Tera Online Weapons And Armor Enchanting Guide

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Did this video help you?

Austin Parker: this guide is soo missing key info

Cepin: "where do i go enchant my weapons?" "stormwind" haha

berti etem: Meh, The Avatar weapon is the truth i aint lose money to enchant weapon, i enchant boots and armor only ;)

piewolf galaxygamer: If you enchant too much will you weapon breake like the other games??

CynicOnTheFringe: Old video, still very relevant. Liked ur crisp clean to the point approach. Saved me a lot of time. Thumbs up!

Andy P: wow thank you so much man this was excellent i'll subsribe. Very well expalined !!!

StaryStarDust: Also what happens if you enchant a weapon with the weapon you just enchanted for that quest xD or another enchanted weapon?

Pakin Pongcheewin: so you can fail at early level =_= may i ask how high you can go until when the item fail to enhance the lvl drop? or will it always remain the same level? O.O and also i was wondering whether or not the item can break...

Olivier Martel: You can actually enchant to +12 , and I believe it works with tiers, not item level..

WildMicas: Wuuuat?! I have 1 Weapon, Lancer Class, I wan't to upgrade it, but i can't put it on the upgrade slot!

IamTireDoFthisShit Mama: What is the max enchant you can get? plis reply

lulu cc: Please make a video of + 6 and + 9 as well. I have no idea where to get those mats besides Alkahest only up until +3. :(

Griffin Jackson: How can i craft rare and superior weapons? My old guild master created rare weapon and gear and it had higher stats then all drop or quest items for about 7 levels.

TDKPyrostasis: Ill add it to my list, but probably be a month or two before I can get to it.

Tony Chan: Will epic weapon drop when u killed the boss??

my4thchannellol: 1St

MechanicalHart: Your volume was a bit low, but good video quality and explanation. Thanks.

Jayzeus Khrist: ur volume is so low lol

bedonkedong1: how to get the enchanting table???

TDKPyrostasis: Quite a few will be coming down the pipe over the next few days.

Scarx2gt: Need advice... should I buy a +8 lvl47 superior weapon on the broker for like 1315 gold or do I go for the unenchanted (cost about few hundred gold) one and enchant it myself?

ada braha: so i as watching this video, the video sound was low so i went to 100% then back to the game *LOUD MUSIC*

serraniumxetra: ive herad the max is +12 but that is a lux weapon or sumting like that

rbboof: i wasnt going to even try enchanting because i thought it wes going to be so dang difficult thanks a lot for the info and showing me where to buy the mats

MikadoKurosawa: Also there is still a chance to fail, it just does not break the gear, after +4 it is a pain and usually not worth the effort to enchant until you are max level

eragon21: thanks, i really want to know how to get the blue and pink alkahest

Enots5987: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOB. Its not "ITEM LEVEL" its the item's "TIER". IF you got a tier 6 item and you want to enchant it, you need to have a tier 6 sacrificial item.

TDKPyrostasis: I'll update the guide over the next few days as I progress in crafting with the advanced setups.

OutMagic: Found it extremely helpful, thanks heaps mate! :)

wow3214: do more of these kind of vids please

zouk079: If u fail to enchant at some point can u try again on the same item or it wont work from that point on?

TDKPyrostasis: yeah this was back in the day prior to my new mic

Nattie229: thanks alot :)

Kayli Creampuff: You do not have to use the same weapon to enchant, you only have to use a weapon that is the same tier. So you can use a tier 10 axe to enchant a tier 10 staff and so on...Only the tier matters not the weapon for enchanting

MrWaras: good way to lose gold and get the same item as the green one xD

Larry Basham: u should play Dragon age II

TDKPyrostasis: the items need to be of similar level if I recall. so a 20 white wont work on a 27 yellow if that makes sense

Zheka Sakhatsky: No guide, ever said that you can't enchant while sitting on the horse!~!!!!

SimWoo21: Appreciated dude. I'm new to Tera & MMO games, told myself I wouldn't get sucked in. But free epicness? Yes please =) I subbed, probably will need more help down the line, thanks =)

Zack Damien: Sadly not working for me :c, Trying to enchant a 27 yellow and no matter what I do nothing will enchant, whites wont even enchant... little help?

Phamy Caint: Can your Weapon break when you try to enchant? like can you lose the item?

miguel pereyra: Thx

Josh Heathcote: ROFL at the chat! "Where do I enchant my weapons." Reply: "Stormwind."

wow3214: kewl.

s4ntana: Why does your crosshair look different?

Andy P: troll

Leon Scott Kennedy: THANK YOU VERY MUCH!! Asked in-game and no one gave me answers but stupid replies and trolling.

Syazwi Ayub: *enhance an item

TDKPyrostasis: Glad it helped man

eragon21: didnt show how to upgrade past 6 ............u cant with just alkahest, it only lets you +6
Tera Online Weapons and Armor Enchanting Guide 4.9 out of 5

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Tera Online Weapons and Armor Enchanting Guide