NutriBullet Vs. Vitamix

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NutriBullet vs Vitamix Review - Which Is Best? See for Yourself
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Nutribullet vs Vitamix S30: Say WHAT?
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Dragon Cat: They should just freak each other with a strapon

XTL: Nothing was measured properly.

Eyal Levinstein: Very bad advice. The NutriBullet can't do half the stuff the Vitamix does. Plus the NutriBullet is known to break and rust. Very poor review.

Bruco Alidas: Becky you need to take the tamper out when blending

Lisa Pomerantz: Which nutribullet are you using in this video?

Lora Dittmar: I was stunned to see the Vitamix being used with the tamper inserted through the entire blending. The tamper is to scrape things down toward the blades only when needed, like peanut butter. You are totally impeding the best capability of the machine by having it just sitting in the middle of the Vitamix. What the heck is that about?

Boi2012: When I first came upon this video and watching the very beginning when you were adding the ingredients, I thought this was a set up to show bias towards the more expensive Vitamix. But, I was glad to see that I was wrong and you did an honest, unbias comparison. Props to you both.

I used a relative's Nutribullet once and was amazed that it performed just as well as the much more expensive Vitamix, although I'm sure there's probably more a Vitamix can do over the Nutribullet. But, for the average person like myself the Nutribullet is the best buy and a great deal if you don't want to spend the much higher price for a Vitamix. As well as you stated, it doesn't take up a lot of space on the counter.

Hitish Gada: Nothing really beats a Vitamix. This probably works for single people but not family people.

Fausto Benavides: Great for Nutribullet, but I wouldn't change my Vitamix for anything in this world😄!!

FallnAngel07: I hate when people don't know how to use the vitamix. Do NOT leave the tamper in there. Use it to push down ingredients and then put the lid plug on it.

Tink Odaat: thanks for the demo- so I'll blend my smoothie in the Nutrabullet  a few more seconds to grind everything up.   Nice

Joseph Dorvilus: Very impressive I love it 

Oscar v: Biased, to justify their our purchases 

cor: you guys had a pre agenda. 

Georgia Harley: it don't have to be totally fine blending..............

Georgia Harley: my blender makes a great smoothie....................duh

SolidState: I have the Vitamix, the Ninja 1000 watt model and the Magic Bullet. I upgraded originally to the Ninja because I drink a lot of green smoothy... 2 liters or more daily. The bullet is okay, but I hated making several small smoothies every day. Or, if I'm making fruit and yogurt smoothies for the family I can't make a pitcher... I have to make 4 small smoothies. Enter the Ninja! The Ninja cannot blend things up like the bullet can. Green smoothies, while they taste good are more like chunky salads you can drink (and chew). The Bullet does a better job here for anyone comparing those two models, although I find I've got a shake it often to get it smooth. So, after living with the Ninja for awhile (and keeping toothpicks on hand when drinking my to-go smoothies) I finally upgraded to the Vitamix. I should have just followed my instincts and went with the Vitamix from you start but it is what it is. We learn and move on. I realize now I did not know what a smooth smoothie was prior to Vitamix ownership. In fact, those who critiqued the cheaper brands I thought were just smoothie snobs and had to justify their lavish expenditure. Nope. The Ninja isn't in the same league, nor is the bullet. You can see in the video the woman with the Vitamix is actually chewing on that bullet smoothie at first. The other one only thinks it's fantastic because she didn't try the one from the Vitamix and her friend doesn't have the heart to tell her. Furthermore, throw a heavy helping of leafy greens in there and compare. I'm not saying the bullet is junk. For the price it is good and for most people it is all they will need. If it gets people consuming more fruits and vegetables then it's a valuable product. In fact, I'll be going back to a job that requires extensive travel and I'll be taking my bullet with me. It is however, not the Vitamix. You can be quite certain that commercial smoothie establishments and restaurants will not be ditching their Vitamix's for Nutri-bullets . 

kimchiman1000: Three things:

1. Y'all are cute. Nice presentation!
2. Glad I saw this. I just got a used NutriBullet, as I can't afford a Vitamix. I feel like it was $40 very well spent.
3. I was thinking, "There really ought to be a chicken in that kitchen. I actually made a point of looking around, and there it is: a chicken! Just gives your kitchen a 'complete' look.

Thanks for the comparison.

Vaughan Elphick: Love how the Vitamix owner has to say its not quite as smooth, the other girls express "Not quite as smooth? Ok." They are EXACTLY the same, the Vitamix owner just hates she spent a fortune and does the same job as the much cheaper machine lol
NutriBullet vs. Vitamix 5 out of 5

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