Disassemble A Ruger Security Six With Just A Dime!! Review & Shooting A Great Revolver

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Disassemble a Ruger Security Six With Just A Dime!!   Review & Shooting A Great Revolver
Disassemble a Ruger Security Six With Just A Dime!! Review & Shooting A Great Revolver
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Ruger Security Six Revolver Disassembly/Reassembly Part1
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John Roberts: You can actually take it apart with just a cartridge or case. Just use the rim of the case to get the screw out of the grips or screw it back in. Who needs dimes?

George Clark: oh my just purchased a ruger gp100 3 inch and did order a kimber pro carry hd 11 in 4 inch still on the ca list till end of year, lord I hate rugers they keep making guns that I want and of course ca says you have to pay big bucks to sell here we do not care that you will not sell here anymore we want money and if you do not pay then we will double or triple fees for those who do and if that does not work then we will multiply the fees for law enforcement if that fails then well we will just ignore our obligation to the people until they cone around to our way of thinking, liberals at their best me I will never comply eliminate via the vote all liberals ps I love shooting and will always buy quality just as my wife will never buy anything but the best in shoes or clothing, she said I have enough guns, my response was you have enough shoes, conversation ended years ago and she has gained the upper hand I can store guns easy have to find space for shoes

RobertPaulDoran: Just found your reply in my "Inbox" today, 6/28/14. Stupid YouTube keeps changing things around and then you never know when you have replies or comments. The only reason I found it this time is because someone sent me a video link to my "Inbox" and I clicked the link in my email which brought me to my YouTube account "inbox." I could not tell you how to find my "Inbox" if my life depended on it. Ridiculous.

vulpixgrant: Hey their Mixup98, I've been getting back into the Revolvers again after a huge Shotgun kick and am still waiting to get a lever .357 like you have in your other video. What do you think of the GP100 vs the Security Six? I have owned a 6" Blued GP-100 for over a year now and just picked up a very clean used 4" model a week ago. Haven't had a chance to shoot the 4" yet. Buying a 1979 one owner Security Six in October from a friend in Vegas for $200.00. He wants to sell it to somebody that will take care of it and he knows me ;) Can't want to compare the two side by side.

Scott Perron: Great video. You can also use the rim of a cartridge instead of a dime!

mixup98: The rifle is an 1886 Winchester rifle which I picked up in a pawn shop in Wendover, Nevada and the revolver is a Colt 1873 Peacemaker I got off eBay. Unfortunately the guns are not real but they look cool. Thanks for the great comment and thanks for watching my video.

zimmy4661: Great informative video! I picked up a mint 4" SS Service Six a while back and it has a slicker action than my 3.125" SP 101 that has had an action job. Unfortunately it suffers from shooting "low and left" as does my early 3.75" Vaquero 45. For some reason I can shoot both my short and shorter SP 101 357's better than my 6.5" 3 screw Blackhawk. For that matter I shoot as well with them as I do with my 1956 High Standard Supermatic 22 target pistol complete with ported barrel and custom grips!

DobermansRock: I have shot the Six its a great revolver. Tough as a tank too. I own 2 GP-100's now and love em both. Just have to do a trigger job and switch out a couple springs. Hands down for the money Ruger builds the best double action revolvers. I own a S&W but it cannot handle the abuse my Rugers can. Great video as always. This is good info for a new person to Rugers.

John M Mize: Well made video, thanks! I got my blue Security Six in '77 and have shot hundreds and hundreds of 38s thru it for PPC matches. The double action is sweet, and very accurate.

Michael Williams: Great vid.your going in my favorites

mixup98: Sheepdog......thanks for watching my video. I hope to do another video in the spring on my Security Six. I'll do al lot more shooting and a lot less talking. It's really a very accurate gun and it's fun to shoot. Stay tuned.

mixup98: HubbaWoo......I like your name. Thanks for the great comment and thanks for watching.

UziNineMillomeetah: Great video! And of course it's about my favorite gun ever. I have both a stainless heavy barrel SS and a blued tapered barrel model. Both are workhorses. Rugers are the best.

mixup98: jffrocks....thanks for the nice comment. Hope you enjoy your Ruger.

7980flh: just today got a police service six made in 1980. your break down demo was awesome !!!

vandohky: Great job, liked the no-nonsense disassembly. I've fired a S&W model 29 .44 mag. What are those two fine guns hanging on the wall ?

jffrocks: I took my Ruger Security Six to the range last week for the first time. It shot well except for the trigger mechanism jamming after several rounds were fired. I learned that powder residue can collect behind the extractor star and prevent it from seating properly. This in turn stops the cylinder advance, hammer, and trigger. It is easy to clean this area while loading. An old toothbrush is now in my range bag...

cromag7766: Great video, thanks for being informative, direct and keeping the pace steady. If i may benefit from your experience a little further...i found a SS Security Six online that suffers from oxidized sights due to poor storage. I don't notice any carbon steel internals in your video and was wondering if i am mistaken. Thank you.

mixup98: Personally I would have the gun reblued.....but it really is a personal decision. Either way you have a good quality firearm that should last you for many, many years. Maybe someday you can put a video on Youtube showing you shooting it....I would love to see it.

mixup98: Robert...sounds like you got a great deal on your Ruger. I bought mine brand new at Accuracy gun shop in East Las Vegas back in 1981 and I paid full retail, which I believe was $260. You might try a Wolff spring kit to lighten up the double action pull a little. I appreciate you watching and commenting on my video.

the clean one: I just bought one in part due to finding your video the other day. 4" blued serial # indicates it's from 1975. Thanks to your incredibly easy to follow along video, I just got done cleaning it up, man it was filthy inside! You're very right about how accurate these things are and how fun to shoot. Thanks for putting this tutorial up, I really appreciate it and I subscribed.

ty1760: any idea as to how many speed six's were made 9mm hard to find info on them , alot of info on the 357's

Anonymousnonexistent: I like how that gun sounds, it sounds loud, scary and action like.

SAXON8ful: great job thanks

HUBBAHUBBAWOOWOOWOO: What U have in your hands is probably the most functional, durable, and reasonably priced revolver ever made. Built to last a lifetime. It's the one to have with you when the goin gets tough. I prefer tha Stainless Speed Six with the fixed Sights. Toughest revolver ever made !

RobertPaulDoran: Bought a Security-Six in .357 3" blued from The Gun store in Las Vegas back in 2005. The thing is spotless. Someone must've put it away and only shot it once every couple years or so. Paid $175 for it. My only complaint it the heavy double action trigger pull and the lack of a dot on the front sight. Shooting at a dark background the front sight gets lost.

Mehmet Azk: An EXTREMELY BEAUTIFUL video! Thanks a lot, sir!

DobermansRock: I will look forward to that. Can't break these revolvers.

mixup98: DobermansRock....I have put thousands of magnum rounds thru my Ruger and it is still tight and accurate. I love S&W revolvers but I save them for lighter loads. I'm hoping to do another Security Six video this summer where I shoot the gun a lot more than I did in this video.

mixup98: SAXON......you're welcome....and thanks for watching my video.

mixup98: I agree....it is the toughest revolver ever made. I'll be doing another video on this gun very shortly and I'll do a lot less talking and a lot more shooting. Stay tuned.

ken borgie: Security Six is built like a tank and cost about $200 new in the 80s, but Ruger saw fit to replace it with the SP 101. A recent SP 101 .22 L.R. was going for $650 at a gun show, but guns REALLY haven't gone up - the dollar has just been murdered by the Fed. RES. and their easy money policy. Ruger engineers sure designed that Sec. Six just wonderful - they must have known that we would be as poor as a church-mouse with only one dime left to our name. Isn't our government GREAT or WHAT?

mixup98: You are welcome, my friend.

mixup98: UziNine....you have two very fine guns. You are a lucky man. Thanks for the sub and by the way, I like your name.......UziNineMillomeetah........cool.

Ray Vonn: Excellent video mixup98, job well done, keep 'em coming.

mixup98: Glad I could help with the break down of your new gun. Thanks for the comment. Shoot straight and be safe.

mixup98: I would suggest that you install a Wolff spring kit in your gun and polish the trigger, hammer, and the two pivet pins. You may also want to polish the transfer bar, cylinder bolt and hammer spring strut. I did all this many years ago and my Ruger has a very smooth and fairly light DA trigger pull. Hope this helps. Thanks for a great question and thanks for watching.

zombie1attacks: Another great video man keep up the great quality and the the great shooting my friend

jffrocks: Very interesting and timely. You clearly demonstrated how to field strip the gun. The instruction manual was not clear. I just bought a 1982 Stainless Security Six today that was on consignment at a local gun shop. It looks to be in great shape. I can't wait to put some rounds through it. Unfortunately I'm in California so I have to wait 10 days before I can pick it up. Thank You!

mixup98: Jeff.....sorry about the long delay, your comment was marked 'spam' for some reason. You have a great gun and it should last another 100 years or so. I'm glad my video was helpful and I really appreciate the great comment. Thanks for watching and thanks for the sub.

mixup98: ty....the only information I have on the Speed Six 9mm is that Ruger made the gun from 1980 to1985. I guessing they didn't make too many of them. I will let you know if I find out any more info on the gun.

mixup98: ty1760....you did indeed get a good deal on your speed six. Let me know how you like it after you shoot it. Thanks for watching and commenting on my video.

John Luna: Thanks for the info. Also, the bluing on it is a little faded, and I want to make it look brand new again, would you recommend hard chroming it or should just reblue it? Thanks again!

ty1760: Hi Deadwood i just picked up a winchester 12ga modle1911 S.L , last patent date is 1912 this thing looks scary , the grip to caulk it is at end of barell, I cudnt pass it up he gave it to me for installing his water heater, he is in his 70's and all works great, clean gun just looks scarry

mixup98: You are very welcome, my friend.

mixup98: Thank you Ray......I have a butt-load of shooting videos planned for this spring.

david ansell: Great Video great way to show to pull the pistol down

John Luna: Awesome video! I shot a security six a few weeks back and I'm having some trouble with the DA pull. Would you recommend lightening the DA pull on it? Thankz!

mixup98: cromag....every part inside and outside of my Security Six is stainless steel except for both sights and the grips. The sights should be an easy replacement and they should be aailable from Ruger. I'm hoping to do another video on my Ruger in the near future. I will do a lot more shooting and less talking this time. Thanks for watching my video and thanks for the great comment.

ty1760: Great VID just got my hands on a speed six 9mm , got a great deal in it in my opion $275.00 just waiting for some moon clips
Disassemble a Ruger Security Six With Just A Dime!! Review & Shooting A Great Revolver 4.9 out of 5

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Disassemble a Ruger Security Six With Just A Dime!!   Review & Shooting A Great Revolver