2001 Honda Odyssey Transmission Problem

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How I Drove My 2001 Honda Odyssey with a Bad Transmission - EricTheCarGuy
2001 honda odyssey transmission problem
2001 honda odyssey transmission problem
2003 Honda Odyssey transmission problems
2003 Honda Odyssey transmission problems
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James Harrison: One of the transmission solenoid's

Adelina Marshall: 2000 Honda odyssey ex, rebuild transmission assembly $2,875.00

Toby Miller: I have a 2002 honda odyssey an it drives but feels lile trans id slipping how do i fix has tcs on what should i do to help fix it

Sotero Rodriguez: cómo arreglar la luz TCS de un 1999 Honda odyssey

smallestdachshund: You know it's bad when your mother-in law visits, and always notes how many lights are going off on your new car.

smallestdachshund: This was a luck of the draw LEMON.  We drove the car off the lot and I asked the dealer to take it back, and give me one that wasn't broken.  I had a newborn baby and a happy family back then in 2002.  Then we lived 4 years of hell with that car and Honda.  It might be one of the good ones, or it might be mine.  Is it white?

ThatGuyKappa: check and clean all solenoids screens on the outside of the transmission and change the transmission filter located on top of the transmission, check the transmission selector switch and see if it's still working properly, and if that doesn't work then oh my take to a professional to diagnose lol

Javier Garcia: Before spending any money research Honda odyssey plugged EGR system, Check Engine and TCS Light up and your tranny acts up. You can feel it because Transmission over revs going downhill, and on warm days it suddenly dumps your tranny fluid. It's a 50/50 chance your tranny is still OK.

Mary K: I drive a 2000 Honda Accord EX..

Hondas Achilles Heel is the transmission :
Their aren't enough ports in the tranny to keep the clutches and other components well lubed and cool
The reason for that is due to the fact that Honda makes the transmission according to their specs. The manufacturer has not fixed the problem, they just keep selling them... Here's the solution.

I live in Texas, the heat here plays havoc on the transmissions.
We have 9 months of Summer.
With that being said the transmissions have a difficult time staying cool and lubed ,by the time the car reaches K200 miles , the transmission has pretty much had it. The inner components start to break down, the heat doesn't help matters.

My Honda mechanic told me that there is a company based out of California who took the Honda transmission and completely redesigned it.
They built more ports which would enable more transmission fluid in the chambers therefor allowing more tranny fluid to keep the clutches, gears and other components lubricated and cool .. Price tag $4K
I can't afford a new Honda Accord so I'm keeping up with the tune ups , maintenance and taking good car of my car.

It runs better than when it was new. My Honda mechanic said I would never have to replace the transmission for my car ever again

I haven't done anything major to my car except little things like replacing lightbulbs, fuses and tune up once a year. My car is 14 years old and is in extremely good condition. I would never drive a domestic car except
" Jeep "
We have a 2011 Jeep Commander and we Love it. :-)

If y'all want the name of the company let me know I'll forward the info. I know it's a bit pricey but it beats having to buy a new Honda Accord

Honda Girl. :-)

Aaron Stone: I had the same problem.  We knew the transmission was dying for a whole year.  During that time when the Van shifted from 1st to 2nd there would be a strong thud.  Suddenly yesterday it has a hard time starting from 0.  Strong reving sound in engine.  Car will crawl at a snails pace into the intersection then suddenly you get the thud and the car will start to gain some speed.  I don't know if it will reach high speeds.  Have not tried it.

NoHellHere65: PS.. i had 3 selinoids changed, not sensors

NoHellHere65: I have a 2001 also, have the same problems. I just had 3 sensors changed, a few other thi gs and a torque converter put in. Total cost was $3000. ive had the car back for about 2 weeks and so far so good. This car is a lemon for sure. The manufacturer should be responsible for this.

Carlos M: They should make a recall on this cars, I change my transmission, an after three year Im having the same problem. they make a recall on the ignition switch, and the fix mine fir free.

Greg St. Jacques: Had my 2001 EX Odyssey since new (4 miles on odo). Only problem was the tranny at 135K which, like I said, Honda dealer replaced for labor only and the release cable on the driver side captain chair broke 2 years ago. Never had any problem with anything else. Original water pump, a/c, EGR valve, exhaust system, pwr doors, pwr windows, pwr seats, pwr steering pump, all emission equip except O2 sensors replacements at about 140K. Would own another for 13 years and 291,000 miles. Great vehicle.

Greg St. Jacques: Honda had a full replacement recall offered on this transmission up to 100,000 miles. No cost to the consumer. I am a current owner of a 2001 Odyssey with 291,000 miles on it. My transmission was replaced at 155,000 miles at the cost of labor only. Started having problems at 135,000. I know mine lasted longer because I've used only Amsoil Synthetic ATF changed/serviced the tranny every 25-30,000 miles. No problems since Honda replaced the transmission.

David Duncan: been there. we had a 2004. same exact issues. tranny bad. need new. cost 3k. good luck

Citrus: Same happened with mine 2001 odyssey, for a second time!!! Changed transmission at 60000 miles, now it is 119000 miles - same story!!! Those transmissions do not last at all.

Murphys Luck: Some research I have done spoke of dirty solonoid screen filters. I had to have complete transmission rebuild. Yours sounds more electrical. Forums on edmundsDOT com are a great help.

Toppervision1: Yea I heard these have tranny problems but not mine yet. I have a 2001 Odyssey also. The rear air just stopped working though. So did the driver's side power sliding door. Both on the same day. Paint is peeling, water leaks, etc, etc. Yea, I've been to the Kia site. lol. The Odyssey has been great but if I get one more problem its gone. Good luck my friend.

Murphys Luck: Yea what I am seeing is this is a common problem on all this vehicle from years 2000 to 2004.
2001 honda odyssey transmission problem 5 out of 5

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James Harrison: One of the transmission solenoid's
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2001 honda odyssey transmission problem