Richard Roeper's Reviews - The 10 Worst Movies Of 2013

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Anita Dick: White House Down? Really?

Sam Parker: Now you see me and Evil dead are far, far from bad

Otto Vuori: Wtf i loved lone ranger. This list sucks so hard.

Felix walton: The loan ranger is so good

John Mikkiah Thompson: I don't agree with #1! I loved White House Down! The visuals, acting, plot & characters were all spectacular!

CarnifexAiwass: Grown Ups 2, entertaining at first, not award winning, but by no means one of the worst ever.
Lone Ranger, I'm questioning the sanity of whoever made this video.
White House Dow-Okay WHAT THE freak!

Everything in this video is a troll.

(Super deep voice): FACT

MrTvguy1001: This list still seems very disjointed. I have no idea how he left After Earth out and said White House Down is worse than Movie 43.

jack kelly: Lone Ranger and White House down are good !!!

The Communist Rasputin: the lone ranger is good film!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

KRhetor: I take it Roeper never saw Depp in Private Resort (1985).

Ahn_Nyx 7: I liked The Lone Ranger!! WTF!?!?

Fr Cluc: Diana is not on the list, WHY?!

Curtis Lezo: Lol. is this fat cuntie saying that those movies are bad?, this
channel are bad, even a fake backround..

Bessam Idani: wow richard roeper has really cut loose since he's gone solo and taken to the internet

Jacob Bacci (JB is a bass voice): Grown ups 2 should be #10. It is at least funny the first time through, but still in no way deserves an award. Also, Now You See Me was fairly good. In no way is it an Ocean's Eleven, but it still was clever and had good acting .

lurch321: Oh, Mr. Depp, I think you're a great actor, but here's some advice for you:  GET A NEW AGENT ALREADY!!

Dr.Sir Bruce Armstrong Mother Fucker The Third: Mr.Roeper, I hate the Evil Dead 'Remake', but saying that it's creepy and gory might actually make people want to see it.

Aaron Taylor: White House Down might be a bad film, but it at least it's one you can laugh at. Olympus Has Fallen was so dreadfully boring, and just lacked any sense of humour. Movie 43 was easily the worst film of that year. 

link biff: The Evil Dead was freaking awesome!! 

sleezboy: Same way I felt about How It Should Have Ended, WatchMojo, and Clevver News, and they are not even feature lengths.
Richard Roeper's Reviews - The 10 Worst Movies of 2013 5 out of 5

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Richard Roeper's Reviews - The 10 Worst Movies of 2013