Galaxy S3 On Android 4.2.2

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DoiG: The new ios 10

Abdo mahmoud: I hope s3 will have kitkat update. please try harder

Jokez CS:GO & MW3: how to

Acuravigor47: The GS3 was probably the best phone within the last decade. I mean its 2015 and my GS3 is still mighty. Now running 5.0 I cant see why I need to upgrade. Maybe because I am old or what? (37) Just saying how much I love the Gs3, its comfortable, nice to look at , the screen is beautiful and the phone is more powerful enough to anything I currently want it to do. Thumbs up for the Galaxy S3 still strong here mid April 2015.

Viorel Ianasi: I didn't had "the new light effect" on latest firmware I received, the 4.3. Curently I have an S5 which I don't like it that much since the update to Lollipop :(

Yousif Samir: Please for s3 mini

ช่อง eFranchise: ชอบ ชอบ

GustavoR144: Samsung S3 Slim will upgrade for a 4.4?

Otto Norori: this update, it works in s3 mini?

Micho Chaghoury: If i update my s3 to 4.2.2 i will be able to move apps to sd card???

Iago Lima: pega no galaxy s3 mini I8190L ?

BR34KF4ST: can still call?

Otaku Med: Does it works on Samsung Galaxy Star Duos GT-S5282 

Иисус Нестеровский: The link does not work.

Underground Saitama: I would like to know why the Light effect is missing in the Android 4.3 version.
I updated my Galaxy S3 a month ago.
Dont tell me the light effect comes only with the leaked 4.2.2 version... =(

Doktor Rama: How do you add words for the 4.3 version

Javi Contreras: Please when is going to be able???

Brandon Surin: when is the 4.3 update coming i still dont have it

SP4RTAN XL: 4.2.2 not going to happen now, samsung are focusing on 4.3

venichen1: For those who are experiencing "Not registered on network" errors.

Were you running I9300XXEMG4? If you were, that specific firmware revision changes the EFS format which stores your IMEI number. You'll need to flash the latest Android 4.3 ROMs for the Galaxy S3 in order to restore phone functionality as those ROMs can read the new EFS format.
Galaxy S3 on Android 4.2.2 5 out of 5

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DoiG: The new ios 10
Nicole's Adventures in SFF: The KSR book looks cool of course. I hope you get to that one :)
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Shadowshot7898: First
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Galaxy S3 on Android 4.2.2