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Refacing Kitchen Cabinets

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Ding Farquar: is it a MEL script?
Tommy Mireles: I just hit a 111 hit combo with glacius
Zach2wheelz: The difference between religion and science is that religious people come up with beliefs then try to find evidence. Science finds evidence them develops a belief based on that evidence. 
chezs006: those bugs look like lilly beetles..
choochoo3985: I have several locomotives with Digitrax and have a PR3, however I have not succeeded in downloading the software to the PR3 using Windows XP, 7, or Vista. Can you make a simple video that shows how to? PS; enjoy the video, but find the music distracting. Have the urge to jump up and do the ELLEN Shuffle. Help me please!
oliver ramirez: una preguntita amigo si mi conexion va a 150 Kb/s cuanto demora?
Stella Weber: I agree on the off grid green design. One of the very valuable lessons we have learned however is that you have to split the black and grey water flow. If you have a large volume of water flow through the system you constantly flush out all the bacteria and the system has limited gas production. As an example if the bath and shower water, dishwasher water, clothes washing machine water and sewerage water all go through the tank it is absolutely counterproductive. I have diverted my house connection past the tank and I am only "feeding" food waste into the system on its own. I will post some feedback soon.

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