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Refacing Kitchen Cabinets

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Dennis Zurlinden: holy crap this thing is fast
SwedishGrammarPolice: My dog doesn't understand the purpose of balls, he only hunts living things =P
Tori Scott: Hey who was the black woman at the end?...their childhood maid?..nanny?..the glimpse of her was so fast at the end..kinda just thrown in there last minute.
Blitzwinger: A NEW ADVENTURE BEGINS! Thank you for your support, liking the videos and commenting :-)
TELEFONINOpuntoNET: 640x480 a 10 fps. I video e le foto non sono il lato migliore di questo nokia.
Bryon Lape: Being a military brat, the models I made when I was young didn't survive all the moves. Enjoyed it back in the day though.

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