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Siano 2012 prasowanie i zwożenie pęczków Zetor 7745.Zetor7211
Siano 2012 prasowanie i zwożenie pęczków Zetor 7745.Zetor7211
balowanie Władkiem
balowanie Władkiem

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Bazooso il guerriero: Film ridicolo e orrendo
marc alexi: if it tastes like crap then its gonna be best to boil the water then filter it, fook them tablets off.
Luis Fernando Guzman: necesito los discos de embriague para este modelo ) son 5 discos todos iguales si alguien me puede ayudar en donde los puedo encontrar y si los tiene para que me los venda es urgente .. la moto esta en stgo de chile mi celular es 97433230 gracias por su ayuda.
Nadine's Mixed Plate: Jenn...this whole video is GENIUS!!! Ok soooo I took all these copic cert classes & still for the life of me, I suck at it...Copics can be very intimidating or so I thought....then I watched this video & it totally took all the pressure off! Call me crazy but I like the quick break the rules kind of coloring. Me-mommy-of-3-with-a-job...Copic rules....ain't nobody got time for that! LOL AND the banner....BRILLIANT!! I could go on and on about all the wonderful gems in this vid but i'll spare you! LOL Now lemme RP this badboy on for it! LOL xoxoxo
AleX Cristea: In this gameplay I see that you can recruit new crew members when you board a ship but in the game you can repair the jackdaw / LOWER WANTED LEVEL / send to kenway's fleet but i can't recruit crew members WHY
ALEXANDER LESOVOY: А где кольт покупал и за сколько?
Mangafangirly: Oh fast vergessen :D HERZLICHEN GLÜCKWUNSCH!

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