaegermeister is similar). Nasty tasting alcoholic stuff, good for heartburn/indigestion after a meal. At Xmas time little chocolates are sold filled with it and other liqueurs.

baroughter: well... it was surely done no later than the 60s.

lovenow: Yeah, Fischerkoesen b 1896 d 1973 was a commercial animator. There's stuff on the web about him. Not sure when this film would have been made, but it's neat to see a wierd sense of humor at work.

lovenow: Kind of fascinating. But it can't possibly be recent. Does anyone have any idea of the vintage, or, what is being said?

hibhib: Genial

RobertS22: wtf
Underberg Advert, Fischerkoesen 5 out of 5

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GreeenBaron: Wow, I guess I seriously need some motherfreakin' Underberg.
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Underberg Advert, Fischerkoesen