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TheHolyBurger: I do plan on making my current outlander into a poison outlander using your exact same method which makes me happy because i'm not the only one that wanted to make this kind of build. :) I, however, have a special shared stash file that has respec potions that don't flag you as a cheater. I will level up my outlander using power skills until i get to lvl 100. Once I'm lvl 100, I'll start using giant venom embers and rambren skulls for high critical. Thanks for the ideas man. :D
Lesah Gee: your so pretty! :D
Belinda O. Dunlap: You possibly can eliminate tmj permanently in less than 1-2 months naturally
vistacruiser70s: "Good Night" but it daylight in the last scene.
Blohm616: this is bacause some assholes still dont know that your are NOT supposed to do online gamming on wifi connections !
Alex Darby: What is a roosterplayer?
Wiltrud: Geiles Bike :)

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