Disassemble A Ruger Security Six With Just A Dime!! Review & Shooting A Great Revolver

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instantwagner: Good Video Thanks for sharing.

steve matz: Security Six is an excellent double action revolver and will last you more than a life time if you don't get carried away using different +P ammo. I have both a SS and the GP-100 full lug barrel model. These guns will outlast any K,L Frame S&W  for longevity. You saw how really easy it is to disassemble / assemble even for the amateur. Try that with a side plate revolver, not as simple. Good informative Video ...

pinehtr: I have one 2.75 barrel .Purchased it in early 80s .Also my favorite.

MsMetallication: 👍

Juan Vazquez: Thanks for sharing, awesome video

pineal2012: How can I get the pin with the spring back in the hole on the cylinder piece? I pulled it out by mistake.

traumajock: I know where there is a beautiful one that looks exactly like that one for 346 bucks.  Going to get that baby in the morning when I get off work.

Yeroc357: I made the mistake of taking the strut out without using the pin for the hammer spring. Getting that thing back in was NOT fun

Koyote Tan: I'm getting a Speed 6 today on trade with the Bicentennial 1976 inscription.

R Pena: Wow- nice and simple

hannstv: Great instructional video.

Unknown Artist: I like the front sight on your Security Six. What company makes it? I'd like one on my SS.

Louie Stepanek: Very cool video. Not a big revolver guy, but would love a .357. What weight trigger pull in DA is this?

john bouley: Dam Mixup, that is one hell of a revolver! Herd about it from you and finally saw your video on it. Hope I can find one. As always great video.

David Parshley: Thanks for the informative video. I purchased a Security Six .357 blued made in 1978 that does not have the warning stamp on the barrel. It is in excellent condition, and I paid $265 for it. I love the design, strength and reliability of this weapon. It really is a thing of beauty. Definitely will stay a lifelong part of my collection.

Nomans land: This is a great vid.
People have complained that these guns are hard to tune because you can't see the mechanism operating like on a Smith.
I don't buy that as mine has a suburb trigger. The guy who customized mine said they are easy to tune just a matter of
disassembly and reassembly several time to check your work. It is a rugged well built gun and I'm a big fan.

44357514: Excellent Video!!!   I just saw a used Ruger Security Six in Blue and with the 6 inch barrel for sale at a Gun Show for $550.   I thought the price was a bit high.

michael bickford: i just bought a Manurhin Special Police F1... you seem very knowledgeable about the security six, id really like to know more this Manurhin but information is VERY limited (also I dont speak french) if you know anything about this revolver it would be appreciated... from my research it was built on the Ruger Six frame, or a copy of the frame.... thanks, good video

Keith Campbell: Just took took mine apart cleaned and back together thanks the video helped me greatly!!!!!!!!!

Keith Campbell: Thanks alot a great video I have one of these guns I dropped in the sand and I need to do this.........
Disassemble a Ruger Security Six With Just A Dime!! Review & Shooting A Great Revolver 5 out of 5

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Disassemble a Ruger Security Six With Just A Dime!!   Review & Shooting A Great Revolver