Disassemble A Ruger Security Six With Just A Dime!! Review & Shooting A Great Revolver

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Yeroc357: I made the mistake of taking the strut out without using the pin for the hammer spring. Getting that thing back in was NOT fun

Koyote Tan: I'm getting a Speed 6 today on trade with the Bicentennial 1976 inscription.

R Pena: Wow- nice and simple

hannstv: Great instructional video.

Unknown Artist: I like the front sight on your Security Six. What company makes it? I'd like one on my SS.

Louie Stepanek: Very cool video. Not a big revolver guy, but would love a .357. What weight trigger pull in DA is this?

john bouley: Dam Mixup, that is one hell of a revolver! Herd about it from you and finally saw your video on it. Hope I can find one. As always great video.

David Parshley: Thanks for the informative video. I purchased a Security Six .357 blued made in 1978 that does not have the warning stamp on the barrel. It is in excellent condition, and I paid $265 for it. I love the design, strength and reliability of this weapon. It really is a thing of beauty. Definitely will stay a lifelong part of my collection.

Nomans land: This is a great vid.
People have complained that these guns are hard to tune because you can't see the mechanism operating like on a Smith.
I don't buy that as mine has a suburb trigger. The guy who customized mine said they are easy to tune just a matter of
disassembly and reassembly several time to check your work. It is a rugged well built gun and I'm a big fan.

44357514: Excellent Video!!!   I just saw a used Ruger Security Six in Blue and with the 6 inch barrel for sale at a Gun Show for $550.   I thought the price was a bit high.

michael bickford: i just bought a Manurhin Special Police F1... you seem very knowledgeable about the security six, id really like to know more this Manurhin but information is VERY limited (also I dont speak french) if you know anything about this revolver it would be appreciated... from my research it was built on the Ruger Six frame, or a copy of the frame.... thanks, good video

Keith Campbell: Just took took mine apart cleaned and back together thanks the video helped me greatly!!!!!!!!!

Keith Campbell: Thanks alot a great video I have one of these guns I dropped in the sand and I need to do this.........

tom brown: I have a security six.........................I want that mercury dime lol

Franz Kohler: You can use the bottom rim of a 357 round instead of a dime, so you can disassemble it even when you're broke. Great gun, great fun to shoot :-)

paul williams: Way useful vid.
I just picked up one for $300. Like new. Tight.
It's chambered for 38 only, but i found Buffalo Bore 158gr that produce 460-480 fp out of a 4" bbl. So .. .i think i can live with a 'mere' 38. They're like a buck and a half a shot, but i'm not going to shoot boxes at a time, It's plenty.
Like you pointed out, these things are built like bank vaults.

Some body said that there's a spring you can install that will drop the double action pull without a lot of expense. It's a bit heavy. Also, Clark, in La, will work it over for about $150... i'll probably break down and do that.

Anyway, you made a really helpful vid for 'Six' owners.
Thanks a lot!

howard2374: I just acquired a Security Six less than two months ago.  Your video on how to disassemble with a dime (and I see also a cartridge case) was super excellent!  Clear, concise, and the camera angle you used enabled me (and everyone else) to see exactly what you were doing.  Thank you very much for the video.  Another question:  your Security 6 is smoother than mine, and I just installed a Wolff main spring (14 pound).  What all did you do to lighten the double action pull?  I concur with your 'practice double action [strong & weak side]' mantra.  I replaced the main & rebound spring on my S&W model 60 and that was a great help.  However the 14 pound main spring replacement on the Security 6 still leaves something to be desired.  Guidance, please.

George Clark: oh my just purchased a ruger gp100 3 inch and did order a kimber pro carry hd 11 in 4 inch still on the ca list till end of year, lord I hate rugers  they keep making guns that I want and of course ca says you have to pay big bucks to sell here we do not care that you will not sell here anymore we want money and if you do not pay then we will double or triple fees for those who do and if that does not work then we will multiply the fees for law enforcement if that fails then well we will just ignore our obligation to the people until they cone around to our way of thinking, liberals at their best me I will never comply eliminate via the vote all liberals  ps I love shooting and will always buy quality just as my wife will never buy anything but the best in shoes or clothing, she said I have enough guns, my response was you have enough shoes, conversation ended years ago and she has gained the upper hand I can store guns easy have to find space for shoes

John Roberts: You can actually take it apart with just a cartridge or case. Just use the rim of the case to get the screw out of the grips or screw it back in. Who needs dimes?
Disassemble a Ruger Security Six With Just A Dime!! Review & Shooting A Great Revolver 5 out of 5

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Disassemble a Ruger Security Six With Just A Dime!!   Review & Shooting A Great Revolver