Disassemble A Ruger Security Six With Just A Dime!! Review & Shooting A Great Revolver

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Nick L: mix I have a security six and a GP 100 match ,thanks to you . There not that much different from each other . I love them both.

Harold Leicester: Mix, I just bought a GP100...in your opinion, has Ruger evolved and produced something equal or better to this gun? How would you compare them in terms of build quality?

Chas No: The Ruger, Security Six is the most deadly .357 of all time, because if you get in a shoot out with a man who has a Colt, Python .357, and you hit him first, he's going to die, not from blood loss, but from embarrassment.

Noah Snyder: Alright, I'm sold. I know what my first gun is going to be.

Crazy Horseaz: Looks sweet, alot like my speed six which I love but having a hard time finding some grips for it, do you have any idea what i can do for grips.

Lee Watts: By the way. The winter thaw had stopped and the river was not as "Rapid" when my nephew found it.

Lee Watts: In the mid 80's I was river rafting with friends when my trail gun a Ruger Police Service Six popped out of my holster on a jump and dropped into the river. I was devastated. 3 months later my swimming champion nephew said he would look for it if I remembered about where it fell out. Which I did. Wearing goggles on his 8th dive he came up with it. Incredible mess. After 2 days of pain staking cleaning it was like its old self. Except for a front sight and grip replacement it was like its old self. Kept it for ten more years and put hundreds of rounds through it. I miss that old stainless work horse.

jodopeg: Really good vid,,, thanks....!

Martina Dejaquiz: thats pretty darned cool! thx!

Tucson Don: Do you use anything special to clean the powder marks after shooting? Just Hoppe's #9 solvent or stainless cleaner?
I bought one. I do like shooting it. The grips are a little different but everything else looks the same.

DwightMS1: I'll bet you've been using that same Mercury dime since you bought the gun.

Ramil Manipon: that gun can use of saving life. not to kill.

daniel burns: mixup did you say you were going to do a video on polishing the trigger and putting in wolff springs in the security six.i would really like to see it thanks

windson7: WOW that is a light trigger.

Alex Davis: excellent information, thanks!

jomika latinoforTrump: will a canadian dime work or I have to factor in the exchange rate

Miguel Charles: That was so cool to hear you got this at Accuracy! When I lived in Vegas a couple years ago and finally got into guns Accuracy was my go-to store. Very nice and helpful group of people that work there.

David Airey: Do newer gp100s come apart as easily?

instantwagner: Good Video Thanks for sharing.

steve matz: Security Six is an excellent double action revolver and will last you more than a life time if you don't get carried away using different +P ammo. I have both a SS and the GP-100 full lug barrel model. These guns will outlast any K,L Frame S&W  for longevity. You saw how really easy it is to disassemble / assemble even for the amateur. Try that with a side plate revolver, not as simple. Good informative Video ...
Disassemble a Ruger Security Six With Just A Dime!! Review & Shooting A Great Revolver 5 out of 5

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Disassemble a Ruger Security Six With Just A Dime!!   Review & Shooting A Great Revolver