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JOACO jipj: 20:21 q onda, salía en la vida -202?? XD q raro
Benjamin Lui: Wish I have the TAICHI instead of my macbook air! Except I heard the ASUS TAICHI still feel too heavy to be a tablet. But this is way more innovative than Apple :D Deserves better marketing
philt140: Easy on those hotdogging barrel rolls on take off! Lol! you are one lucky dude! you almost made the walk of shame with a heavy duty trash bag in your hand. 
TiiNMLG: En el min 25 la calavera le hace un trickshot a alkapone LIKE..!
sarcastic_ass: im confused, coz judging by the badges this is a honda accord euro R, but you say it has a k24. euro R's come with k20's. And im guessing you threw in the 'type s acura tsx' bullcrap to catch searches :D
gregvance: Fricken beautiful. 
jon angus: I feel the majority of people would have preferred 9mm over 380, myself included. 9mm is easier to find, cheaper when you do, and better terminal ballistics compared to 380. Difference in recoil is minor when comparing the two.

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