Steel Phantom POV Old Track

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BlackNGoldRules: The original layout was great. When they changed it, they ruined it.

ACDC7369: The Phantom's Revenge is basically a neutered version of the Steel Phantom but it is nice not getting the crap beat out of you every time you ride it.

Russell Sharp: Miss the original heard the took out the loops cause women were complain that their earnings making their ears bleed on other thing is because of the whiplash people got from the loops .

exiledrabbit: you mean take out the new one? the new one is a lot better in most people's opinions

FrozenxXxRiver: The ride itself has been replaced with the Phantoms Revenge, so it isn't exactly what it used to be.

alleghenybob: RIP you big ugly SOB.

Trace Mahan: The ride itself was very disappointing when I went in May of this year I'm only 14 and I do my research on roller coasters but this ride seemed amazing but overall it was quite disappointing I love looking at this old track layout and thinking things could've been altered or refurbished to lessen complaints or injuries I would love to ride it with the inversions.

Jesse Downing: Sadly now it is watered down.

zac613: ugh i know the pain of the batwing at 1:18 becuz Worlds Of Fun in Kansas Ciy Missouri had the Orient Express from 1980-2003 and it had the first Arrow Batwing (back then called the Kamakieze Curve). and it hurt like hell.

jimman10000: i been on the old and the new version of this coster. the old version had teeth the new verson has no teeth. the new verson is too tame to be as good as the old version of this ride.

alexf02071999: Sure it LOOKED better with inversions, but it rides much better without them.

KoasterKing 205: Yeah but the thing is if the intended it to be a hyper coaster with no loops in it then the design would be different & attractive because there was no intention for loops but it's only cos the ride was designed for loops that the design looks way more unattractive than before when it had loops the first time! In other words it looks pretty obvious that it did have loops!

amselby81: I got on it when I was 15, and it hurt me so much that I didn't enjoy it. And I'm one who loves roller coasters. That was 17 years ago, and I haven't been on it since they took the loops out, but I totally understand why they took them out. I bet it's easier to enjoy now.

matt smith: I wish the phantom still had that drop the rest of that stuff I don't care it liked like u would brake ur back or ur neck but I lived in Pittsburgh my whole life and I like kenneywood but I wish they had took out half that parking lot and build more rides

MGoffer: I live 45 min from Kennywood. I rode this thing in the early 90's when it debuted. We still go there every summer for a day. This coaster was much much much better the way it was. This ride hurt people? The way it is now hurts your legs hardcore during the "airtime" hops. The inversions added to this ride soo much. Now, after the 2nd hill... the ride just sucks.

KoasterKing 205: Yeah but the inversion add to it! I've never been to Kennywood let alone ride this coaster! I think they've just ruined it's design! It may be fun but it isn't like what it used to be it look better in my opinion with inversions!

coasterfanatic6098: The Steel Phantom does looks more fun, but people said it was so rough it was hard to re-ride. If it wasn't designed by Arrow it would have been great, because it wouln't have been so rough. Phantom's Revenge is fun, but it just doesn't have the thrill factor of Steel Phantom

finkelink: dang.... i wrote that comment forever ago (haha) i was just sayin tho everyone wanted it back, but some people said it was too rough, but i honestly dont know, the revenge seems more free tho

Danny D'Orazio: Ok, since I lived in Pittsburgh my entire life I remember when the Steel Phantom opened and it did cause alot of neck and back injuries. I think that they should never even consider bringing that ride back. The Phantoms Revenge is a) alot better and b) alot smoother! Trust me The Phantoms Revenge is fun too!!

sandman842: This one gave you brain damage, amazing ride though
Steel Phantom POV Old Track 5 out of 5

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Steel Phantom POV Old Track