Richard Roeper's Reviews - The 10 Worst Movies Of 2013

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Richard Roeper's Reviews - The 10 Worst Movies of 2013
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Hennrik Karlsson: The next Die Hard movie should just be called "Just Die Hard already".

VP S: So... the worst film of the 2013 is White House Down? Can't imagine.

So Jin Choi: I guess he really enjoyed Scary Movie V.

90sandearly00srule1: to you guys that disagree and think these are the best movies, you guys shouldn't be taken seriously. Remember, critics are the ones that are qualified to have an actual opinion of these movies, they're the ones that have seen every movie out there, while you guys have not even watched close to half of the movies they've seen, I'm pretty sure most of you people here haven't even seen that many movies in your lifetime. And if all you're gonna do is say "this movie" was great" and nothing else of constructive value, you're not qualified to have an opinion. I think they're qualified to make a list, and an opinion because they have the experience, and is their profession. If I'm going to watch a movie, I'm going to see how well is received critically, and won't go by what audiences say, because they usually don't have a clue of what makes good movies, so yeah, to all those dissing Roeper, stuff it!

InglebertHumperdink1: Evil Dead was a freaking awesome remake. What is this guy smoking?lol

onebeatdifference: You should change the names of your reviews: worst and best movies of 2013.....some of the movies from this review were really good and 90% of your "best" were a waste of time and money.

Aldyfa Naufal: You sucker doesnt like action movies so you put it on the worst list ? what a pussies The Lone Ranger is the best movies that just won an Award G.I. Joe was total action fun Good Day to Die Hard also an awesome films Grown Ups 2 is a good funny movies and White House Down that looks similar to Olympus has Fallen was a good action movies So yeah, this sucker doesnt like action movies

Nikesh Rayamajhi: lone ranger was not so good i agree..but cant say johnny depp was bad...his humour in this movie was just too gud....

Anthony Ricci: Can anyone really disagree with this list?

Sara G.: i don t agree with some movies that you included in your list. Evil dead did it's job. it was scary. it had a little bit of gore action included yeah, but porn festival? the word PORN to describe evil dead? WERE did evil dead had any sexual action uhm?

proto245: This man doesn't know pickle how to review or watch movies properly.

bigraviolees: There is no integrity and money is the goal so more bad movies get made. The Bible nonsense took off on cable so a host of crap is on its way at the movies. I hope at these movies end it says "A work of fiction bearing no resemblance to persons living or dead

Sophie Joy: The lone ranger was a good movie! Number 3 wasn't a good judgement 

joe bill: I love White House down and the Lone Ranger!

XRJ92: I actually preferred G.I. Joe: Retaliation to G.I. Joe: Rise of Cobra.

Briana M. Reed: I actually really liked White House Down... or maybe it was just because I"m a big fan of Channing Tatum :P

Drake Santiago: No Top 10 Worst Movies for 2013 is complete without mentioning "Haunted House", starring Marlon Wayans. The movie was obnoxious in every possible way.

bryan Kinser: evil dead was good, its a horror movie.

thefunnynordby: White House Down??? What the freak

ukryanhk: No man of tai chi ? WTF

Ryan Taylor: So,if Roeper says its good,its just emotional boring crap.If he says its crap,its probably awesome.

Movie Maniac: And I saw this video 6 days before watching White House Down... :'-(

luckyday465768: The Lone Ranger? Ah Richard Roeper, you are a freaking GENIUS!!! MY god this is the worst western movie since The Wild Wild West, and one of the worst western movies ever made. You are so totally right about Jack Sparrow, dah I mean Johnny Depp. This is his worst performance in his career, he sucks at trying to act like an indian. But lets also look at the TV show. It is freaking ruined. I'm a huge fan of the TV show, and this movie freaking ruined it. The Lone Ranger in the TV show was freaking awesome. He was a Ranger, who decided he should turn himself into a symbol and use silver bullets as his avatar. A totally bad ass ranger with a totally bad ass sidekick Tonto, one of the most awesome screen indians ever. And then this freaking movie came out. The movie that some people tricked themselves into thinking it was good. Now no one will remember the totally awesome Ranger and Tonto, instead they will remember the abysmal imbeciles, and so freaking stupid ranger and tonto, played by Armie hammer and Jack-- I mean Johnny Depp. Yes I was gonna say Jack Sparrow, because it was freakING JACK SPARROW trying to act like Tonto. freak this movie, freak you Gore Verbinsky, and freak the Walt Disney company for ruining such a freaking AWESOME AMERICAN ICON. (though I did like Saving Mr. Banks even though that movie is totally bullcrap but entertaining, and I also like Frozen as well, even though it has one of the Weakest Disney story lines ever.) This movie also ruined "William Tell Overture." Everytime I hear this, it reminds me of this stink pile of a freaking movie. The cure: I watched the first season, and now I'm freaking cured. Thank god.

Wesley Rhodes: Now You See Me was one of the best mainstream movies of 2013.

AngusMilneVids: You can tell this guy's a bad reviewer because out of the furnace was his second best film of 2013... what a joke.

bryce coates: in my opinion. some of those movies were good and funny. now I'm not saying they were great and absolutely fantastic don't get me wrong, but some of those you listed had some good laughs in there.

Daniel Tasev: You've missed a big score mate. "THE PURGE". A film that overall looks serious but, actually, it's a joke. ALL the characters KEEP DOING, during the WHOLE film, things that one DOESN'T do. Seriously, why should I buy that. While watching we were saying "Sorry, I can't stand this film and watch it till the end!" We only resisted till the end thanks to its very short duration (1h20m). Why would someone make such a film? I mean a husband doesn't send his wife on a patrool misión in the living área of the house when the house is full of bad guys. He goes himself or they stick together. Stuff like that happens all the time, during the film. This should be definitely included in the 2013 worst films selection.

L. Logan: Probably the only list of The worst films of 2013, that I've seen to not have After Earth at least somewhere on there. Most lists have AE in their Top 3!!

MrNemesis3000: Evil Dead was actually the best remake I've seen next to The Thing (1982) amazing cinematography and directing, over-the-top blood and violence that knows exactly what it is, and great special effects and make-up with very little to no cgi. this is what horror movies should look like.

GrandmasterBBC: I think you are way off base on Evil Dead. No, it does not hold up to the original It is a minor tribute at best, but certainly not one of the worst films of the year.

LisaFreemontStreet: Thank you for saving me money!!!

KingKrally: I am VERY surprised After Earth and Scary Movie 5 weren't on this list. Also, I thought Movie 43 was pretty funny at parts but doesn't deserve to be put on a worst of 2013 list. But that's just me

Omar Haro: I'm just gonna say this to all the people who are bitching about Roeper's list...... MAKE YOUR OWN DAMN LIST!

Max Holland: Oh and I disagree with him on Now You See Me

Justin An: Now You See Me? I love that film

Mos Pattitarn: Dear Richard, thank you for not take Man of Steel on this list! You may gave the bad review to Man of Steel, but you're not the douchebag that I thought you would be! Thank you man!

Cinemusical: White House Down and Evil Dead weren't that bad. they were just mediocre

RichardKleiner: I've seen White House Down. If Roeper ranked Movie 43 lower, I'm scared.

Gregory House: Out of the movies I watched, the worst were AGDTDH and the new Evil Dead.

gcolbyp: +Austin Putnam would be pissed if he saw Evil Dead on a worst films of 2013 list this high

eddielong86: White House Down had a "pandering, condescending, mercilessly cynical attitude"? WTF! The other Die Hard ripoff was the one that deserved that rubbishing. Yes, the humour in WHD didn't always work, but the bottom line is that it was completely self-aware of its own stupidness and unoriginality, and was smart enough to wink at the audience and not take itself so freaking seriously. Having said that, I agree with the rest.

joan ramirez: you need another job bruh. u r buggin

MovieTalkers: I mostly agree with this list but, I liked Now You See Me, GI Joe, and White House Down. Now You See Me was a fun and interesting film with some good actors. GI Joe was a lot of fun action, which thats really all you need in a GI Joe film. Also White House Down had great action, good chemistry with the actors, and was never slow. Was it dumb, yes but it was a super fun time!

cloudtx: What's up with that "puts a child character in constant jeopardy" comment?, is that supposed to be a negative point?, why?. I agree with the list though, it was mostly generic bland crap.

crazystairs712: Ouch. I thought White House Down was crap as well... But... Its still better than Olympus Has Fallen. 

someguy604: I don't understand why GI Joe made a sequal

Jessica Waldron: I loved love LOVED white house down. Best movie ever! I loved white house down. Channing Tatum was so hot 

MegaOskar9: Worst of 2013 (My List, my opinion) 10. Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters 9. The Call 8. The Croods 7. The Purge (Ugh!) 6. The Family 5. Thanks for Sharing 4. Beautiful Creatures 3. The Host 2. Parker 1. Ragnarok (Norwegian movie, it was freaking awful!)

mojostrikesback: Any movie with Tyler Perry should automatically be on the worst list.

Megan Eddington: The only one that I disagree with would be Evil Dead. That was effed up and crazy. Loved that.
Richard Roeper's Reviews - The 10 Worst Movies of 2013 4 out of 5

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