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Renato Sama: So... If i buy this.. ( or other Legend) i will play with the character in the game? ( do it the quest's, instances, walk in the world map, etc, etc)? or is just for a PvP Map?
ben tatum: Oakland Sewer Repair Experts With Free Oakland Sewer Repair Estimates
halim4279: bagus
Omar Correa: Quit talking so fast it's very hard to hear exactly what you're saying when you talk so fast please slow down just a little bit!
Kit Doctor: Thanks for the coverage. Can't wait to play it. I too am wondering about comp. patches like for Immersive weapons etc, because all of that with SkyRe seemed so complicated that I never did them. Subbed and am looking forward to talk about the patches.
Ted's HoldOver: [Note to Self] Do NOT click on video until you are adequately prepared for "HELLO THERE!!!" 
JUAKOFILTH: fíjense que la pagina sea idéntica a esa o no les servirá este vídeo... para los que tienen pagina d-link no necesitan contraseña déjenlo en blanco... y para los que tienen linksys creo que la contraseña es pasword .. pero yo no tengo uno de esos así que no les puedo ayudar con ninguno de esos dos ... lo siento sigan buscando XD

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