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Refacing Kitchen Cabinets

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duplicolortv: @DaleStiles - we've added a link to part 2 in the video's description for you! Check it out and thanks for watching.
MattnKayleigh: December Faves!
nirvana896: Went to this years snowmobile shoot out in old forge ny. Hated the rush and assault 800's I rode, they pushed though corners bad, track did not seem to want to hook up. Only way that I found to get these sleds to go around a corner was to put to the bar and spin the rear out sideways. The ski-doos were pretty good, cornered and handled the moguls well, the 600 seemed a little weak compared to the cats 600. the arctic cats seemed take the moguls the best and cornered maybe slightly better than the ski-doos. That cat 600 rips, from the seat of the pants it felt faster than the 800 Polaris, maybe it just hooks up better but it's fast. 
Rosângela Melo: TÁ SEM AUDIO!
atyl1972: great vid I've done it before but i forgot, thanks.
IsusaWH: Allow me to say something : I honestly , really , appreciate the fact that you stated both in the video and in the description that this is a paid promotion . Many do not do it , and the fact that you did make your subscribers understand and respect you for that (as you may know , many promotion video usually get many dislikes ,but no yours ). You could've make it some kind of DRFH but you didn't , and I respect you for it. That being said, WHERE THE freak IS DIS RAP FOR HIRE ?!
762x54rgun: so this is just laser tag. hm.

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